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Facts of Astrology

Facts of Astrology

The Facts of Astrology

By DW Sutton

In 1924 the question was asked ‘why don’t we investigate birthcharts and find out why people do what they do?’ and thirty years later astrology had been transformed from a superstitious belief system into an evidence-based science supported by fact, after fact, after fact.  These facts – representing the science of astrology – provide Hermetic Astrology with a scientific foundation and you with a sense of security and confidence. 

But today, 90 years after that question set the astrology revolution in motion, too much astrology is unsubstantiated theory and if you’re a serious student of astrology you can’t afford to use teachings and practices that are not verified by evidence-based statistical research. 

Now, for the first time, all these facts have been assembled into a single volume that allows students quick and easy access to all the currently known facts of astrology. 

This is an 85 page PDF download book.


ITEM: FactsofAstrology

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