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Elbert Benjamine

About Elbert Benjamine

Elbert Benjamine, the co-founder and first President of The Church of Light, was born December 12, 1882 in Adel, Iowa. He received a higher-education at the Iowa State University, intending to become a naturalist, but in 1900 had a life changing experience when he encountered astrology...

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The Two Keys: Astrology and Tarot

Elbert Benjamine's classic 23-part series on astrology and the tarot

The astrological significance of each Egyptian Tarot card

Introduction: Astrological symbolism and Pictograph writing

Arcanum 1: Mercury and the Magus

Arcanum 2: Virgo and Veiled Isis

Arcanum 3: Libra and Isis Unveiled

Arcanum 4: Scorpio and the Sovereign

Arcanum 5: Jupiter and the Hierophant

Arcanum 6: Venus and the Two Paths

Arcanum 7: Sagittarius and the Conqueror

Arcanum 8: Capricorn and the Balance

Arcanum 9: Aquarius and the Sage

Arcanum 10: Uranus and the Wheel

Arcanum 11: Neptune and the Enchantress

Arcanum 12: Pisces and the Martyr

Arcanum 13: Aries and the Reaper

Arcanum 14: Taurus and the Alchemist

Arcanum 15: Saturn and the Black Magician

Arcanum 16: Mars and the Lightning

Arcanum 17: Gemini and the Star

Arcanum 18: Cancer and the Moon

Arcanum 19: Leo and the Sun

Arcanum 20: The Moon and the Sarcophagus

Arcanum 21: The Sun and the Adept

Arcanum 22: The Materialist

Spring Awakening

The good news message of Easter

At Easter the Sun, symbol of those in authority who have been chosen to direct the enterprises of a community or nation is in the sign Aries, where it exerts its finest powers. Aries is the sign of leadership, and the Sun exalted in Aries represents leadership of the most effective kind...

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Progression wheel

Judging progressed aspects, part 1: A conversation with Elbert Benjamine

In the original articles Elbert Benjamine identified himself as the Instructor and the person asking the questions was identified as the Student. I have taken the liberty of converting the commentary into a one-on-one conversation. Personal Astrology is a self-science and it is most unfortunate that much astrological information is presented in a style and format that implies that the assessment of a birthchart is something that only a qualified 'expert' can do...

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Progressions power

Judging progressed aspects, part 2: Factors influencing specific events

Student: You have explained how outer-world environmental factors permit certain events, such as farm sales, to only occur at definite times; and how conditioning or rallying forces may influence the event mapped by a major progressed aspect to occur earlier or later than the aspect's peak date. Could you please illustrate these factors in such a way that I can visualize them?...

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Fighting materialism with the facts of evolution

Evolution is still a much-debated subject, but the record of the rocks is testimony so irrefutable that almost no well informed person can doubt its authenticity. Since she began to solidify, less than two million years ago, Mother Earth has painstakingly kept a diary in her own handwriting...

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Essential spiritual doctrines

Because a thing is ancient it is not necessarily valuable. In fact, ancient implements, ancient customs, and ancient methods of work have in general been discarded because they are less satisfactory than those now employed. The world moves forward to better things. And the progress upon which we so pride ourselves demands that old beliefs be discarded when found to be at variance with demonstrated scientific fact...

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