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Tarot Cards - Ancient Italian Tarot

Tarot Cards - Ancient Italian Tarot

Ancient Italian Tarot

The first documentation of the existence of Tarot cards has been traced back to the fifteenth century, in Italy. This wonderful deck draws upon these historical roots, filing the 78 cards of the Traditional Arcana with beautiful artwork stemming from the background of Italy, with work that resembles everything from Roman design to the extravagance of the Renaissance.

Explore the faces of Kings and Emperors as you find deeper meaning in your readings letting the imagery of these ages spill forth into your understanding of all things.

This brilliant deck also features an instructional pamphlet that explores the history of Tarot as well as methods and theory that will help you understand each card and how to use the deck to perform a reading.

This deck marks the coming of age of Tarot in Italy. The classic design of the Marseilles decks, reinvented by an anonymous artist, exemplifies 19th-century Italian art: detailed, symbolic, and richly colored in vibrant greens, muted reds, and vivid golds. The whole, decadently costumed array of Tarot archetypes are presented here, along with delicately ornamented Marseilles style pips.

Boxed Deck of 78 - 3 x 5 Inch - Full Color Cards - Instructional Booklet


ISBN 9780738700267

Publisher: Lo Scarabeo, September 2000.
Since 1987, Art Publisher Lo Scarabeo has published over 100 Tarot decks that have been acclaimed all over the world for originality and quality. Only the best Italian and International artists are selected for these decks, and the result is that Lo Scarabeo's decks are all recognizable as an exceptional artistic value. One of Lo Scarabeo's goals is the preservation of traditional Tarot decks.


ITEM: CARDS - Ancient Italian Tarot - LS

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