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Meditations on the Egyptian Tarot - Traveling Along the Royal Path

Meditations on the Egyptian Tarot - Traveling Along the Royal Path

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The Church of Light

Meditations on the Egyptian Tarot -
Traveling Along the Royal Path

This full color lovely limited edition book was created by
Vicki Brewer of the Church of Light

According to Brotherhood of Light tradition each person is born to fulfill a unique purpose in God’s Great Plan.
Through many incarnations the soul travels the upward arc of the Cycle of Necessity. Each new form attracts experiences that help it grow in ability and in degrees of awareness. Birth into the human form creates the first opportunity to develop self awareness. Over time, differences between self, others and environment are observed.  Eventually the question arises; “Who am I?” 

One set of markers handed down from generation to generation, within Brotherhood of Light tradition, was originally in the form of tablets. As a collection, the tablets formed what is known as “The Royal Path” or tarot. According to C. C. Zain, “Each of these tablets relates to a distinct potency of the human soul, and to one of the essential steps that the neophyte must take to reach the climax of human possibilities and become the exalted adept, heir elect of the angels, who may realize while yet in the flesh his Self-Conscious Immortality.”

As a meditation tool, the tarot arcana have access to the unconscious mind through the archetypal stories and images. Each arcanum sheds light on principles of life, often neglected because of demands of daily living. The symbolic images or archetypes provide an avenue whereby the unconscious mind can bring forward information about personal experiences and unresolved questions regarding events and experiences. The earnest seeker can make magical discoveries when the text and images match personal experience and insight.

It is divided into three sections:

1-Ideas on how to use this book.

2-The second section includes the “Mantram of the Will” and Eliphas Levi’s mantram, considered to be the feminine partner to the “Mantram of the Will.” Both mantras summarize the tenets of the ancient Wisdom Religion with each stanza, by associating the corresponding major arcanum in its verse.

3-The third  section illustrates in full color the twenty-two Major Arcana with thought-provoking text from The Sacred Tarot designed to focus the mind’s eye on universal truths that shed light on the path of life.

In the quiet of your meditation space, wander through the images and text. Ponder what might be the intent behind them. Think about the drama of the admonition. Consider the divinitory significance. Get a dictionary. Consider how the significance changes according to the dimension of consciousness . . . then, as the voice of silence softly tugs at your attention, listen.

Published by the Church Of Light.

Trade Paperback. 6 3/4" x  6 3/4" Square.
Order now as a limited quantity is available.



Course 06 The Sacred Tarot - Hard Bound
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