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Application for Membership in The Church of Light

If you would like to learn more about Membership in The Church of Light, click here.

Membership Contract

By becoming a member of the Church of Light, I agree to the following:

  1. I will make every effort to live the Life of the Spirit, here and now, and to devote some time and energy to assisting others without thought of recompence.
  2. I will make every effort to disseminate the Religion of the Stars as outlined in the 21 Courses of Lessons by C. C. Zain, and to assist the Church of Light to accomplish its mission.
  3. I agree to financially support the Church of Light in proportion to my worldly means.
  4. I agree not to reveal the contents of, nor allow to fall into other hands, such private manuscripts as may be given to me for advancing to higher degrees of membership in the Church of Light. I also agree to return such manuscripts to the Church of Light should my membership be terminated for any reason.

If you are already registered on this site, please Login before filling out the Application for Membership form.

Membership Application Form:

First Name
Last Name
Apt or Suite
Zip/Postal Code
I have a different shipping address
Apt or Suite
Zip/Postal Code
Phone Number
Email Address
Re-enter Email Address
Retype Password
If you would like your astrological chart mailed to you in your New Member Packet, please provide the following birth data. While your New Member Packet will not include an interpretation of your astrological chart, you will learn to do this for yourself by studying the Brotherhood of Light lessons by C. C. Zain, attending classes and seminars and taking advantage of the instructional videos available at
Time of Birth:
Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:
Data Source:
How did you hear about us?
I would like to be notified of Church of Light activities, online classes, seminars, religious services, and official CofL publication releases.
To help defray the cost of processing your membership, please make a free-will, tax deductible donation. The suggested donation for membership is between $25 and $50, but we gratefully accept donations in any amount.
Membership Donation of $.00
Select Card Type
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Card Holder's Full Name
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