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Beginner Horoscope Maker and Reader - PDF Download

Beginner Horoscope Maker and Reader - PDF Download

Beginner Horoscope Maker and Reader
Elbert Benjamine

This book was originally published by The Aries Press, Chicago, Illinois, in 1943 as two volumes: Beginner's Horoscope Maker and Beginner's Horoscope Reader. Both were authored by Elbert Benjamine.

Part One, the “Maker” was written at a time when astrological charts were calculated by hand using, what at the time, was simple mathematics. Today computers are faster and more accurate than performing the tedious hand-calculations. However, for anyone seeking a thorough understanding of aspects and the finer nuances of chart interpretation, it can be very helpful to understand the math and Beginning Horoscope Maker is helpful in this regard.

Part Two, the “Reader” is a simplified system for interpreting a chart. Its brief interpretations are helpful for gaining insight into a birth chart and for learning how to synthesize the various components of a chart. Interpreting the symbols on a chart is a daunting task for the beginning student. The “Reader” helps bridge the chasm between the beginner and the proficient

In 1972 the two volumes were combined into one book, Beginner's Horoscope Maker & Reader.

The 1972 version is here presented in its entirety.

182 pages  -  Downloadable PDF eBook.




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