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Serial Lesson 146

From Course XIII, Mundane Astrology

Original Copyright 1936, Elbert Benjamine (a.k.a. C. C. Zain)
Copyright 2011, The Church of Light

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Minor Events Are Shown by Progressions in Other Cycle Charts   
Mars in Mundane Astrology   
Calculating the Mars Cycles
The Cycles of Mars

Example Charts: Planetary Positions    Example Charts: House Cusps    Mars Cycle, March 16, 1934

Chapter 6

The Cycles of Mars

BECAUSE the planet for which a Cycle Chart is erected determines the things which exert the influence, the effects of which are shown by the positions of the various planets in the chart, the aspects made by this ruler of the Cycle are unusually important.

They represent trains of thoughts leading directly from the influencing condition to groups of people in the departments of national life indicated by the house positions of the aspected planets, and of the type indicated by these aspected planets. That is, the aspects of the planet for which the Cycle Chart is erected, indicate the types of people and the departments of national affairs most readily influenced by the energies which come under the cycle’s rule.

Thus in the Mars Cycle Chart, illustrated later this chapter/lesson, Mars in the 11th is also the ruler of the 12th (relief and crime) and of the 7th (foreign countries and war). It is sextile the M.C., therefore the strife and conflict it indicates tend to stimulate business; but as it is also semisquare Venus in the 10th, in certain respects it creates a friction in relation to business procedure that hampers prosperity. It is semisquare also to the Asc., so that the strife and aggression affect the personal welfare of many people. Its most important aspects, however, are the conjunction with the Sun in the 11th, influencing those high in political life, and the conjunction with the Moon in the 12th, bringing the populace an affliction through measures that must be taken for relief of the needy.

Thus while the other positions in the chart, such as Jupiter in the house of labor in opposition to Uranus in the house of relief, cannot be overlooked in reading the figure, the thoughts of conflict and war, such as Mars rules, are shown to have direct access to the M.C., Venus, Asc., Sun and Moon, with greater facilities for influencing the persons ruled by these planets and positions—women, for instance, under Venus; politicians under the Sun, and the common mass of people under the Moon—and for stirring up unusual activities in the departments ruled by the houses in which these planets are found. That is, they have ready access to the 10th (business and administration), 11th (Congress and Governors) and to the 12th (charity, relief; crime and prisons). And because the energy flows so readily to these persons and departments, they will respond in a more pronounced manner than other types of persons and other departments of national life. They, therefore, should receive special consideration in reading the Cycle Chart.

In any Cycle Chart there will be times when the planet for which the Cycle was erected makes progressed aspects to very few positions in the Cycle Chart. During such periods little activity will be shown regarding, and little attention on the part of the public will be paid to, the things ruled by the cycle. But when a period arrives during which the planet for which the Cycle Chart was erected makes many progressed aspects to the places of the various planets in the Cycle Chart, then will the things ruled by the Cycle come to the fore, exhibiting an activity which attracts much discussion and public attention. It is the progressed aspects that indicate the time the events shown come to pass.

The really important part of some events is not coincident with the final action taken; and when this is the case the progressed aspect in the Cycle Chart may occur somewhat before the final external act. That is, in negotiating a treaty or in a Supreme Court decision, the matter may be before the public attention, and be the cause of great interest and discussion, for considerable time before the actual signing of the treaty, or the actual publication of the decision reached by the Supreme Court. Under such circumstances, several of which have been noted in preceding chapters/lessons, the progressed aspect denoting the event may have moved more than the one degree, which we allow for an orb of influence for a progressed aspect, before the treaty is signed or the Supreme Court decision is handed down.

These events, however, should not be taken as exceptions to the general rule that events signified by a progressed aspect, either in the natal chart of an individual or in a Cycle Chart for a nation or city, come to pass while the aspect is within one degree of perfection.

A perusal of the newspapers at the time the aspect is perfect will show that the matter had reached a high state of public interest then, that the treaty was in the heat of discussion or the Supreme Court was engaged in deciding the matter; perhaps did decide the matter. The actual signing of the treaty or the handing down of the Court decision—the part alone which history records—was the result of the cumulative influence during the time the progressed aspect was within one degree of perfect. But it may have been something that consumed so much effort that by the time the final act, which history records was taken, the ruler of the Cycle Chart had moved somewhat beyond the orb of its influence.

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Minor Events Are Shown by Progressions in Other Cycle Charts

We must not expect all the events of national consequence influenced by Mars to be coincident with progressed aspects in the Mars Cycle Chart; all the financial events to be shown in the Jupiter Cycle; all the abrupt changes and radical activities in the Uranus Cycle. A progressed aspect in any Cycle Chart to the planet Mars tends to bring strife and accidents. A progressed aspect in any Cycle Chart to Jupiter brings financial matters to the fore. A progressed aspect to Uranus in any Cycle Chart tends to give prominence to sudden alterations and radical activities. In a like manner, an aspect in any Cycle Chart to Saturn attracts events having to do with safety, loss or poverty, any aspect to Neptune brings something to do with inflation or aviation, and any aspect to Pluto coincides with drastic action and cooperative effort.

Yet these events, shown by progressed aspects to planets in Cycle Charts not ruling the type of happening, are of much less consequence than those which are shown in the Cycle Chart which relates directly to the kind of event which comes to pass. These minor occurrences are played up in the newspaper headlines on the day they occur; but are not of significance enough to enter into historical records.

Thus when we take a reference history, such as I have consulted in the preparation of these lessons; because only the important events of a kind are there recorded, we may be sure that each date will coincide with an adequate progressed aspect in the Cycle Chart governing the type of event recorded. Furthermore, by consulting a record in which one or more of the outstanding events for each day of each year are recorded, we may be sure that we can find on the proper day the appropriate event for each progressed aspect made in the various Cycle Charts.

But, because a daily record, such as that in the World Almanac, covers many minor events, in addition to the major ones, we cannot expect to find for each event there recorded a progressed aspect in the Cycle governing the event. Many of these events are indicated, not in the Cycle governing the event, but in the Cycle Charts of other planets, by a progressed aspect to Mars showing fire, to Saturn showing loss by hardship, etc.

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Mars in Mundane Astrology

Mars is the most energetic of all the planets. It indicates the creative energy in operation. When it is harmoniously directed, therefore, it relates to all constructive activity in which force, quick action, or even violence is involved. Manufacturing and industrial progress, therefore, are typical of Mars. Those who guard the nation—soldiers and members of the navy—and those who guard the more immediate security of the population—policemen, sheriffs and other law-enforcement officers—are under his rule, and aspects to Mars tend to bring to pass events in which they are active.

Surgeons and the operations they perform come under this influence. Fires and firemen are also right in line, as are hunters, industrial workers, and those who engage in sports such as baseball, football, wrestling and boxing, in which muscular power and combat play an important part.

The energy of Mars moves so fast that, unless quite harmonious, it tends to accidents. Traffic accidents, for instance, may be looked for on the days Mars makes a progressed aspect in its Cycle Chart; more of them, of course, if Mars or the aspected planet is in the 3rd house.

The energy of Mars is so powerful that when it meets resistance there are destructive activities. Explosions, banditry, burglary and other violent defiance of the law, as well as acts of violence and combat in general, come under his jurisdiction. Intoxicants, being violent in their affect; drunkenness, gambling, houses of ill fame, assault, military activities and war are typical expressions of Mars. Even when harmonious his energy tends to so much force and speed that strife of some kind is always present in the events he brings to pass.

In thought he rules mechanics, in business he rules manufacturing and the military professions, and in politics he rules industrial workers (as apart from farmers and miners and other laborers ruled by Saturn), the law enforcement agencies, such as policemen, and the army and navy.

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Calculating the Mars Cycles

Very recently the Nautical Almanac has discontinued giving the variation per hour of declination of the planets, and gives only the variation for the whole day of 24 hours instead. As this change might cause confusion in the minds of some students unless examples are given showing how to calculate the time when a planet crosses from south to north declination under both types of notation for the variation, I will present four examples of calculating the time for erecting a Mars Cycle. The first two, April 27, 1930, and April 5, 1932, are on dates when the Nautical Almanac still gives the variation in declination per hour. The last two, March 17, 1934, and Feb. 24, 1936, are on dates since the Nautical Almanac adopted the plan of giving the variation in declination per day only. As we wish to know the influence of these Mars Cycles on the affairs of the United States, the problem is to ascertain the times at Washington, D.C. when Mars crossed from south declination to north declination.

The Nautical Almanac for 1930 gives the declination of Mars each day for Greenwich Civil Time (commencing at midnight), together with the variation per hour. The position on April 28 is given as minus 0 degrees, 3 minutes, 15.0 seconds. The variation per hour is given as 46.40 seconds. That is, Mars, moving 46.40 seconds per hour, on April 28, must move 3 minutes, 15.0 seconds to reach north declination.

One hour equals 60 minutes. 3 minutes, 15.0 seconds equal 195 seconds. Then 46.40:60::195:? The answer is 252 minutes, which equal 4 hours, 12 minutes. Thus the Greenwich Time sought is April 28, 1930, 4:12 a.m. As Washington is 77 degrees west, subtract from this 5 hours, 8 minutes, and it gives the time for which the Mars Cycle must be erected as April 27, 1930, 11:04 p.m. L.M.T. 77W. 38N56. The chart for the time so found is No. 351 in the table at the end of this chapter/lesson.

The Nautical Almanac for 1932 gives the declination of Mars each day for Greenwich Civil Time (commencing at midnight), together with the variation per hour. The position on April 6 is given as minus 0 degrees, 0 minutes, 20.1 seconds. The variation per hour is given as 47.19 seconds. That is, Mars, moving 47.19 seconds per hour, on April 6, must move 20.1 seconds to reach north declination.

One hour equals 60 minutes. Then 47:19:60::20.1:? The answer is 26 minutes. Thus the Greenwich Time sought is April 6, 1932, 0:26 a.m. As Washington is 77 degrees west, subtract from this 5 hours, 8 minutes, and it gives the time for which the Mars Cycle must be erected as April 5, 1932, 7:18 p.m. L.M.T. 77W. 38N56. The chart for the time so found is No. 352 in the table at the end of this chapter/lesson.

The Nautical Almanac for 1934 gives the declination of Mars each day for Greenwich Civil Time (commencing at midnight), together with the variation per day. The position on March 17 is given as plus 0 degrees, 8 minutes, 8.1 seconds. The variation per day is given as 1140.1 seconds. 1140.1 seconds divided by 24 (hours in a day) gives 47.50 seconds as the variation per hour. That is, Mars, moving 47.50 seconds per hour, on March 17 has moved 8 minutes, 8.1 seconds into north declination.

One hour equals 60 minutes. 8 minutes, 8.1 seconds equal 488.1 seconds. Then 47.50:60::488.1:? The answer is 617 minutes, which equal 10 hours, 17 minutes. From 00:00 Civil Time March 17, subtract 10 hours, 17 minutes and it gives March 16, 1:43 p.m. Greenwich Time. As Washington is 77 degrees west, subtract from this 5 hours, 8 minutes, and it gives the time for which the Mars Cycle must be erected as March 16, 1934, 8:35 a.m. L.M.T. 77W. 38N56. The chart for the time so found forms the illustration later in this chapter/lesson.

The Nautical Almanac for 1936 gives the declination of Mars each day for Greenwich Civil Time (commencing at midnight), together with the variation per day. The position on February 24 is given as plus 0 degrees, 1 minute, 58.5 seconds. The variation per day is given as 1134.4 seconds. 1134.4 seconds divided by 24 (hours in a day) gives 47.43 seconds as the variation per hour. That is, Mars, moving 47.43 seconds per hour, on February 24 has moved 1 minute, 58.5 seconds into north declination.

One hour equals 60 minutes. 1 minute, 58.5 seconds equal 118.5 seconds. Then 47.43:60::118.5:? The answer is 150 minutes, which equal 2 hours, 30 minutes. From 00:00 Civil Time February 24, subtract 2 hours, 30 minutes, and it gives February 23, 9:30 p.m. Greenwich Time. As Washington is 77 degrees west, subtract from this 5 hours, 8 minutes, and it gives the time for which the Mars Cycle must be erected as February 23, 1936, 4:22 p.m. L.M.T. 77W. 38N56. The chart for the time so found is No. 353 in the table at the end of this chapter/lesson.

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The Cycles of Mars

As examples from which to study the influence of Mars, and what may be expected from progressed aspects formed in its Cycle Chart, I will first commence with the Mars Cycle of 1889, and quote (with my own comments in parentheses) every event that is clearly under the influence of Mars which is of enough importance to be included in the Reference History of the World of Webster’s New International Dictionary. Omitting none of these as far as available space warrants us considering them, the progressed aspect in the Mars Cycle coincident with each will be pointed out.

Then, as the second phase of our Mars study, we will take the Mars Cycle of March 16, 1934, which forms the illustration shown later in this chapter/lesson, and starting with its commencement, I will list ALL the progressed aspects in that Mars Cycle, and go as far as space permits, indicating the event attracted by each of these progressed aspects.

Mars Cycle No. 78 in the table commenced February 18, 1889, 5:54 p.m. L.M.T. 77W. 38N56.

April 22, 1889, under Mars, ruler of the house of lands, sesquisquare Jupiter r in the house of lands (fourth): Part of Indian Territory is opened, and a wild rush to settle ensues. (The opening of the land was under the Saturn Cycle, but the wild rush and the extreme violence which accompanied it were under Mars.)

Mars Cycle No. 79 in the table commenced January 27, 1891, 4:59 p.m. L.M.T. 77W 38N56.

March 14, 1891, under Mars trine Moon r, in the house of death (eighth), and ruler of foreign countries (seventh): Lynching of eleven Italians in New Orleans causes a protest and demand for reparations by Italy, her minister at Washington being recalled. (The mob activity is indicated in the Pluto Cycle by Pluto sextile Moon r.)

October 16, 1891, while Mars was still four degrees from square Asc. r and opposition Mars r; attack on American Sailors by a mob at Valparaiso, Chile. War becomes imminent (as aspect completes) through Chile’s delay to make amends. (The mob activity is indicated in the Pluto Cycle by Pluto sextile Moon r and sesquisquare Venus r.)

January 21, 1892, as Mars approaches trine Mars r: Ultimatum presented to Chile.

January 25, 1892, as Mars completes the trine to Mars r: Harrison sends a war message to Congress; but Chile soon apologizes and pays an indemnity.

July 15, 1892, under Mars inconjunct Saturn r: Harrison issues proclamations against striking miners in the West (strikes are under the Uranus influence), and Federal troops (ruled by Mars) are used in restoring order and to support injunctions of the Federal courts.

Mars Cycle No. 80 in the table commenced December 28, 1892, 2:35 p.m. L.M.T. 77W 38N56.

February 14, 1893, under Mars conjunction Moon r (populace): Treaty of annexation with Hawaii is signed. This follows a revolt led by Americans, assisted by the American minister, and protected by American Marines (Mars), by which the queen is deposed. Not ratified.

June 26—July 1894, under strikes (Uranus) started June 26, when Mars came to semisextile Moon r: local troops (Mars) are called out in many places, and President Cleveland, without waiting for requests from State executives, employs Federal troops (Mars), especially at Chicago, to protect the railroads (ruled in the Cycle Chart by the Moon).

Mars Cycle No. 81 in the table commenced July 14, 1894, 5:30 a.m. L.M.T. 77W. 38N56.

September 1894, under Mars square Mercury r, and Mars semisextile Venus r, ruler of homes (fourth): forest fires destroy 19 towns in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan, and 500 people are killed.

December 17, 1895, under Mars trine Mercury r, ruler of messages (third), and Mars semisquare Saturn in the house of lands (fourth): Cleveland’s message on Venezuela and British Guiana boundary controversy holds that the rights of the United States under the Monroe Doctrine is involved in Great Britain’s refusal to arbitrate with Venezuela.

Mars Cycle No. 82 in the table commenced May 26, 1896, 3:26 p.m. L.M.T. 77W. 38N56.

July 30, 1896, under Mars semisquare Mars r, and opposition Uranus r (revolt): President’s proclamation warning citizens against violating the neutrality laws by aiding the insurrection in Cuba.

February 15, 1898, under Mars opposition Jupiter r and sextile Mars r, ruler of war (seventh): U.S.S. Maine blown up in Havana harbor; more than 250 lives lost (leads to war with Spain).

March 10, 1898, under Mars square Uranus r in the house of money (second): Congress empowers the President to spend $50,000,000 for national defense.

March 28, 1898, under Mars square Moon r: President sends to Congress report of Court of Inquiry into Maine disaster, attributing it to external cause.

April 11, 1898, under Mars square Neptune r: President suggests that he be empowered to use the army and navy to end disorders in Cuba, and placed with Congress the responsibility for dealing decisively with the “intolerable condition of affairs which is at our doors.”

April 20, 1898, under Mars sextile Venus r and square Mercury r: resolutions are passed by Congress that the United States intervene in Cuba to enforce her independence. Spanish minister leaves Washington same day. American fleet sails April 21 from Key West to blockade Cuban ports. April 23, while same aspects are within orb: President calls for 125,000 volunteers. April 25: Congress declares that war with Spain has existed since April 21 (when aspects were perfect).

May 1, 1898, under Mars conjunction Mars r: Dewey with Pacific fleet attacks and destroys Spanish fleet of ten ships in Manila Bay.

Mars Cycle No. 83 in the table commenced May 2, 1898, 6:50 a.m. L.M.T. 77W. 38N56.

May 25, 1898, under Mars sextile Neptune r in house of people (first): President calls for 75,000 additional volunteers. 2,500 soldiers are sent from San Francisco to support Dewey in his operations against Manila.

June 2, 1898, under Mars sesquisquare Saturn r, ruler of ships (ninth): The fleet, under Sampson, blockades Santiago, Cuba, preventing the exit of the Spanish fleet under Cervera. On June 3 (same progressed aspect), Lt. Richmond P. Hobson sinks the Merrimac in the channel as an obstacle to the escape of the Spanish fleet.

June 10, 1898, under Mars semisextile Mars r and inconjunct Uranus r: Invasion of Cuba by the Americans begins with the landing of 600 marines at Guantanamo Bay, near Santiago. June 12, under same progressed aspects: Fifth Army Corps, 16,000 men under Shafter, sails from Tampa Bay for Santiago.

June 20, 1898, under Mars conjunction Mercury r: Guam seized by U.S.S. Charleston.

June 30, 1898, under Mars semisquare Mars r: First U.S. troops reach Manila. The outer defenses of Santiago de Cuba are carried by Shafter.

July 3, 1898, under Mars semisextile Neptune r: Cervera’s fleet of six war vessels, escaping from Santiago harbor, completely destroyed by American fleet under Sampson.

July 17, 1898, under Mars conjunction Venus r (2 degrees distant): Santiago with all its forces is surrendered to Shafter.

July 23, 1898, under Mars opposition Uranus r: Spain inquires on what terms the United States would cease hostilities. July 25, as aspects has separated 2 degrees: General Miles lands with an army at Guanica and begins the conquest of Puerto Rico.

July 28, 1898, under Mars applying to opposition Saturn r (3 degrees distant): Ponce surrenders.

August 12, 1898, under Mars conjunction Asc. r and Pluto r (3 degrees past): A protocol is signed at Washington suspending hostilities. August 13, Manila surrenders to General Merritt and Admiral Dewey.

February 4, 1899, under Mars sextile Moon r: Filipinos attempt to capture Manila, but are repulsed with heavy loss. This begins the Philippine Insurrection.

July 19, 1899, under Mars square Neptune r: Sec. of War Alger resigns because of severe criticism of conduct of Spanish War.

December 16, 1899, under Mars square Mars r: Leonary Wood appointed military (Mars) governor of Cuba.

Mars Cycle No. 84 in the table commenced April 10, 1900, 7:31 p.m. L.M.T. 77W. 38N56.

June 21, 1900, under Mars semisextile Neptune r: General MacArthur issues amnesty proclamation to Fillpinos.

November 12, 1900, under Mars sextile Neptune r: Military department of Porto Rico is discontinued and the forces there reduced.

February 2, 1901, under Mars square Jupiter r: Army Reorganization Act. Provides for a minimum army of 58,000 men, with a maximum of 100,000.

September 6, 1901, under Mars sextile Saturn r, conjunction Asc. , and inconjunct Venus in the house of death (eighth): McKinley shot by an anarchist. He dies September 14. (The death is shown in the Saturn Cycle.)

December 13, 1901, under Mars inconjunct Pluto r: Findings of Court of inquiry as to Admiral Schley’s conduct in Cuba (war) indecisive.

February 18, 1902, under Mars opposition Moon r in house of honor (tenth): Roosevelt adds a memorandum declaring that neither Sampson nor Schley was responsible for the victory at Santiago; it was a “captain’s fight.”

Mars Cycle No. 85 in the table commenced March 21, 1902, 6:30 a.m. L.M.T. 77W. 38N56.

May 22, 1902, under Mars semisquare Mars r (2 degrees past): Military occupation of Cuba ends.

May 31, 1902, under Mars trine Saturn r (planet of economy): Army ordered reduced from 77,287 to 66,497.

July 4, 1902, under Mars trine Venus r (2 degrees applying): General amnesty in Philippines, and insurrection is declared at an end.

September 17, 1902, under Mars opposition Jupiter r: Secretary Hay protests against the outrages committed on Jews in Romania.

January 21, 1903, under Mars semisquare Moon r in house of soldiers: Dick Militia Law provides for the optional federalization of State troops.

February 14, 1903, under Mars trine Pluto r: General Staff of the army is authorized.

Mars Cycle No. 86 in the table commenced March 29, 1903, 4:47 p.m. L.M.T. 77W. 38N56.

November 3, 1903, under Mars opposition Neptune r, in the house of business (tenth): Panama revolts from Colombia. Independence is recognized by the United States on November 6. United States troops land to protect the canal and fend off Colombian forces.

February 7-8, 1904, under Mars square Pluto r (2 degrees distant): Great fire in Baltimore with loss (more clearly shown in Saturn Cycle) of $80,000,000.

Mars Cycle No. 87 in the table commenced February 28, 1904, 5:40 a.m. L.M.T. 77W. 38N56.

April 15, 1904, under Mars, ruler of the house of gifts (eighth), square Venus r in the house of chances (fifth): Andrew Carnegie establishes a Hero (Mars) Fund of $5,000,000.

June 8, 1905, under Mars trine Sun r in house of war (seventh): Roosevelt offers his good offices to end the Russo-Japanese War.

Mars Cycle No. 88 in the table commenced February 6, 1906, 3:07 a.m. L.M.T. 77W. 38N56.

September 22-24, 1906, under Mars trine Uranus r (planet of riots): there are race riots in Atlanta; eighteen Negroes and three whites killed.

September 29, 1906, under Mars sextile Moon r in the house of war: Military control over Cuba is resumed because of disturbed conditions there.

November 6, 1906, under Mars inconjunct Saturn r: Roosevelt directs the dismissal of three companies of Negro regulars for disturbances at Brownsville, Texas, on August 13.

February 6, 1907, under Mars trine Mars r in the house of relief (twelfth): Graduated pensions are granted to veterans of Mexican and Civil wars of 62 years of age or more; following an executive order making 62 years a pensionable disability.

December 16, 1907, under Mars trine Moon r in house of war (seventh): Around-the-world voyage of the American fleet of 16 battleships with destroyers begins at Hampton Roads, intended as a peaceful display of force, especially to influence Oriental conditions.

Mars Cycle No. 89 in the table commenced January 11, 1908, 9:35 p.m. L.M.T. 77W. 38N56.

January 28, 1909, under Mars inconjunct Neptune r in house of business (tenth): Second military occupation of Cuba by United States troops terminates.

Mars Cycle No. 90 in the table commenced November 25, 1909, 3:45 p.m. L.M.T. 77W. 38N56.

October 17, 1910, under Mars in house of illness (sixth), opposition Saturn r in house of hospitals (twelfth): The Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research is formally opened at New York City.

November 2, 1910, under Mars semisextile Mercury in the house of foreign countries (seventh): A fleet of sixteen American battleships sails, in two detachments, to pay visits at ports of England and France.

March 7, 1911, under Mars inconjunct Pluto r, ruler of the house of foreign countries (seventh): In consequence of revolution in Mexico, the president orders 20,000 troops to San Antonio and along the Mexican frontier, for division maneuvers and to check filibustering and border fighting on the American side.

That the student may have for reference all the Mars Cycles from 1889 to 1938, I will now list both their numbers in the table at the end of this chapter/lesson and the data on which they were erected:

No. 91, Mars Cycle, June 9, 1911, 12:10 a.m. L.M.T. 77W. 38N56.

No. 92, Mars Cycle, May 12, 1913, 12:24 a.m. L.M.T. 77W. 38N56.

No. 93, Mars Cycle, April 19, 1915, 6:42 p.m. L.M.T. 77W. 38N56.

No. 94, Mars Cycle, March 29, 1917, 12:36 a.m. L.M.T. 77W. 38N56.

No. 95, Mars Cycle, March 8, 1919, 1:42 p.m. L.M.T. 77W. 38N56.

No. 96, Mars Cycle, February 14, 1921, 1:09 p.m. L.M.T. 77W. 38N56.

No. 97, Mars Cycle, January 22, 1923, 6:55 a.m. L.M.T. 77W. 38N56.

No. 98, Mars Cycle, December 20, 1924, 7:15 a.m. L.M.T. 77W. 38N56.

No. 99, Mars Cycle, June 23, 1926, 7:28 a.m. L.M.T. 77W. 38N56.

No. 350, Mars Cycle, May 21, 1928, 9:21 a.m. L.M.T. 77W. 38N56.

No. 351, Mars Cycle, April 27, 1930, 11:04 p.m. L.M.T. 77W. 38N56.

No. 352, Mars Cycle, April 5, 1932, 7:18 p.m. L.M.T. 77W. 38N56.

Illustration Mars Cycle, March 16, 1934, 8:35 a.m. L.M.T. 77W. 38N56.

No. 353, Mars Cycle, February 23, 1936, 9:30 p.m. L.M.T. 77W. 38N56.

Another Mars Cycle, January 31, 1938, 1:55 p.m. L.M.T. 77W. 38N56.

Later Mars Cycles, previous to their commencement, will be published in THE CHURCH OF LIGHT QUARTERLY.

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Mars Cycle, March 16, 1934

8:35 A.M., L.M.T., Washington D.C.

This chart shows what departments of life in the U. S. are affected, and how, by mechanics, manufacturing, war, soldiers, policemen, machines, fires, firemen, athletics, strife, violence, explosions, intoxicants, bandits, doctors, surgery and healing, from March 16, 1934, to February 23, 1936.

At the time Mars by progression makes an aspect to a planet in this chart, events will come to pass influenced by these things and affecting the department of life denoted by the aspected planet and its house.

And now, to furnish examples, not of what is to be expected in the way of events from heavy and exceptional aspects in a Mars Cycle, but to give a clear picture of what should be expected also from the weak aspects, and those that occur at rather short intervals, it seems that the best method to follow is to take all the aspects that Mars forms within a given period in its cycle chart, and note one Mars event which actually was coincident with each such aspect. Commencing, therefore, with the Mars Cycle of March 16, 1934, which forms the illustration above, I will list ALL the progressed aspects in the chart following its date, going as far as space permits, and quote the date, and the event attracted, from the WORLD ALMANAC, my own comments being placed in parentheses. As only the most important events of each day are listed in the WORLD ALMANAC, it will be apparent these events are not inconsequential. When the event falls on a day other than that on which the aspect is perfect, this will be duly noted.

March 20, 1934, Mars semisquare Asc. r (people): Fire at Hakodate, Japan, killed over 1,500, hurt 2,000, and destroyed 23,000 homes. At N. Y. City, 7 were killed by fire in a tenement on 2nd Ave.

March 23, 1934, Mars semisextile Mercury r: March 24, at Lynchburgh, Va., fire killed 14 at Federal Transient Relief (progressed Mars in house of relief, twelfth) Bureau, and injured 75 others.

March 26, 1934, Mars conjunction Moon r in house of relief (twelfth): At Washington, the Senate and the House passed the “billion dollar” Independent Office Bill granting $228,000,000 in larger allowances to War veterans and government employees.

March 28, 1934, Mars inconjunct Neptune r (inflation): The United States Steel (Mars) Corporation and the Bethlehem Steel Corporation joined the movement to raise the wages of all steel workers 10 per cent.

April 1, 1934, Mars semisextile Venus r (in the house of the President): The President of the United States conducted divine service on the quarterdeck of the Nourmahal, Easter morning, attended by the officers and men of the U.S. Destroyer (Mars) Ellis.

April 11, 1934, Mars opposition Jupiter r from the house of imprisonment (twelfth): At Tokyo, Gen. Senjuro Hayashi, Minister of War (Mars) resigned from the Cabinet after his younger brother was sentenced to ten month’s imprisonment for bribery.

April 12, 1934, Mars square Pluto r in house of short journeys (third): His plane caught in a “sleeve target” towed by another airplane, First Lieutenant David L. Cloud Jr., a Marine (Mars) Corps pilot whose squadron held the Schiff award for safe flying, plunged 3,000 feet to his death.

April 14, 1934, Mars sextile Saturn r, in house of elections (tenth): At San Juan, P.R., fire in the Capitol basement destroyed part of Puerto Rico’s basic election records.

April 16, 1934, Mars conjunction Uranus r (unusual), semisextile Sun r in house of governor (eleventh): In Oklahoma, the National Guard (Mars) carried out the Governor’s orders to stop delinquent tax sales of real estate.

April 23, 1934, Mars square M.C. r (honor): At Crocket, Texas, Ben Ellis shot to death in a crowded courtroom a Negro accused of slaying his uncle who had tried to collect a $3.00 debt.

April 24, 1934, Mars semisextile Mars r (war equipment): At Balboa, C. Z., commercial vessels started late in the day to follow the last of the more than a hundred ships of the U.S. fleet which have been pushing through the Panama Canal toward the Atlantic in an unbroken line.

May 1, 1934, Mars sextile Mercury r: At Paris, May Day brought riots, with Communists firing at police from behind barricades. At Havana 10 were wounded when soldiers fired into a worker’s parade.

May 5, 1934, Mars semisextile Moon r: N. Y. City Controller W. Arthur Cunningham, 39, was stricken with a heart attack while horseback riding at Duck Island, L. I. He fell (Mars) to the ground and was dead when a physician arrived.

May 6, 1934, Mars trine Neptune r (aviation), semisquare Sun r: May 7, the Army (Mars) Air Corps ended its task of flying the transcontinental mail with a flying record.

May 11, 1934, Mars square Venus r in house of business (tenth): In Illinois, the Legislature enacted that, on and after July 1, State and municipal employees of Illinois will become the policing (Mars) agency behind all national codes.

May 19, 1934, Mars conjunction Asc. r: Fire at the Union Stock Yards, Chicago, burned its way over 8 square blocks destroying 40 per cent of the cattle pens, and the livestock in them.

May 22, 1934, Mars inconjunct Jupiter r: Mexico proclaims an embargo on shipment of arms (Mars) to Bolivia and Paraguay.

May 24, 1934, Mars square Saturn r in house of business (tenth): At Toledo, 2 men were killed and more than 25 persons were injured in two battles between Ohio National Guardsmen and strikers.

May 25, 1934, Mars semisquare Moon r in house of crime (twelfth): At East Chicago, Ind., two policemen were shot to death when they tried to halt an auto supposed to contain John Dillinger.

May 27, 1934, Mars sextile Sun r (political authority): At Havana, Cuba, gunmen fired several shots at his home as U.S. Ambassador Jefferson Caffery was preparing to leave.

June 4, 1934, Mars sextile Mars r: Near Norman, Oklahoma, members of a seismograph oil exploration party were killed in an accidental explosion of a roadside dynamite magazine.

June 11, 1934, Mars square Mercury r, sesquisquare Jupiter r: Prof. Rexford G. Tugweli, ex-farmer, Presidential nominee for Undersecretary of Agriculture, under examination as to his qualifications by the Senate (Mercury in house of Senate) Committee on Agriculture, denies he is a Red or a Bolshevik Communist.

June 13, 1934, Mars semisquare Pluto r (gangsters): Bandits fatally shot C. N. Nunn, 55, of Muskogee, Democratic candidate for presidency.

June 15, 1934, Mars sextile Moon r in house of secret enemies (twelfth): In Cuba a bomb hidden under a stairway exploded in the naval station, killing a sailor and seriously wounding 11 others.

June 17, 1934, Mars semisquare Uranus r (revolution), square Neptune r: In Cuba, at Havana, 14 persons were killed and more than 60 wounded when a parade of 80,000 members of the ABC revolutionary organization was attacked by machine gunmen.

June 22, 1934, Mars trine Venus r: The yawl Cumberbunce II was stolen at New London, Conn., after the Harvard-Yale rowing race. On June 29, James A. Newton, 43, a farmer of Marlow, N. H., was found shot to death on the yawl in Cohasset harbor.

June 30, 1934, Mars semisextile Asc. r: In Germany (Mars rules the house of other lands, seventh), a plot by prominent Nazi leaders to overthrow Adolph Hitler was discovered; Ex-Chancellor Gen. Kurt von Schleicher, 51, was shot to death, his wife killed, Capt. Ernst Roehm, 46, national commander of the Nazi Storm Troopers was deposed and executed. In all 77 were killed.

July 3, 1934, Mars trine Jupiter r: In Germany (Mars rules the house of foreign countries, seventh), Chancellor Hitler flew to Neudeck to consult President von Hindenburg; von Papen’s home was watched by Storm Troopers (Mars).

July 4, 1934, Mars semisextile Pluto r (drastic): Over 2,200 were hurt by fireworks during Independence Day celebrations at New York City.

July 6, 1934, Mars trine Saturn r in house of business (tenth): A bomb planted in a war of rival labor unions destroyed the ventilation plant of the Capital Coal Mining Company near Springfield, Ill., endangering 350 men working below.

July 9, 1934, Mars square Sun r, sextile Uranus r: A Negro, Andrew McLeod, 26, at Bastrop, La., charged with having tried to attack a white girl, was lynched by a mob.

July 14, 1934, Mars sesquisquare Venus r in house of business (tenth): Over 7,000 National Guardsmen and 2,000 policemen were put on duty in the bay district and Oakland (due to strike).

July 16, 1934, Mars inconjunct M.C. r (business): National Guard tanks and machine guns were put at strategic points (S. F. strike).

July 18, 1934, Mars square Mars r: At San Francisco, the General Strike Committee lifted the embargo on all foods, gasoline and fuel oil. At Oakland, across the bay, citizen vigilantes guarded food and milk trucks.

July 25, 1934, Mars trine Mercury r: At Vienna (Mars rules the house of foreign countries, seventh) a group (Nazi) seized the building used by the Cabinet, shot Chancellor Engelbert Dollfus, 41, to death, and tried to hold other members as hostages.

July 29, 1934, Mars square Moon r in house of crime (twelfth): At Vienna, Otto Planetta, 36, dismissed from the Austrian Army as a Nazi, was put on trial charged with the actual shooting of Chancellor Dollfus.

July 31, 1934, Mars sextile Neptune r: August 1, at Port Au Prince, the United States relinquished control of Haiti in brief ceremonies marking the taking over of the Haitian Army (Mars) by its own officers.

August 6, 1934, Mars inconjunct Venus r: August 7, at Vienna, the only active member of the Austrian Army (Mars rules the house of foreign countries, seventh) who participated in the raid on the Chancellery was court marshaled and hanged.

August 14, 1934, Mars trine Moon r: In Colombia, 17 were killed, 20 hurt, at Tolime Farm, in a clash between peasants and Civil Guards.

August 17, 1934, Mars sesquisquare Mercury r, ruling house of games (fifth), square Jupiter r: August 18, at Pontiac, Ill., a fight over a baseball game at the State Reformatory, caused a riot and the shooting of 23 convicts.

August 19, 1934, Mars conjunction Pluto r (gangster): Alphonse Capone (gangster) is one of 43 en route in barred railway cars from the Federal Penitentiary at Atlanta, Ga., to Alcatraz Island.

August 20,1934, Mars inconjunct Saturn r in house of government (tenth): In Louisiana, Governor Allen signed the 27 Huey P. Long “dictator (Mars conjunction Pluto, the dictator, yesterday) bills.” Meantime State troops and 500 special police under Mayor Wamsley are rival guards at the registration office in New Orleans.

August 23, 1934, Mars trine Sun r, square Uranus r, semisquare Neptune r: Homer Van Meter, 35, paroled convict from the Michigan City (Ind.) prison (Uranus in house of prisons, twelfth) and one of the members and best gunner of the gang that was headed by John Dillinger, was shot and killed in a street battle with St. Paul police.

August 31, 1934, Mars opposition M.C. r (business): Extension of the textile strike call to 150,000 wool and worsted workers in N. J. was announced.

September 1, 1934, Mars trine Mars r: Strike orders applying to the entire textile weaving industry of the U.S. went into effect.

September 10, 1934, Mars inconjunct Mercury r ruler of fifth: At Tyler, Texas, J. B. Willis, 41, ex-convict, was sentenced to death for tying a young husband nude to a tree and then stripping and assaulting the bride.

September 16, 1934, Mars sesquisquare Sun r, semisextile Neptune r: September 17, the textile strike brought martial law and concentration camps in Georgia.

September 22, 1934, Mars opposition Venus r: Pointing at the guards pistols made of soap, two cronies of the late John Dillinger tried to escape from death cells, both were killed.

September 24, 1934, Mars sesquisquare Mars r: At Lyman, S. C., 400 former strikers were driven away by the bayonets of National Guardsmen.

September 30, 1934, Mars square Asc. r (people): In a radio speech to the nation, Roosevelt called a truce between capital and labor.

October 3, 1934, Mars sextile Jupiter r: Assignment of naval officers to American merchant ships to inspect safety devices and lifeboat drills.

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