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Convention 2024 June 28th - 30th, Albuquerque NM

Harmonizing Your Life and Building Your Future

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The First Masons or Builders...

As Above, So BelowToday, we understand a mason as a builder, one who constructs physical structures. Similarly, the Wise Men of the East were builders, but their tools were not hammers and saws—they were mental builders. Their work involved constructing through the power of thought, utilizing the imaginative faculty. Magic, in its true sense, is the skillful application of imagination, and the original Masons were undoubtedly magicians. The ancient Magi of Egypt and Chaldea, dating back to even more ancient times, were unquestionably practitioners of this mental craftsmanship.

—paraphrased From Course 4, Ancient Masonry

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The Golden Key

Astrological Insights from Spiritual Astrology...Donald Trump

The 3rd Decanate of Gemini (Gemini/Aquarius) — When the Giants Made An Assault on Heaven

“Reason Points the Way to Truth, and Offers a Valuable Means by Which the Accuracy of the Reports of the Psychic Senses Can be Tested.”

Ursa Major by John Flamsteed
John Flamsteed,WikiMedia Commons, public domain

Keyword: REASON.

This decanate serves as a spiritual cautionary tale, a mirror to our own potential pitfalls. It raises awareness about the dangers of entertaining thoughts of superior strengths that serve only self-interest, a trap we all can fall into, rather than benefit the greatest number.

Long ago, mythology tells us there were mighty beings known as Titans. Renowned for their immense strength, they were filled with a pride that knew no bounds. Convinced that their physical power and intellect were supreme, they dared to challenge the gods themselves.

The decanate of Reason, where the Sun is located from June 12 to June 22, ascending higher and higher in the sky until its annual zenith on the 22nd of June, corresponds to the Titan’s ambition to reach the apex of Power. As the sun reaches its zenith in the sky, a time that mirrors the Titans' peak of arrogance, they brazenly storm the gates of heaven, intent on usurping the gods. Yet, their audacity is swiftly quelled by the might of Jove, a force that embodies true spirituality, humility, and the wisdom to make choices that benefit all.

The defeat of the Titans does not tell us that reason is useless. It is an important guide, like the constellation’s stars pointing to the North Star—Truth—helping us navigate through life. But reason alone cannot grasp everything. Intuition—the inner promptings of the soul—offers another perspective, reaching truths that reason alone cannot see.

To truly understand, we must see both the inside and outside of things for a complete picture of knowledge. Just as the Great Bear points the way, reason shows us the path to truth and provides a means to test the accuracy of our perceptions.

Donald Trump Birth Chart
Chart generated by Horoscope Program - RRating AA: Donald Trump, June 14, 1946, Jamaica, NY.

From the profound perspective of Hermetic Astrology, the birth chart Sun holds a pivotal role. It is not just a celestial body but a symbol of the divine spark within us, propelling our souls forward. Its drive to attain significance propels us forward through our Cycle of Necessity, thereby honing our abilities as we participate as co-creators in the evolution of the Divine Plan. This journey from imperfection to perfection, through trial and error, is a fascinating path that we all traverse, striving to contribute to Universal Welfare. As a cautionary tale, this Reason decanate offers a poignant warning for those who perceive their strengths and abilities as equivalents of the gods.

In Donald Trump’s birth chart, the Sun is in the third decanate of Gemini—Reason. Ruling the Power Urges, it is his dominant planet, representing about 16.7% of his chart's energy. The Moon is next in power, ruling the Domestic Urges at 16.1%. Just behind the Moon in power is Uranus, the planet of Disruption with 13.3% of the total chart power—also in the decanate of Reason. The Sun-Uranus conjunction opposes the Moon, resulting in the chart's most powerful aspect. His desires to dominate and disrupt are in opposition to the Domestic Urges. One might imagine his world to be a constant see-saw between his desires to exert his Power and Individualistic Urges and his Domestic Urges, except this opposition is mitigated by Jupiter, the planet of abundance, in the house of personal wealth. With this configuration, he has likely been conditioned over time and with experience to believe that he is immune from consequences because his money and wealth are powerful and omnipotent enough to solve all problems. Because of this conditioning, the Hermetic Astrologer might ask, is this where the Reason Decanate’s cautionary tale might warrant a good listen?

Hermetic Astrology suggests that Donald Trump, with his power and charisma, has the potential to be a constructive influence on the physical and emotional well-being of others. The question that arises is, will he? The answer to this question remains to be seen. So far, his rhetoric and actions lean toward tearing down those who don't agree with him or facilitate his Will. Will he be like the Titans of ancient Greek mythology, "who became arrogant with the knowledge of their strength?" This is a question that only time and his future actions can answer.

For greater insight into the decanates of spiritual astrology, click here for more about Gemini and the decanate of REASON in Course VII or here for “The First Eighteen Decanates Analyzed” in Course X-1.

To purchase, Click here for Course VII, Spiritual Astrology or here for Course X-1, Delineating the Horoscope.

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Gemini: The 3rd Sign of the Zodiac
May 21st through June 22nd

I Think

“Thoughts are a Person’s Most Potent Builders.”

The Sign Gemini

Duality of the Mind

The human mind is where mortality and immortality unite. It is where the objective reality of the waking world and the imaginative world of slumber come together. The Lessons teach that the time we spend in slumber or meditative states is when our soul processes experience, both conscious and unconscious. From this, we assimilate, evolve, and grow. This place of union on the astral plane enables us to expand awareness, build the reality we envision, and realize the ideal person we aspire to be.

To illustrate the relationship between the objective and unconscious minds, C. C. Zain relies on the Greek myth of Castor and Pollux. The two brothers fell in love with Leucippus’ daughters, sparking resentment from their betrothed suitors. Their pursuit of the already betrothed daughters led to a deadly battle where Castor died, leaving Pollux, his immortal brother, devastated and heartbroken. Moved by his grief, Zeus allows Castor to share Pollux’s immortality. However, only one can be on earth, while the other remains in the underworld.

This myth is a powerful metaphor for the duality of the human mind. The objective mind, like Castor, is mortal, tethered to the physical brain, and fades away with the body’s demise. In contrast, the unconscious mind, like Pollux, transcends physical death, existing in the astral realms. When the conscious mind is active, the unconscious mind persists in the astral, but during sleep, it awakens, weaving dreams and fantasies that can fuel the imagination of the waking world's objective mind.

The spiritual text is: “Thoughts are a Person’s Most Potent Builders."

Click here for more of this meditation and a companion exercise.

Read more in Course 7, Spiritual Astrology by C. C. Zain

Mental Alchemy...
Prayer for Harmonizing the Mercury Energy Associated with the Astrological Sign Gemini

Alchemizing Mercury:
For use at times when thought is disturbed and difficult; when we are restless and apt to be extreme in our viewpoint or action; or, when there are drastic changes in our lives.

Constructive Intellectual Urges require individual Self Expression in the environment thru concentration, use of the mind and analysis of situations.

O Thou Eternal Spirit, in Whom I live, move, breathe and have my Being! I rely upon Thy Power to bring to a successful conclusion those matters thru which I cannot clearly see the way and in which I have done my best. Bring to me the realization that happiness and benevolence, confidence and trust in Thee will cause all things to work out for my ultimate good. Inspire me to see only good in others.”

—So Shall It Be!

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The Silver KeyThe Star

Astro-Tarot Series:

Arcanum XVII: The Star

In Elbert Benjamine's classic series, he explains the astrological significance of the sign Gemini and its relationship to Arcanum XVII, The Star tarot card.


In the spiritual world, immortality. In the intellectual world, the interior light which illuminates the spirit. In the physical world, hope.”


Remember, then, son of earth, that hope is the sister of faith. Shed thy passions and thy errors in order to study the mysteries of true science and the key will be given thee; then a ray of divine light will break from the occult sanctuary in order to dissipate the shadows of thy future and show thee the way of happiness. If Arcanum XVII should appear in the prophetic signs of thy horoscope, whatever may happen in life, never injure the flower of hope and thou wilt gather the fruits of faith.

The Star - Truth Hope or Faith

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The Online School for The Church of Light.

The Brotherhood of Light Lessons for students who enjoy an online, interactive environment.

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Why We're Here is an internet resource for those searching for true esoteric insight that can only come from combining the best of the past with the promise of the future. Here we try to avoid the dogma of material science, “new age” thought, or fundamentalist religious concepts, while adhering to the old axiom “don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.”


The Brotherhood of Light Lessons and the Aquarian Age

A new spiritual dispensation is at hand, where the love and compassion of the Piscean Age are enhanced by the wisdom that comes from a deeper understanding of the Nature of Reality brought by the new Aquarian Age and thus Religion is wed to Science. Our Brotherhood of Light lessons are the bridge that caries us into this New Age by combining the best of the Ancient Teachings with the wonders of our new discoveries. Nothing stays the same we must all adapt to the flood of new information.


Why Astrology and the Tarot are so important to understanding Traditional Knowledge

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Browse through the 210 Brotherhood of Light Lessons by C. C. Zain on the Hermetic sciences including Hermetic Astrology, Mental and Spiritual Alchemy, the Tarot and other occult subjects designed to help you improve your life. You can read them all for FREE here!

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Develop personally and spiritually through our integrated system of Hermetic Astrology, Mental and Spiritual Alchemy and the esoteric teachings of the Egyptian Sacred Tarot.

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USA Chart

Astrology of World Affairs
by Hermetician Dennis Sutton

ancient wisdom — modern science

Sharing knowledge of Hermetic astrology, the birth chart, astrodynes and global astrology

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click here for a FREE copy of Dennis' book, A précis of The Brotherhood of Light's 21 reference texts on the occult sciences.

As above, so below

Modern Physics Validates Brotherhood of Light Hermetic Teachings

What does the Holographic Theory of the Universe and Quantum Theory have to do with our Hermetic teachings?

In this article we will attempt to present aspects that pertain to the Hermetic Teachings of the Church of Light. We also encourage you to investigate these theories for yourself...

Modern Physics Validates Hermetic Teachings

The Brotherhood of Light lessons encourage us to study the Book of Nature...

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Nature manifests through Diversity.
Diversity is the key to survival..mastering its many facets is the means by which we thrive.
Fear of the unknown and that which is different from self manifests throughout nature.
Through Cooperation we express the Will of Deity,
gain the freedom that results from transformation,
and achieve a sense of personal fulfillment, harmony, balance ... spirituality.

 K. Paul JohnsonHistory Of The Adepts

An interesting history of The Brotherhood of Light and related sister organizations by K. Paul Johnson.

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