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Hermetic Magic

HermesFew ideas conjure more fear or condemnation than that of magic. For example, a few years ago when the CofL inquired about advertising in one of the mainstream magazines, we were informed that they would not accept any ad copy that contained the word "Magic" in it! Another time, someone returned a Laws of Occultism course book to the CofL with a little pamphlet in it enumerating all of the biblical passages that denounced the practice of magic, witchcraft, sorcery etc.

Sadly, like the word occult, Magic is a concept and process that has taken on a fearful connotation. If properly understood people would be aware that they use magic every day. Not understanding the principles involved in the magical process probably results in more harm than good. Practically speaking, magic falls into the category of Psychology. For example, Esoteric Psychology is one of The Church of Light's Magic series books.

Now, having attempted to create a less fearful context for the study of Magic, please don't underestimate its power, for good or ill. As in the story of Phaeton who seizing the opportunity to drive his father's chariot soon discovered he was in a vehicle energized by a source well beyond his ability to control.

Those who are interested in ceremonial magic will do well to read The Laws of Occultism, The Sacred Tarot, Ancient Masonry and Imponderable Forces. These books will prepare you well for any investigations you contemplate.

Probably the best representation of The Church of Light's position on magic can be found in The Sacred Tarot. Quoting from Arcanum 21, The Adept, on magic:

In Magic, Arcanum 21 represents the exercise of the functions of adeptship. Although not easily distinguishable, there are seven grades of humanity who live and move upon the earth, the seventh, and highest, state being that of the perfect human. The attainment of adeptship on the physical plane is the grand climax of physical evolution, the topmost point in the ladder of worldly ambitions.
The adept, commencing as an earnest neophyte, has undergone a system of study by which they have mastered the 21 different branches of occult science. They have entered upon a process of regular psychic training by which their inner faculties are made active and accurate, and thus they master the 21 lucidic arts. Intuition is used to check reason, and the psychic senses are developed to a keenness that they can be depended on for far-reaching information not accessible in the outer world.
Furthermore there are 7 states of consciousness, which are developed, which constitute soul attainment. Those 49, then are the 49 gates of attainment, which Moses passed. And the 50th is that which relates to the union of true soul-mates.
The real adept, however, is not, as so many seem to imagine, a being who has attained wonderful power, but who resides in seclusion and lets humanity work out its own problems. Instead, if really an adept, and not merely a magician, they move among the people, and use all their powers, in the manner that will be most helpful, to alleviate suffering and to aid the forward movement of universal progression.
Whatever the powers that have been developed, you may be sure the adept is actively engaged in using them for human welfare. They realize that the destiny of the cosmos depends upon each section of it advancing as rapidly as possible, and performing its own work. And he or she has striven to become an adept, not to have magical powers by which to amaze the multitudes, but because such a high state of development gives added usefulness in the general scheme of things. Constantly and persistently, they work for human upliftment, and for everything that will aid in the proper development of God's Great Plan.

You can see, the CofL takes a very practical approach to Magic. Seeking magical powers for the sake of owning power leads to the undoing of the individual. However, there is great need for those who desire to undertake the refinement of their abilities and there is great reward for those who do so.

The Hermetic system taught by The Church of Light places the individual firmly in relationship to Self, to Others and to Deity. In this triune relationship there are certain rules to be followed. Each person benefits by understanding these rules and they can be learned by studying the 21 Courses.

As with the other two branches of the Hermetic Sciences, the language of Astrology is a must for discerning and understanding relationships between objects, mental or otherwise. Alchemy is the science of understanding antidotes, which can be very useful.

The following is a listing of the course books available in The Brotherhood of Light Magic series. To order go to our on-line bookstore, Bookstore and StarStruck Boutique. To become a member, go to How do I become a member? in the Membership Room. To investigate the correspondence study program go to What is the Home Study Program? in this section of the web site.

Magic Course Books:

CS 01 Laws of Occultism
CS 04 Ancient Masonry
CS 05 Esoteric Psychology
CS 06 Sacred Tarot
CS 11 Divination & Character Reading
CS 18 Imponderable Forces
CS 20 The Next Life

Please visit our on-line Bookstore to order any of these books.

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