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Astrological Compatibility Class

Astrological Compatibility Class
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Relationships: Why? And Why Not?
The Astrology of Compatibility

A series of Five Classes

It is available online for your viewing here.

Have you ever wondered why you are attracted to some people and repelled by others? Why your communications with certain friends go well, while others dissolve due to disagreements? Perhaps, although you try to avoid favoritism, you still get along better with one of your children than with the others. Astrology can answer these and many other questions about relationships. 

We humans react with one another like different chemical compounds. For example: when combined, iron and carbon  form steel which is harder and stronger than either of its separate components. On the other hand, nitrogen and glycerin combine with an explosive outcome. By comparing the astrological charts of two individuals one can better understand the nature of their relationship.

Like our closest relatives the primates, humans are social animals. We band together into families, clans, tribes, communities, and nations for our mutual benefit and survival. Our ability to get along with fellow members of our species helps to insure that survival. Our inability to have relationships can be isolating and some cases cause us to be ostracized by our family and community.

In this five-week intensive we will explore:

  • What Makes a Successful Relationship
  • How Astrodynes Reveal Compatibility
  • The Dynamics of Business Partnerships
  • The Astrological Factors of Friendship
  • How Progressions Impact Partnership
  • Selecting an Astrologically Compatible Partner
  • Techniques for Resolving Conflict

Using sample charts of celebrities, this five-week intensive will help familiarize the participant with the astrological perspective on compatibility.

Special emphasis is given to the role of astrodynes and progressions in affecting compatibility.

Each student will also have the opportunity to apply what they learn in class to the study of their own horoscope.

Your facilitator Christopher Gibson is a Hermetician and Minister with the Church of Light, with over 40 years experience studying and applying the Brotherhood of Light Lessons.

The suggested donation is $12 per class or $50 for the five-week series.

Classes are funded through free-will donations; no one will be turned away for lack of funds.

This class was held January 29 – February 26, 2015.

ITEM: Class: Winter 2015-Astrological Compatibility

Astrological Compatibility
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