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Drive as With Thunderbolts

Drive as With Thunderbolts

Drive as With Thunderbolts

The life of Elbert Benjamine aka C. C. Zain

Astrologer, occult scientist and founder of The Church of Light

By DW Sutton

Your life is a journey of discovery, and if you’ve discovered Elbert Benjamine you know you’ve encountered someone special – a grandmaster of astrology, occult forces and spiritual living. Elbert explains the facts of life, invites you to discover yourself and then makes your journey of self-discovery so much more meaningful, interesting and exciting. But chances are you know very little about this remarkable man and the life he lived.

You can Google Elbert Benjamine – CC Zain – but most internet sites provide biographical sketches that are riddled with errors and hopelessly inadequate. They just don’t help. And as time unrelentingly marches on, Church of Light members in the 21st-century know very little about the founder of their church and the spiritual leader who re-established the Religion of the Stars here on Earth.

So who was Elbert Benjamine? How did he prepare himself for the work he was chosen to do? And how did he acquire the information, write the words, get the words published, teach, recruit students, supervise all the research work and manage Church of Light affairs? Chances are you know very little about the man who captures your imagination and has you wondering….

This is a PDF eBook distributed via a download link in your email receipt.

625 pages


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