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Hermetic Progressions in Action

Hermetic Progressions in Action
Suggested Donation:

Hermetic Progressions in Action

Instructor: Christopher Gibson

Suggested Donation: $9 per class and $36 for the series.

Click here to access the series of five classes on Church of Light TV.

From the time of birth forward the planets continue to move and form relationships between one another as well as to the planets in the chart of birth. They stimulate what can be best described as “astrological weather conditions” which attract specific trends of events and experiences into our lives. The type of events are determined by the nature of the planets involved and by the house positions they occupy both in the natal and progressed chart. The importance of events attracted is determined by a combination of the conditioning energy present in the chart of birth, the volume of energy stimulated by the progressed aspect, and the opportunities available in the environment.

Discover how progressions work in this five week intensive. We will explore the interrelationship of the inner to the outer plane and just how progressions work to attract events and experiences at specific times in one’s life.

Special emphasis is placed on The Hermetic System of Progressions which uses a three-tiered system that includes major progressions, minor progressions and transiting aspects. Special emphasis will be given to reading progressions utilizing the Horoscope© software program designed by Paul Brewer.

It is advised that you have a copy of your natal chart, astrodynes and current progressed aspects.

  1. Overview of Progressions: What they are and how they work  (4/15/10)
  2. Planets, Houses and Interpretation Guidelines  (4/22/10)
  3. Minor Progressions and Interpretive Exercises  (4/29/10)
  4. Transits and Interpretive Exercise  (5/6/10)
  5. Alchemy of Progressions  (5/13/10)

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Your Instructor

Christopher Gibson began his astrology and tarot studies in 1968, and since 1977 he has worked as a professional astrologer with an international clientele. He taught astrology and tarot from 1980 – 1996, through Community Services at Los Angeles City College, and has lectured extensively both internationally and throughout the US. 

Christopher has held memberships with the Association for Astrological Networking, American Federation of Astrologers,  Professional Astrologers Incorporated, and the National Council for Geocosmic Research. He is a Certified Grand Master of the Tarot with the American Tarot Association. 

He has been a contributing writer for Gnosis magazine, the Church of Light Quarterly, and Starscrolls a monthly astrological calendar. 

His astrological education is with the Church of Light in which he is certified as a Hermetician and Ordained Minister. Christopher has served on the board of Directors of the Church of Light since 1978 in varying capacities as president, vice-president, and corporate secretary.  He also served as vice president for the New Mexico Chapter of NCGR.

Christopher has been featured in Who’s Who in America, LA Inside Out, and Faces of Faith. He currently makes his home in Albuquerque, New Mexico.



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