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Using Natal Astrodynes in Chart Analysis

(scroll down to see contents)


Tutorial Topics

Introduction to Natal Astrodynes

What are Astrodynes

Definition of prominence

Traditional rules of thumb for determining the prominence and influence of a planet

Dealing with discordant aspects in the chart

The principles on which Astrodynes are based

Aspect orbs and house power variation

The basis for determining harmodyne and discordyne values

Using the Natal Astrodyne Table

Sorting the astrodyne table

The most powerful planets in the chart

The most powerful houses in the chart

Finding the best and worst Planet

Finding the best and worst Houses

How to take advantage of power and harmony and ameliorate discord

Using the Aspect Grid

Finding the most powerful aspects in the house

Finding the most harmonious and most discordant aspects in the chart

Using the Astrodyne Summary Table

Power and harmony distribution among Societies, Trinities, Elements and Qualities

How to use Horoscope Help topics to aid chart interpretation

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