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Intellectual (ESP)

Excerpt from Course 4, Ancient Masonry

The unconscious mind, itself occupying the astral plane, has faculties which, given proper impetus and sufficient energy with which to work, on this inner plane can examine objects and thoughts and communicate with other intelligences. In Intellectual ESP hypersensitivity plays no part. Instead of becoming a receiving set, the electrical energies of the nervous system radiate high-frequency vibrations which afford the faculties of the unconscious mind the energies with which to perform their work. Feeling or hypersensitivity plays no more part in such examination by the unconscious mind on the inner plane than it does in a similar examination on the physical plane, nor are the emotions more active.

The examination is conducted by the unconscious mind reinforced by the astral energies provided by the high-frequency electromagnetic radiations of the nervous system. This examination, which may include past and future as well as all aspects of the present about which information is sought, is an intellectual appraisal the results of which are not communicated to other sections of the nervous system, but, much as something is remembered even though seen but a moment before, is communicated directly to the brain as an Intellectual awareness.

The Brotherhood of Light ESP Research Department has found that the psychics using Feeling ESP can acquire information readily from persons or other living things which radiate strongly, or about people from objects which they have touched, or from their thoughts; but do poorly with the ESP cards. Those among our students who get the highest scores with the ESP cards, and in tests with inanimate objects in which the human vibrations are absent, are those who, perhaps without knowing how they do it, nevertheless, employ Intellectual ESP.

So far in our extensive investigation, and with numerous students who have made tests with it, we have found no danger in cultivating Intellectual ESP.




Yet truth is not an object floating about in space waiting to be grasped. Truth is merely some phase of the cosmos which in the past, present or future performs in a given way. Truth is a relation between some mind and something in nature. If the mind conceives some section of nature correctly, we say that is truth. If the mind conceives some section of nature incorrectly, that is error. Truth is a correct mental relation to some energy, law, or condition. It is the conformity of cognition to reality. It is, therefore, impossible to tune in on truth in the abstract; for truth is a correct perception of the relations existing between certain factors in nature. It is a relation also between the mind and these factors in nature. But it is entirely possible to tune in on these factors in nature. And if this tuning in reveals correct information to the mind, that is truth.

When through any mystical or occult process an individual becomes convinced he has tuned in on truth, or has identified himself with it, as the condition usually is expressed, what he has done is to tune in on some relation existing in nature in such a way that he correctly perceives the relevant facts about it. Because, interiorly, he has thus grasped the knowledge he is apt to feel he has grasped truth. And as a matter of fact, because he does correctly realize certain relations that exist, he has a right to feel that, in so much, he possesses the truth. The only truth, however, which he can possess, is a correct conception of something, or some relation, in nature.

I think it is important to know this, because there are so many nonsensical ideas afloat about the matter. And if the neophyte fails to realize it, and persists in his effort to tune in on abstractions and misconceptions, he may become negative through the confusion set up by such fruitless endeavor. A clearly defined conception about something has a positive force to repel unwanted invasion. But a confused medley of notions, or a train of fleeting abstractions that have no definite significance, leaves the mind in a condition where it is unusually susceptible to having pernicious misconceptions injected into it by those of one plane or the other who hope to profit in some way by broadcasting such errors.

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