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Are You Compatible?

Author/Speaker: Lynne Palmer

Are You Compatible?

Are You Compatible? 
by Lynne Palmer

Invaluable information on how to compare and discern Sun Sign Compatibility with Bosses, Employees, Partners, Co-workers and Clients.

Do you realize that practically everything we do in life involves dealing with others?

The way you relate, handle and deal with others could be the difference between your being successful or losing out.

An Astrological Guide to Compatibility In Business

The Secret To Success
• Are you a hardworking go-getter who can handle your hot temper? You'll get a raise from your Aries boss!
• Give your Gemini a problem to solve, he'll outdo himself. Saddle him with routine and he'll soon be saying good-bye.
• Feed your Cancer client. Express a personal interest. Call him next week. He needs lots of time.

So much of the chemistry that makes for success has to do with compatibility. So much of the luck that leads up the ladder has to do with being in the right place at the right time. So much of the magic that makes money has to do with knowing people.
Lynne Palmer's invaluable guide shows you how to recognize the Sun Signs at a glance. You'll learn how to know who will give you a hand; who needs to be handled with kid gloves; and who to have on your team if you want to make a mint!

Do You Know?
•What your real assets are and how to make them pay off?
•What your personal pitfalls are and how to avoid them?
• How to handle your boss, partner, clients, coworkers, and your employees?
•How to "read" your clients and make the one offer they can't refuse?
• How to take the next step up the ladder to success?
The "chemistry" of working well together...
The "luck" that leads to raises and promotions...
The "magic" that makes millions...
You will find them all in Lynne Palmer's
Are You Compatible With Your
Boss... Partner... Coworker... Clients ... Employees?

233 pages  5 1/2 x 8 1/2"  Trade Paperback

ISBN: 0-9652296-9-6



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