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The Nine-Point Plan


The Nine-Point Plan

That all people should have access to the:

That people must have:

And these must culminate in the adoption of the Universal Moral Code:


To develop the four possessions we take with us after death:

  1. Knowledge
  2. Ability
  3. Character
  4. Dominant Vibratory Rate


Excerpt from Course 2, Astrological Signatures

The mere union in the spiritual world of a male and a female soul, .... does not provide the form and functions of an angel, nor does the mere union of spermatozoon and ovum insure that a child will be born. No more so than that the union of inner-plane facts and outer-plane facts, such as are represented by the two wavy lines which symbolize the sign Aquarius, alone insure there will be the New Civilization which the humanitarian side of the sign demands of the Aquarian Age. In each case, if that of which the union is but the start is properly to develop and result in the promised birth of something more perfect and glorious, development must take place which follows a definite nine-point plan. And even as in numerals the number 10 starts a new cycle, so the tenth step, of course, is the one of transition which marks the birth of that which has undergone the nine phases of gestation.

While the nine-point plan and its final result on each level very broadly correspond to the chain of ten planets, much more detail can be learned from the precise correspondence of the planet or sign to the sequence number in the plan. This astrological rulership of the numerals is set forth in Course 6, The Sacred Tarot.

In the Cycle of Necessity the soul undergoes development in nine realms before becoming the transcendent angel which permits its birth into the celestial realm from which it started. This is the nine-point plan which to be successful it must follow: I Celestial, II Spiritual, III Astral, IV Mineral, V Vegetable, VI Animal, VII Human, VIII Astral, IX Spiritual. With these nine phases of gestation completed, Self-Conscious immortality has been won and transition may take place in the perfect angelic form to X Celestial.

In the adjustment of mankind to the Aquarian Age, now at hand, the tenth and final step is the attainment of a truly enlightened and humanitarian civilization. And to make this transition properly, humanity must proceed according to the nine-point plan which follows:

As a cooperative intelligence working for the realization of God's Great Evolutionary Plan, the development of the powers and possibilities of his own soul is of paramount importance to the individual, and of paramount importance to the whole in proportion as the abilities and characteristics thus developed contribute to universal welfare. And this character development is influenced and conditioned by the environmental forces which it contacts not merely on one plane, but on both the inner and the outer plane.

Both the behavior of the individual and the events which come into his life are primarily determined by the desires of the thought-cells and thought structures of his own soul. These thought-cell desires, in turn are determined by the experiences which have formed them or added to them; experiences with both the inner-plane environment and the outer-plane environment. Secondarily, the behavior of the individual and the events which come into his life are determined by planetary or other inner-plane energies added to the thought-cells of his soul at a given time, which increase their activity and modify somewhat their desires, and by the facilities afforded by the outer-plane environment to some actions and events and the resistance the outer-plane environment offers to others.

Either freedom from want or any one of the other three essential freedoms which should be present in the outer-plane environment, implies effective use of abilities on materials, and the avoidance of disaster. Square pegs in round holes, people engaged in enterprises for which they have no talent, and people engaging in enterprises at times when failure is sure to result, do not lead to freedom from want. Effectively to guide character development, and to have freedom from want in ample measure, as well as to have the other essential freedoms, the 9-point plan states:

FIRST, that all people should be familiar with the Facts of Astrology

A lifelong physical environment of illiteracy, poverty, disease and heartrending toil, such as vast portions of the world have experienced, is not conducive to developing the potentialities of the soul. Nor is the acceptance of the doctrines of atheistic materialism. Under such physical environmental handicaps the individual ignores or denies the existence of his soul, and is trained to function, whether his intellect is active or numbed by hardships, only on the self-seeking plane of the brutes.

To have sufficient leisure from incessant toil, and to possess the things properly to live, while thought is given to the soul, and effort spent in character development, the 9-point plan states:

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SECOND, that all people should have Freedom from Want

A haphazard universe moving without purpose gives few assurances that the individual will not be overwhelmed by disaster. Atheistic materialism, by force of arms if able to do so, and by cunning suppression of all facts which prove there are inner-plane forces, or life on any plane but the physical, if force of arms does not give it world dominance, is determined to compel all men to accept such a purposeless universe, in which selfish force and brutal shrewdness are extolled as the highest virtues. But millions of people, past and present, through their own personal experiences have proven to themselves that there is a Supreme Guiding Intelligence permeating the universe which, under special conditions, men can contact. And millions of people, past and present, through their own personal experiences have proven to themselves that physical death does not end either consciousness or the progress of personality. And in order that people may thus prove to themselves the existence of God, and the persistence of life and personality after the dissolution of the physical, the 9-point plan states:

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THIRD, that all people should be familiar with the Facts of Extra Sensory Perception

There is possible either a constructive or a destructive approach to every situation of life. An approach which is accompanied by the emotion of fear is to that extent destructive, for fear is an agent of ineffectiveness and the foe of health and happiness. Even the facts of astrology when viewed from the standpoint of fear may be made detrimental, and freedom from want in proper measure is repelled by fear. Yet the attitude of fear is a conditioned state. It arises from considering the possibility or probability of want, disease, or other disagreeable things, including the cessation of life. Confidence that disagreeable things will not happen, that dangers can be surmounted, and that death merely brings a continuation of life on another plane, assist in conditioning the emotions to resist this most destructive of all attitudes. In order to promote happiness, usefulness and spirituality, the 9-point plan states:

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FOURTH, that all people should have Freedom from Fear

The success with which an individual is able to express his natural aptitudes, to contribute to the welfare of all, and to develop his own soul depends, in addition to his familiarity with astrology and ESP and possession of the four freedoms, on the desires of the thought-cells and thought structures of his own soul. The conditions of external environment afforded by the four freedoms facilitate soul growth, and knowledge of astrology and ESP indicate the best course to pursue. But, in spite of knowledge and environment, both the actions which take place which we call behavior, and the events which come into the life, are chiefly determined by the way the thought-cells and thought structures within the soul then feel.

The thought-cells and thought structures have the desires they do, and therefore influence the behavior and events in the manner they do, because of the feeling energy and the emotional energy which have been built into them in the past. And the only way to get them to have different desires, and consequently influence the behavior in a more beneficial manner, and to work from the inner plane to attract more favorable events, is to impart to them appropriate feeling and emotion. To do this intelligently requires the use of deliberately induced emotion. Thus the 9-point plan states:

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FIFTH, that all people should be familiar with the Facts of Induced Emotion

But men will not be permitted to become familiar with the facts of astrology or the facts of ESP if atheistic materialism is able to gain the intellectual dictatorship over the people of the world it desires. Nor will it be possible to have either freedom from want or freedom from fear if such intellectual dictatorship is permitted to suppress facts relative to economic conditions and political oppression. To gain power through which to use others for their own selfish and brutal ends, tyrants always have found it essential to suppress and distort the facts.

But even when they have free access to facts, men also have individual aptitudes without the expression of which, either in the vocation or the avocation, they are unable to find happiness and are unable to contribute most to universal welfare. These creative talents should not be wasted through denying them opportunity for exercise. Therefore the 9-point plan states:

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SIXTH, that all people should have Freedom of Expression

The proper exercise of each of the four freedoms, and the proper employment of the facts of astrology, the facts of ESP and the facts of induced emotion, that these may Contribute Their Utmost to Universal Welfare, imply that intelligence must be applied to formulate an effective plan, and that the energies instead of being permitted to wander aimlessly from this plan, be directed into its fulfillment. The energies tend to flow into and develop whatever thought the mind consistently entertains. Thought ever affords, both on the outer plane and the inner plane, the pattern of action. Consequently the 9-point plan states:

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SEVENTH, that all people should be familiar with the Facts of Directed Thinking

The most important thing in the universe is God's Great Evolutionary Plan. The conception of this plan depends upon the spiritual and intellectual level of the individual trying to comprehend it. Also, as physical science and spiritual science discover new facts any adequate conception of this plan must be enlarged to embrace them.

To the individual, the most important thing of all is the progress of his own soul. And soul progression cannot be applied to him from the outside by others, no more than can intelligence. It requires effort on his own part to live, not as someone else believes, but according to his own highest conception at the time. It requires the liberty, as more complete information is gained, to modify the conduct to conform to this new information. Therefore the 9-point plan states:

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EIGHTH, that all people should have Freedom of Worship

Both the progress of his own soul and the unfoldment of God's Great Evolutionary Plan depend upon the welfare of the various individuals who make up the conscious cells embraced within the whole. What affects one individual, in some degree affects all individuals. The 9-point plan therefore states:

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NINTH, that all people should adopt as the constant and dominant motives of their lives that they should contribute their Utmost to Universal Welfare

The four freedoms set forth in association with the negative, or even, numbers, 2,4,6, and 8, relate largely to important factors of the outer-plane environment. There is no assumption that we know all we should about them. In fact, as evolution advances, we are sure to learn details which will assist us more perfectly to realize these four freedoms. And we should strive persistently to acquire such knowledge, which, no doubt, will be made available through the ordinary channels of education.

The four orders of facts set forth in association with the positive, or odd, numbers, 1,3,5, and 7, however, relate largely to important factors of the inner-plane environment. As information relating to them is mostly lacking through the more ordinary channels of education, the Brotherhood of Light lessons were written to make it accessible to all.

Yet these lessons, which are as comprehensive as it is possible to make them at this day, make no assumption that we know all we should about these four orders of inner-plane activities. In fact, although we now know the fundamental principles through which each operates, as times goes on we are sure to gain many new details which will assist us more perfectly to utilize these four different categories of inner-plane forces. As this new knowledge is gained it will be included in revised copies of The Brotherhood of Light lessons. And to hasten acquiring it, The Church of Light maintains three active research departments: The Brotherhood of Light Astrological Research Department, the ESP Research Department, and the Control of Life Research Department.

Even as Aquarius is symbolized by two wavy lines, one above the other, are there four essential freedoms which relate chiefly to the physical environment, and four orders of facts which relate chiefly to the inner-plane environment, the utilization of which are essential. But between the four outer-plane freedoms and the four inner-plane orders of facts, must ever remain as the central theme the all-inclusive principle indicated by the Deific number 9, the number of Aquarius: the constant and dominant motive in men's lives must be to Contribute Their Utmost to Universal Welfare. This is the most important factor of all in the Nine-Point Plan for the New Civilization.

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