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Nature teaches: As above, so below


Angelo Chirban, MD

Modern physics is a vast and incredibly complex branch of science and cannot possibly be related in a single article. The following theories involve abstract and complex mathematical calculations which can be difficult to conceptualize and more so to relate in words. Here we will attempt to present the aspects that pertain to the Hermetic Teachings of the Church of Light. We encourage you to investigate these theories for yourself.

The Holographic Theory of the Universe

This theory was first suggested in the 1990’s by Gerard’t Hooft, Leonard Susskind and later by Kostas Skenderis and even accepted by Stephen Hawking. It is supported extensively by mathematics and even scientific, observational evidence. It began as an attempt to reconcile the differences between Quantum Theory (which involves the smallest of matter – sub-atomic particles) and Relativity/Gravitation Theory (which involves the largest of matter (planets, black holes).

Astrophysicists and Theoretical physicists have investigated the irregularities in the cosmic microwave background (“white noise”) of the Universe (the remnants or “afterglow” of the Big Bang). By comparing networks of features from this vast amount of observational data with Quantum Field Theory, they found that nearly all of the scientific observations of the nascent universe could be explained. The Holographic Theory is now accepted by mainstream physics.

The Holographic Universe Theory implies that the entire physical Universe (our world) is a 3 dimensional projection of information from a thin 2 dimensional layer or bubble on its boundaries or surrounding it. This 2D surface contains all information. It should be understood that “holographic” is a metaphor as the science, although mathematically correct, cannot explain the true nature of these projections let alone our perceptions of them.

Our Hermetic teachings tell us that the astral plane lies around us and contains our souls, astral bodies, and indeed, all information regarding our physical Universe. A common concept amongst Hermeticians reflects this; “as above, so below.” We are projected into matter (exist on the physical plane/Universe) to gain experience for soul development and to gain self-conscious awareness.

Quantum Theory (also called Quantum Mechanics)

One of the basic tenets of Quantum Theory is that information is never lost. Other key components of Quantum Theory include: Wave function of particles, Entanglement, Superposition, Non-Locality, Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, and Quantum Tunneling. Quantum Theory is probably the most widely accepted and successful theory in physics: computers, LED screens, digital cameras, lasers and nuclear power have all resulted from this theory.

The Wave Function is not a real physical wave like a sound wave or a wave on water. It is a mathematical wave that must have certain parameters applied which allow measurements to be made in our physical plane/world. The Wave Function of Particles refers to the particle – wave duality. It is the remarkable ability of a particle – a 3 dimensional solid (an electron for example) in our world to have the function of a wave in the quantum realm. This has been definitely proven experimentally.

The other tenets of Wave Function, are mathematical/probability considerations that have much experimental backing and have produced the hypotheses that a wave/particle can be in two places at the same time (Supposition), that particles are inextricably linked and information can be transmitted/sent/known over vast distances (Entanglement and Non-Locality).

Our Hermetic teachings relate that everything (in all the 7 planes) consists of vibratory levels of varying frequencies from the very low (solid, physical matter) to those of the speed of light (astral Plane) and even higher (spiritual and celestial planes). All things exist on a level that matches their vibratory rate.

Hermetic Science tells us that our physical brain and our astral brain are inextricably linked even though infinitely apart and communicate instantaneously from the astral to the physical and back again. It also tells us that all our knowledge and memories are stored in the thought-cells of our astral brains and ares never lost.

The Hermetic Teachings of the Church of Light were written by Elbert Benjamine well before any of these theories (and perhaps many of these theoreticians) were conceived. The only theories mentioned here that Benjamine knew of were Albert Einstein’s Theories of Relativity. The concepts of the speed of light and e=mc₂ were well known to him.

Mainstream religions attract (coerce) billions of believers with only faith and fear.

Elbert Benjamine wrote, “True Religion and True Science are one.”

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