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Introduction to Progressions and Transits

(scroll down to see contents)


Tutorial Topics

What are astrological progressions and transits?

Natal aspects map semi-permanent structures in the astral body

Progressed aspects map temporary structures in the astral body

First look at a progressed chart

How the planets move through the chart by progression after birth

One degree orb

Assessing the power and harmony or discord of a progressed aspect

The power of a progressed aspect is dependent on the planets involved and the aspect type

The harmony or discord of the progressed aspect is a function of three factors

Three types of progressions used in hermetic astrology

Major progressions

Minor progressions


A look at an ephemeris to see how how planets move by major progression, minor progression and transit motion

Average daily motion of the planets

Effect of retrograde motion

Motion of the Sun, Moon, MC and Ascendant

Motion of the inner planets

Motion of the outer planets

Average duration of progressed aspects and transits

Varies for planets other than Sun, Moon, MC and Ascendant due to retrograde motion

Average duration of major progressions

Average duration of minor progressions

Average duration of transit aspects

Creating a Progression Report

How to read a progression report

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