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Calendar EST Pocket Astrologer

Calendar EST Pocket Astrologer

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The Church of Light

Celestial Influences Pocket Astrologer Calendar/Planner

Jim Maynard

Eastern Standard Time

Includes Emphemeris, blank chart form, January & February of the following year.

A Handy Pocket version of the Wall Calendar by Quicksilver Productions.

This is a very popular item because it fits anywhere.

This Pocket Astrologer is one of the most popular and used astrological calendar in the world.

Includes a basic introduction to astrology and information on how to use the calendar, easy to understand explanations are listed for the moon, including void of course information, and the influences of the moon as it travels through the different zodiac signs and phases.

A summary is given for each of the major planets and their influences as they interact with each other and the signs of the zodiac are described in detail.

An abbreviated ephemeris is next to each zodiac illustration, with a full ephemeris on pages following the calendar pages, an asteroid ephemeris, a table of sunrises and sunsets, and a chart blank.

Color throughout — full color illustrations, zodiac months are highlighted with a tinted background, ephemerides indicate Retrograde with tints, etc...

4¼ x 5½ inches, 64 pages, full color illustrations and cover.

Calendars are always for current year.



Calendar Wall EST Celestial Influences
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