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Tarot Cards and ESP

"Sending one's unconscious mind to the inner planes to just wander around is
much like visiting a new city or foreign country. While it can be a fun, interesting and exciting a different type of benefit can be derived with some intention and planning. Developing ESP is a similar process. The Brotherhood of Light Egyptian Tarot cards are a very effective tool for assisting the unconscious mind to explore and acquire uplifting insight and knowledge. The archetypal images will power the unconscious mind into the higher levels of learning on the inner planes. Of course, as always, we are only limited by our own ability or in this case VIBRATORY RATE!"

How the Tarot Cards Work

Excerpt from Course 6, The Sacred Tarot

When the unconscious mind has its attention focused on obtaining certain information, the psychic senses are active to obtain that information. And because of the vastly wider scope of their power, due to the properties of inner-plane existence where they function, they are able to acquire information quite inaccessible without their aid. This information then resides in the astral brain as a memory. That is, it is a memory of what has been gathered astrally.

The tarot cards afford both a means by which the attention of the soul is directed to acquiring such information, and a means by which this information, which then exists as a memory in the astral brain, can be raised into the region of objective consciousness.

One who has experience with the tarot cards will become convinced that there is some power present, not merely that directs how they shall be read, but that actually directs their distribution so that they will give a correct reading. Extra-sensory perception is able to observe their positions in the pack as shuffled. And extra-physical power (now demonstrated in our universities as the Psychokinetic Effect) in cooperation with the unconscious muscular activities of the shuffler, tends to arrange the cards in shuffling, and so to cut the pack, that when dealt they shall fall in positions to give the information desired.

Full details of this process are set forth in Chapters 1, 2 and 3 in the Course 11, Divination & Character Reading – Tools & Techniques for Enhancing ESP by C. C. Zain.

The first essential of a reading is that there shall be a strong and unprejudiced desire to know something. If other strong desires or preconceived opinions intrude during the shuffling and reading of the cards, they will warp the reading from the truth. The mind should be concentrated on obtaining a correct answer.

The Cards

Tarot Card Tarot Card

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