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Your Fountain Of Youth

by Edward Doane

You don’t need to emulate Ponce De Leon and travel to the ends of the earth in search of some magic elixir if you wish to rejuvenate your body and insure eternal vitality and the appearance of youth; for within you is the well spring that sends forth the life-giving waters which constitute the elixir vitae in full measure.

These living waters are symbolically represented in the sky by the river Eridanus, corresponding to the second decanate of Aries where the Sun has its exaltation. The text of this decanate is, ‘The fountain of immortal life springs from man's emotional nature; the vibrations of exalted love having a rate sufficiently frequent to affect spiritual substance and build a spiritual body.’ It points unerringly to the pathway.

The way to find the waters of life within is to cultivate sincerity of purpose in the desire to know oneself, be oneself, and give oneself, to the utmost. These waters of life are warmed by union with the divine purpose of life as represented at Eastertide by the full Moon in Libra, the home of Venus, significator of love and affection. Love is the force that binds the entire universe into one divine whole with aspiration to seek the highest possible attainment, the accomplishment of the Great Work, leading to the Marriage of the Lamb.

You all have within you the potential elements necessary to find the Eternal Fountain of Youth and the ability to drink to the fullest of its pleasing waters, thus insuring the immortality of your soul and an eternal virility in perpetual youth, functioning with an ever increasing efficiency as your soul mounts the heights of true adeptship.

Even as the physical Sun seems each year to revitalize the earth through its apparent journey northward, warming the seeds of earlier plantings so that they may sprout and bring forth the harvest that sustains physical life, so will your spiritual Sun warm the seeds of immortal life and perpetual youth, which you now sow, if you will utilize to the utmost the attributes that are yours.

All true growth is an expression from within. Seeking new horizons of knowledge opens up new fields of service, for in this glorious work responsibility keeps pace with ability. As ability expands you will see more clearly and farther up the glorious pathway of the soul. And drinking deeper and deeper of the true fountain of youth brings progress and an ever increasing spiritual virility that enables you to better cooperate with the Divine Plan of Eternal Progression.

Contribute Your Utmost to Universal Welfare.

From The Rising Star April 1945

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