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Astrology Revolution and A Planet Prominence Rule Investigation - Two eBooks in One

Astrology Revolution and A Planet Prominence Rule Investigation - Two eBooks in One

The Astrology Revolution
Hermetic Science: Planet Prominence Rule Investigation

2 PDF eBooks combined in one


DW Sutton

The Astrology Revolution

April 1924 -June 1954

The story of The Brotherhood of Light Astrological Research Department and its quest to discover the facts of astrology

The Astrology Revolution tells the extraordinary story of The Brotherhood of Light and Church of Light Astrological Research Departments and how, between June 1924 and June 1954, they changed our understanding of astrology and brought us out of the ignorance and into the light.

It introduces you to the stars of the show and provides a detailed account of the quest to discover the facts of astrology including the challenge to establish a scientifically valid research method, the role played by Brotherhood of Light teachers and members in providing birth data, the development of Astrodynes and the introduction of measurement into the research model.  More than Brotherhood of Light history this is an astrology textbook and a guide to explaining just how astrological research is conducted.

Hermetic Science:

-An Investigation to Test the Accuracy and Reliability of the Planet Prominence Rule

This highly-recommended PDF ebook by D. W Sutton is a companion book to Astrology Revolution, by the same author. It takes a fascinating look into the standard astrology “planet prominence” rule and its effectiveness when compared with using Astrodynes in determining planet prominence.

All things considered the most important matter in astrological work is the assessment of planet prominence. A planet's prominence – in any birthchart – measures its ability to impress its influence upon the life. And the most important factor in astrological research is the integrity of the research model used to determine planet prominence.

This book is a great tool for sharpening your astrological chart analysis skills. It explains the planet prominence rule, how to use it and discusses issues that commonly arise. It then explains how to determine planet prominence using Astrodynes, C. C. Zain’s great tool for numerical chart analysis.

The book analyzes 100 example charts of notable persons, comparing the results of using the traditional astrology prominence rule with results from using Astrodynes to determine planet prominence and the impact on chart analysis results.

This is a downlaodable PDF eBook.

518 Pages


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