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You've been invited to the official forum for Our forum requires an official membership registration through or the AHA website.

— Disclaimer —

We have officially launched! Please be patient. Invitations will roll out at about 100 per day. There may be delays if you click on the invite and don't complete the sign up process. This forum requires its own login and password separate from Please read the process below.

By accessing and utilizing our forum, you agree to our conduct rules to keep our community safe. Scroll to the bottom to join, sign in quickly, or check top right corner to sign in if you're already a forum member.

For new members who've not joined officially, please tap the request access button below to fill out The Church of Light membership application or you may head to our AHA website to join.

Please thoroughly read the membership process below before sending us any email requests. After reading the disclaimer and membership process below, you may send access request inquiries to if you feel you have not received an invitation yet after sometime as an official member.

— Membership Onboarding Process —

  1. You must be an official member with or AHA to gain access to this forum.
  2. We only send out invites to the official members email information we have on file with our organization and the ones we can verify.
  3. The email will be sent from The Church of Light email address and will be titled "You are invited!" Please check your spam inbox just in case.
  4. Follow the steps in the email, click the join button to begin the process.
  5. It will take you to our forum within your browser. Then it will ask you to create a password and enter information you would like to add about yourself within your membership profile for other members to see within the community.
  6. Please post only information that you are comfortable with sharing within the community!
  7. Our forum is completely private. What's shared in the forum should remain in the forum to respect our community members as a whole.
  8. Once you are in the forum, you agree to read all of the pinned posts at the top to avoid any issues with the use of the forum, including your conduct. It provides an introduction process.
  9. If after signing up you don't see any pinned posts or threads, please give us time to set your thread privileges to the membership level which grants you access to see member level spaces. You can always send us an email to the address above after giving us some reasonable time to complete your setup.
  10. Please watch the videos in our Navigation Guide and Support Contact post which will teach you how to navigate our forum.
  11. You should then be all set to go! We encourage you to initiate discussions around the teachings and share your wisdom with the community.
  12. Here are the titles of the pinned posts below that our new members should review after joining. These pinned posts will be found within our forum at the top of the feed.
  • Forum Guidelines & Rules.
  • Pinned Community Chat and Feedback Post.
  • Complimentary Step By Step Guidance / Overview List To The 21 Books.
  • Navigation Guide & Support Contact.
  • Main Topic Class Index (by Teachers).

Thanks for reading our membership process. We hope to see you there!

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