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Spiritual Gemini

Spiritual Gemini

May 21 thru June 21

Keyword: I Think
Thoughts ruled by this sign belong to the Thought Series

Best quality: Versatility
Worst quality: Changeableness

Synonyms: Contemplate, reason, reflect, ponder, deliberate, deduce, consider, meditate, ruminate, muse, cogitate, recollect, realize, adaptable, flexible, resourceful, multipurpose, handy, compliant, easy-going, variable, unsettled, unpredictable, unreliable, unstable, and irregular.

The Twins: The Power of Duality

“Thoughts are a Person’s Most Potent Builders.”

One of the seven Hermetic Principles is “Dualism.” Everything in nature is composed of two parts. We live in two worlds: the inner formative world and the outer objective world. Learning to balance objective thoughts against intuition can add power and dimension to your creative process, giving voice to your inner-self and finding peace with your connection to life in general.

For most part, the material world demands development of objective consciousness. If you don't recognize the wall in front of you and you try to walk through it, it hurts. By the same logic, if you don't develop the ability to listen to the instincts coming from your inner world, it also can hurt. The consequence is more subtle.

For example, I want to learn how to digitally draw. To do so I must learn new software. The learning process is frustrating because I read one instruction that seems completely unrelated to another. All my rational or conscious mind sees is a jumble of disconnected concepts—all I feel is overwhelmed. If I go with overwhelm and decide that it's just too hard then I abandon my project. But, if my desire is strong enough, my unconscious mind recognizes the desire and the next time I fall asleep it sets about trying to find a solution to the problem. Taking a break from the cognative effort allows my unconscious mind to integrate the information on a subliminal level. I wake up with a new thought to try—the big picture of how the software works begins to emerge. I go to the computer and initiate the new idea and magically, I see the thing I’ve pictured in my mind, or at least a closer approximation—close enough to give me hope. I love the idea of reaching my goal. That, combined with the pleasure of achievement, I continue on.

Gemini, more than any other sign pertains to the dual nature of thought. Powerful thought is the result of the interaction of the objective mind (Reason) and subliminal mind (Intuition).

The Greek story of Castor and Pollux, the twins of Gemini, remind us of the relationship between Reason and Intuition, the two components of thought.

Their story began when they fell in love with the daughters of Leucippus. Unfortunately, the maidens were betrothed to the sons of Aphareus. The sons were filled with resentment toward the Twins. The rivalry ran so high that an insult was passed and resulted in a challenge to battle. In the course of the ensuing fight Castor was slain.

So great was Pollux’ attachment to his brother that he walked up and down the earth, disconsolate and filled with sadness. His interest in life departed and he longed to die. He could not die, for unlike the absent brother, he was immortal.

Jove, from his Olympian heights, perceiving the vast distress in the heart of the surviving Twin, took pity and permitted Castor to share his brother’s immortality. In granting this favor, he made the stipulation that only one of the two could be on earth at a time, the other remaining confined in Pluto’s dark realm.

The mind, after the manner thus described, is acknowledged to be two, the conscious and the unconscious. We have two brains—one attached to the physical, mortal brain—the other attached to the immortal, astral brain. The activity of the mind is constantly interacting between the two types of information. We know what we physically see, but sometimes there is a little voice that adds another quality of information. This little voice, or the aha moments, knit together divergent thoughts and guide impressions, giving insight into the otherwise imperceptible. Its connection to the physical is fragile, requiring stillness, as in sleep, to be heard.

The conscious, or objective mind, embraces those states of consciousness—thoughts, feelings, and visual images—and, through etheric energies connect the four-dimensional and the three-dimensional form, thereby impressing themselves strongly on the physical brain. Castor is mortal, because when the physical brain ceases to function he exists no more.

Yet, when Castor is on earth, when the objective mind is active as in the fully waking state, the unconscious mind, Pollux, is below the threshold of consciousness, unable to express except imperfectly on the physical plane. He is chained in the realm of invisible forces, in Pluto’s dark domain.

But, when Castor finishes his daily sojourn, and departs through the processes of sleep, he enters the realm of darkness. Here Pollux holds full sway. In dreams the unconscious mind finds experiences such as it desires, visits the halls of learning, and weaves a pattern of fantasy that more frequently than not, is all the memory it brings back to relieve the monotony of the waking state.

It is often said that a trait of Gemini is to be "a jack of all trades, and a master of none." The stimulation of the objective world is so loud that many times we forget to listen to the silence, lose patience, and move on to other projects or ideas. To do so, is to express the negative side of Gemini, Changeability. Developing the ability to stop and listen to your inner self or voice leads to Versatility, or the ability to adjust an idea guiding it to completion. This leads to mastery and a a sense of fulfillment. Versatility allows our soul to speak through our thoughts and actions.

That the harp is pictured with the heavenly Twins is symbolically significant. To the extent thoughts are joined harmoniously, as were Damon and Pythias, Castor and Pollux, David and Jonathan, do they enter into beneficial compounds. Thoughts, born at the same time and presented to the consciousness in association, become linked together in such a manner that they present a united action. The thought cell so formed works from the four-dimensional plane, with such energy as it possesses, to attract events relating to it into the life. To the extent there are discords present it attracts misfortune, but to the extent there is that harmony which the harp symbolizes, does it work to attract fortunate events into the life.

The Key phrase for that section of the zodiac where the Sun is from May 21 to June 22 is, I Think. The text, therefore, is: “Thoughts Are a Person’s Most Potent Builders.”

Paraphrased from Spiritual Astrology by C. C. Zain


The companion Spiritual Gemini exercise by Christopher Gibson can be accessed by clicking on the image below or here.

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