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How to Increase Your Usefulness, Happiness & Spirituality

The Brotherhood of Light Lessons by C. C. Zain offer practical tools for significantly improving your life. This page simply provides an introduction to some of these methods and where you can find more information about them.

Building Self-Confidence, Self-Esteem and Overcoming Personal Obstacles

Course 5 - Esoteric Psychology, offers tools and methods, including Directed Thinking, Induced Emotion, and Demonstration to overcome obstacles to personal development and build self-esteem and confidence. Chapters in this book include:

  • Language and Value of Dreams
  • Desire and How to Use It
  • Correct use of Affirmations
  • How to Think Constructively
  • How to Cultivate Subliminal Thinking
  • How to Develop Creative Imagination
  • How to Demonstrate Success

Course 14 - Occultism Applied, describes how every individual is being trained to perform a unique job in God's Great Evolutionary Plan. It offers practical lessons on how to be happy, how to create personal prosperity, how to keep young, how to be attractive, how to gain employment, how to have friends, and how to be successful in marriage. By changing one's habit systems one can learn to live a truly constructive life.

Course 21 - Personal Alchemy, is a self development manual providing keys by which the spiritual aspirant may experience greater health, happiness, and spirituality and thus contribute more to universal welfare. Important topics include cultivating spiritual trends in personal conduct, spiritual hindrance by family and friends, and how to keep mentally and physically fit.

The Church of Light Mantram and Cosmic Mindedness

The easiest way for the neophyte to gain cosmic mindedness as well as self-confidence for overcoming personal obstacles, is through using The Church of Light Mantram. It may be repeated every night before retiring, and every morning after waking.

Such an ideal as this, based upon Truth, held in the mind and vivified, will produce a mental and spiritual state in which the individual will tune in on the all-pervading Super-Intelligence of the universe at a high vibratory level. And, in the course of time, it will be spiritually assimilated and then will evolve outward and become the dominant idea of Truth, resulting in Spiritual Power.

  • My Soul is One with the Universe, and my Spirit is an emanation from Deity.
  • I am commissioned by the Infinite One to assist in the scheme of His Creation.
  • I am assisting in the progressive evolution of creation, and in so doing my soul and its infinite possibilities are progressing in proportion to my desire to use all my powers and possibilities in Spirit and in Truth.
  • My physical organism is my natural universe, over which I alone will rule. It is my material cloak, or garment, through which I will manifest the powers of my Divine Nature.
  • I am progressing rapidly toward the subjugation of matter and the complete lordship over all sub-mundane atoms of life, which exist only by my permission, as peaceful and obedient servants within the lower animal realms of my dominion.
  • They exist by virtue of their functions in the work of creation, which I am now assisting; but they are, and ever must be, subservient to the higher realms of Spirit to which I by right belong.
  • I am eternal Spirit. My Soul is Immortal. All power in this infinite universe is contributing to my immortal nature, and supporting my Soul's glorious destiny of eternal progression; because My Soul is One with the Universe and My Spirit is an emanation from Deity.

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