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Secret Symbolism of the Tarot

Secret Symbolism of the Tarot

Secret Symbolism of the Tarot   
by Doris Chase Doane

In this book the author takes the student on a spiritual journey to the deeper meaning of the tarot.

Exploring the subject as a path toward the development of the soul. It describes the tarot cards in minute detail, and reveals  their relationship to the neophyte’s initiation, biblical references and the esoteric meaning of numbers.

Doane unveils the astrological significance of the tarot in a way that illuminates the beginning student and provides valuable insights for advanced students of the tarot as well.

"After studying this book, the secrets of Tarot are not only revealed, but the mind seems to open up to the symbolic messages of every day life." Allyn McCray, Church of Light Hermetician and Certified Teacher.

161 pages  5 1/2 x 8 1/2" Trade Paperback

ISBN 978-0-86990-430-8



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