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About Membership

Go here to fill out an application for Membership

The Church of Light Membership Policy

Membership in The Church of Light provides benefits not available to those who simply register on this website.

Membership in The Church of Light may be obtained regardless of your religious or spiritual beliefs. We believe, however, that the ideas contained within The Brotherhood of Light Lessons will expand your religious experience by developing a deeper understanding of your true nature as it relates to Deity and all life forms.

We ask that our members avow to live a more constructive life, devote some small portion of their life for the benefit of others without thought of recompense, and contribute to the support of The Church of Light each according to their own financial ability.

Finally, members may reveal their affiliation with The Church of Light at their option, but the names of members will not be divulged without written permission, and all correspondence is strictly confidential. Likewise, The Church of Light insists that our members keep secret Private Award Manuscripts.  The Church of Light retains the right to revoke any membership at its discretion.

Advantages of Membership

  • The opportunity to pass course study on the 21 Brotherhood of Light Lessons to become a Teacher, Hermetician, or Minister, or Mentor. Mentors.
  • The opportunity to apply for a Mentor to help you with your studies.
  • The opportunity to earn not-for-sale Award Manuscripts each time a course is passed.  Once compiled, these manuscripts form a separate book of the inner teachings of The Brotherhood of Light.
  • The opportunity to advance within the organization.
  • Access to material on the website that is "For Members Only."
  • The opportunity to become eligible to join The Order of the Sphinx, a inner circle that provides for even deeper study and personal growth
  • The opportunity to start your own study group and Church of Light Center.
  • FREE domestic shipping and discounted international shipping if registered as a member on our website for all purchases made online

The main benefits of membership are derived from studying the 21 Brotherhood of Light courses. These lessons are in book form in our online store here at They are also available as online courses at the Academy of Hermetic Arts. Two methods of study are available:

OPTION 1: Traditional Correspondence Study - Students who opt to purchase the books may take the exams online at or may submit a hardcopy by regular mail. The 21 Brotherhood of Light Lessons are available in the online store as hardcopy books or downloadable eBooks. Go here to get an online store guided tour. Once your membership is approved, sign in at, go to the Student page (see left sidebar), and begin your studies.

OPTION 2: Online Courses - You can study the material and take the final exams using our online, interactive courses at the Academy of Hermetic Arts. Here, you purchase the course instead of purchasing the book itself, although you still may enjoy owning the hardcopy or ebook. At the Academy, you don't have to wait for membership approval... you can start right away.

Go here to fill out an application for Membership

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