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Stellar Dietetics - PDF Download

Stellar Dietetics - PDF Download

Stellar Dietetics

The Astrological Roadmap to Diet and Health

By Elbert Benjamine

(aka C. C. Zain)

First published in 1942, this is an excellent companion book to Body Disease and Its Stellar Treatment.

The Hermetic System of Astrology offers insights as to how astrology operates through an interrelationship between the astral and physical planes.

This Astro-Physical Matrix of the soul allows for healing to manifest through inner and outer plane treatments. While Body Disease and Its Stellar Treatment addresses the application of mental diet to heal the thought-built structures of the soul, Stellar Dietetics uses astrological diagnostics as a means of discovering what foods and nutrients are needed to heal the physical body.

120 pages

This is a Downloadable PDF eBook.


ITEM: Stellar_Dietetics

Course 16 Stellar Healing
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