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Birthchart and Its Psychological and Environmental Correspondences

Birthchart and Its Psychological and Environmental Correspondences

The Birthchart and Its Psychological and Environmental Correspondences
D. W. Sutton

Downloadable PDF eBook

Having constructed the natal horoscope, a map of the heavens that locates the zodiac signs and planets at the birth time and date as viewed from the birthplace, the question arises ‘what does it all mean?’

What is this map really all about and what do the planets, zodiac signs, houses and aspects really indicate?

The function of this book is to answer and explain these questions.

Primarily the birth chart is a map of the unconscious mind or astral body of the person then born. The unconscious mind holds within its organization all the experiences and states of consciousness that the soul has had up to the time of its human birth and these states of consciousness form the character. The astral body is a form built by mental and emotional states; and the birth chart, which is a map of these mental and emotional states, conveys to the student of astrology precise information regarding these mental factors and their relations one to the other and how they affect the abilities and character, and therefore the destiny.


This book is a PDF eBook and is distributed via a download link in your email receipt.

106 pages



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