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Patch - Brotherhood of Light Emblem

Patch - Brotherhood of Light Emblem

Brotherhood of Light Embroidered Patch

The Brotherhood of Light symbol is very ancient in its origins.

This Symbol evolved from the early cultures of Egypt and Chaldea. Comprised of two interlaced trines representing the Hermetic axiom “as above, so below.” The dark trine points to earth symbolizing the soul’s descent into matter, conversely the light trine points upward representing the soul’s journey back to spirit. A soli-lunar conjunction surmounts the two interlaced trines reminding the devotee of The Religion of the Stars that our roots are in ancient Stellar Faiths. The united Sun and Moon also inform us that masculine and feminine energies are present in us all and essential influences in our continued spiritual progress. Tucked into the outer edges of the six pointed star are the astrological glyphs for the four fixed signs of the Zodiac which comprise the Sphinx, The head of the man, Aquarius; the paws of the lion, Leo; the body of the bull, Taurus; and the wings of the eagle, Scorpio.

Together these symbols represent the Adept or true perfected man or woman, they also correspond to the Masonic admonition; “to know, to dare, to do, to be silent.” Interior to the two interlaced trines is the tetragrammatron which in Hebrew spells out the name of God as a reminder that Deific Force is at the center of all that we study and do. The star often referred to as the Seal of Solomon is surrounded by Seven Stars which represent the Seven States of consciousness that the Hermetic teachings describe as part of our evolution in form as we return to the celestial realm; Chemical Consciousness, Vegetative Consciousness, Psychic Consciousness, Simple Consciousness, Rational Consciousness, Cosmic Consciousness, and Divine Consciousness. Combined these individual symbols portray the Hermetic philosophy in one single emblem.

This powerful symbol is a way to connect to your inner-plane brethren and other like-minded members around the world.

These Embroidered Patches are artistically designed and were generously donated as a fundraiser for the Church of Light by Hermetician Members of  The Order Of The Sphinx.

These exquisite symbols can be used for many purposes - for ritual adornment or sewn to your favorite ball cap, backpack, or jacket.  Use it as a bookmark to hold your place in the Brotherhood of Light lesson you are currently reading.

3 1/2' X 3 1/2"



Pendant - Silver Brotherhood of Light Symbol
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