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Vision for the 21st Century




To teach, practice and disseminate the Religion of the Stars, a way of life for the Aquarian Age, outlined in the writings of C.C. Zain.


  • There is a loving Cosmic Intelligence, of which we are all a part, whose infinite goodness expresses through undeviating natural law.
  • There is a Divine Plan in which each person has a unique and important role.
  • The Divine Plan manifests through progressive evolution.
  • There is a universal moral code - Contribute Your Utmost To Universal Welfare - which, to the extent adopted by each individual, will make the world a better place to live.
  • The Religion of the Stars will evolve by incorporating new information as it is discovered and verified.
  • Astrology is the Golden Key that unlocks the door to understanding the Soul's true character and potential.
  • The safe development of extrasensory perception (extension of consciousness) is the best tool for realizing each individual's mission in the Divine Plan and for verifying the after-life and the survival of the soul after death of the physical body.


Our vision is to become a significant world religion in the 21st Century, and a powerful force for good and for spiritual enlightenment, by:

  • Providing reliable and verifiable information regarding the nature of the soul and its relationship to Deity and other life forms;
  • Seeking out reliable and verifiable information regarding life on higher planes of existence, especially in regard to the transition we call death, and the nature of the next life;
  • Developing increasingly advanced tools and training in astrology, extrasensory perception, directed thinking and induced emotion, toward the end of maximizing each person's happiness, usefulness and spirituality;
  • Promoting the importance of the four essential freedoms: Freedom from Want, Freedom from Fear, Freedom of Expression ansfFreedom of Religion;
  • Building a sense of community and spiritual purpose which uplifts and inspires our members to Contribute Their Utmost To Universal Welfare.

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