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About the Order...

The Order of the Sphinx is for Members who have completed the 21 Courses and hold the Hermetician Certificate issued by The Church of Light. The Order of the Sphinx is an auxiliary organization chartered by the Church of Light. The Order was initially activated on 14 January 2001 at 12:50 PM PDST Brea, CA. It was then re-activated at the Hermeticians Retreat on 22 October 2006 in the Church of Light Offices in Albuquerque, NM at 2:01 PM MDST. All Hermeticians are encouraged to take this opportunity to realize greater Success, Happiness and Spirituality.

"The Sphinx symbolizes the forces of time. From Taurus, symbolized by the swords, I have the gift of service. From Leo, symbolized by the scepter and the symbol of the Religion of the Stars, I have the mandate of teaching. From Scorpio, symbolized by the cup, I have the duty of spiritual unfoldment. From Aquarius, symbolized by the coin, I have the aspiration to further study. To these aims I dedicate my efforts."

From the The Church of Light
Outline of Initiation, Part Two

The Church of Light wishes to express its appreciation to Dr. Angelo L. Chirban MD for his diligent and cooperative effort in activating this order. As time moves on this order will provide a focus for more and more people to find ways of implementing what they have learned in The Brotherhood of Light lessons.

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1. To encourage continued participation by Hermeticians in teaching, practicing and disseminating the Religion of the Stars.
2. To provide Hermeticians with a sense of community and purpose.
3. To aid the Hermetician in obtaining Advanced (Lucidic) Degrees and to thus develop candidates for positions of greater responsibility within the Church of Light including Missionary Teachers, Hermetic Scientists, Stellarian Practitioners, and Ministers.
4. To support the growth and expansion of the Church of Light through encouraging study, research, and other means of obtaining new spiritual and occult knowledge.
5. To promote the sharing of knowledge among Order members and to encourage, tutor and counsel Church of Light students in studying the lessons and passing exams to become Hermeticians.
6. To provide service to the Church of Light in such areas as fund raising, grading exams, writing articles for the Quarterly, and reviewing applications for lucidic degrees.
7. To promote the development of leadership among the Order members and to encourage their continued and balanced Personal, Psychic and Spiritual development.


1. The Order of the Sphinx is chartered by the Church of Light as an auxiliary service organization and, although self-governing, is ultimately responsible to the Church of Light Board of Directors.
2. The Order consists of Hermeticians only and is open to all Hermeticians in good standing with the Church of Light.
3. The Order shall consist of a Council of Three, which provides overall administration and guidance of the Order, and The Four Chambers corresponding to the body of the Sphinx, which implements the activities of the order. The Council is organized as follows:
The Scribe/Alchemist
The Alchemist is the scribe for The Order and is responsible for direct interface with the Church of Light. This person facilitates contact among members of The Order as well as promoting the Purposes of The Order. This includes keeping records of meetings and providing regular reports to the Board of Directors of The Church of Light.
The Astrologer
The Astrologer is responsible for maintaining the charts and membership records of The Order. The Astrologer provides guidance and counsel to The Order based on the principles of Hermetic Astrology.
The Seer / Magician
This person is responsible for financial and assets of The Order. The Seer confers titles and degrees and is responsible for initiations and Rituals.
The Four Chambers:
Section Chief Section Sign Functions & Duties
Alchemist The Body The Body Symbol Gift of Service
Service, Ritual & Liturgy
Sun The Paws The Body Symbol Mandate to Teach
Sovereign The Wings The Body Symbol Duty of Spiritual Unfoldment
Personal Development
Sage The Head The Body Symbol Aspiration to further study
Research & Publishing


Membership Activities:

1. Members choose one section to be their main focus ? their Major, which can be changed from time to time. They are then assigned a Section Advisor from that section to assist them with their work. In addition they can assist with projects in the other sections, which will allow for the varied experiences necessary for their transmutation into spiritual Gold.
2. The Efforts of the members consist of both outer (exoteric) and inner (esoteric) work, accomplished through the activities of the four sections and by passing Lucidic Degrees.
3. Section Advisors support members of their section by serving as the liaison between members of their group and the Council of Three. Their duties include: offering support/guidance to their colleagues in their selected section activity; and reporting to and advising The Council on the progress of their group.
4. Much of the Brotherhood of Light Material including ritual has been preserved and is included in the book The Hermetic Brotherhood Of Luxor by Godwin et al. This will be incorporated as necessary and useful. In addition, The Order, at Retreats and Church of Light Conventions, will give Initiation Rituals.
5. Additional Documents ? both those developed by the membership, and those available in the archives will be provided to the members when appropriate.

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The Order of the Sphinx Application


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