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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Church of Light?

The Church of Light is a religious, altruistic organization. We consider all humanity as equal in the higher sense, and utilize our resources for the purpose of assisting each individual to fulfill their part in the Divine Plan. Our Hermetic philosophy indicates that each soul is responsible for its spiritual progress. We think our lessons provide the best information possible for the attainment of true spirituality and happiness on the physical plane and on each higher plane of progress.

Our members are under no obligation to accept our teachings. We encourage them to investigate all existing religious and occult organizations. Our course on Evolution of Religion gives details on how our philosophy relates to many of the religions of the world today.

What is The Religion of the Stars?

It is the function of religion to teach us how to live according to God's laws. Our philosophy is grounded in two basic studies: The Golden Key of Astrology and the Silver Key of the Sacred Tarot. Only with a thorough knowledge of the two keys may the sanctuary of Nature's Temple be opened. Astrology is the science of finding and utilizing the natural potentialities as indicated by the planetary chart of birth. It becomes a religion when it shows the individual how these natural tendencies can be utilized for the benefit of all humanity and the furtherance of the purposes of Deity. This is why we are called The Religion of the Stars.

The Sacred Tarot is the pictorial form of the spiritual ideas of our world as viewed by the spiritual giants of the past and checked by subsequent illuminated ones as to accuracy. Initiates of all ages have added their contributions. It is the esoteric presentation of the Hermetic Philosophy and provides the neophyte with many sources of meditations and inspiration. Our courses, The Sacred Tarot and Spiritual Astrology give much insight on these two foundations of Knowledge.

The Religion of the Stars is dedicated to the unfoldment of the Universal Plan for this Aquarian Age. A Nine Point Plan provides the framework for this work (see inset).

Why Astrology?

The mission of the soul is to grow in spirituality. Astrology counsels us to improve our character and progress toward spirituality. The religious life depends upon character building. For either the child or the adult, astrology cannot reform the character. However, it can afford a map of the various factors within the soul that forms the character. It can indicate the special line of effort that must be made if the character is to be improved.

Why should each of us develop Extra-Sensory Perception?

Perhaps the most compelling reason is to know, without doubt, that life does not cease with the dissolution of the physical body. To know and understand this has the power to transform humanity.

Also, to achieve a greater degree of success in this life it is important to understand that we live in two worlds: the physical world that each of us can see, touch, hear, taste and smell; the astral world, where our thought built body resides. By developing these more interior senses you have more information with which you can make important decisions and develop your spirituality.

Why are Induced Emotion and Directed Thinking important?

Because they are the means by which we may recondition the factors within our souls so that we may grow in spirituality.

What are the Four Freedoms and why are they important?

They are very simple and powerful: that all should have freedom of worship; freedom of expression; freedom from fear; and, freedom from want. They are important because to realize the humanitarian promise of the Aquarian Age these conditions must be present. Without these freedoms we are not free to satisfy our basic drives for significance, nutrition and reproduction".

Upon whom may we rely for authority?

There cannot be two orders of truth in the universe. Therefore, we affirm that true science and true religion must be one. We accept but one book as infallible in interpreting the Will of Deity. That is the Book of Nature.

What are the Beliefs of The Religion of the Stars?

We believe each person has a dynamic thought-built organism (or soul) that prompts various thoughts and actions. The soul is primarily responsible for each important event that comes into ones life. This soul continues to function and work in full consciousness on the inner plane after the physical body's dissolution.

We believe the universe is an organic whole permeated with the consciousness of God. It is not just an aimless collection of material particles obeying blind physical laws. In response to God's Great Plan, this organic whole is marching endlessly toward greater and greater perfection.

We believe that in the scheme of things the soul of the individual, both on earth and in the hereafter, is not meant to play a passive role. It is called upon to employ initiative, and intelligently assist in carrying forward the work necessary to the realization of God's Great Plan.

We believe there is one Universal Moral Code by which any act may be measured. It is stated thus: A Soul is Completely Moral When It is Contributing Its Utmost to Universal Welfare.

Can I be a Member of The Church of Light and still belong to another church?

Yes, even if you belong to another church or if some of your beliefs do not coincide with Church of Light Teachings, you may still be a Member of The Church of Light.

If I register on The Church of Light website, does that mean I'm a member of The Church? 

No.  Registering on our website simply creates a personal account, where online purchasing is easier, a record of your purchases and donations are kept, and access is granted to change your contact information.

To become a Member of The Church of Light, you must complete an application form.  Members are eligible to enroll in course study of the 21 Brotherhood of Light lessons as well as many other benefits.  Please see "About Membership" under "Membership" on the Home page of our website.

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