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Course 07 - Decanate Devotional Cards - 48 Cards

Course 07 - Decanate Devotional Cards - 48 Cards

Decanate Devotional Cards

From the Brotherhood of Light lessons, Course Book 7.

The Full Set of 48 Cards are made up of 36 Decanates and 12 Sun Signs.  Each Card has a Constellation pictured on the front and Spiritual text written on the backside.

Early Classical astrologers such as Aratos, Ptolemy, and Marcus Manilus recognized 48 constellations; the 12 signs of the zodiac and the 36 extra-zodiacal constellations known as decans. The word decan comes from the Greek meaning “ten” and each decanate corresponds to a ten-degree section of the zodiac. The decanates first evolved in Egyptian astrology before being absorbed by the Greco-Roman world.

These cards and the stories depicted will take you on a journey through the folklore and mythologies of the classical world. Through the symbolism of archetypes and astro-mythology you will discover keys to understanding character, personality, and the unique spiritual message that is encoded in every birth chart.

The Spiritual Text comes from Course Book 07( Spiritual Astrology) and includes the mythological story behind each Decanate. These full color post cards are a great tool for deeper learning and meditation.

The 48 Cards included are:
Triangulum, Eridanus, and Perseus
Lepus, Orion, and Auriga
Ursa Minor, Canis Major, and Ursa Major
Canis Minor, Hyra and Argo
Crater, Centaurus, and  Corvus
Bootes, Hercules, and Corona Borealis
Serpens Draco, and Lupus
Ophiuchus, Ara, and Corona Australis
Lyra, Aquila, and Sagitta
Cygnus, Delphinus, and Pisces Australis
Equuleus, Pegasus and Cetus
Cepheus, Andromeda, and Cassiopei

Hand made at Church of Light Headquarters and Laser Printed on Heavy Card Stock

Some variations in color will occur.


Classes on the Decanates are available at Church of Light TV here.

ITEM: Decanate Cards-Full Set

Course 07 Spiritual Astrology
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