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Tarot Cards - Brotherhood of Light Egyptian - Full Color

Tarot Cards - Brotherhood of Light Egyptian - Full Color

Brotherhood of Light Full Color Egyptian Tarot Cards 

These exquisite full-color tarot cards are a system of symbolical pictograph through which Egyptian initiates conveyed spiritual ideas derived from a still more ancient past.

As astrology is the Golden Key and the tarot is the Silver Key, this is the only deck that correctly indicates the astrological correspondence on each card and the numerological symbolism associated with the Roman, Hebrew, and Egyptian alphabets.
This text explores the relationships between the Tarot, kabala, astrology and ancient numerology. Integral to this system is the correspondence of the 12 zodiacal signs and 36 decanate constellations with the Major and Minor Arcana.

The Brotherhood of Light Tarot deck also integrates the symbolism of colors and geometric shapes. The back of the cards, inspired by the traditional “carpet pages” found in illuminated ancient manuscripts, features two mirrored images with core diamond shapes.

The original black and white version of this deck was published in 1936 by the Church of Light with card designs by Gloria Beresford. In 2003 Vicki Brewer redrew the original black and white images, and in 2009 she redesigned the cards as full-color Egyptian Tarot cards.

Accompanying the Tarot deck is a 48-page instruction booklet, excerpted from The Sacred Tarot, which provides brief descriptions and interpretations for each of the 78 cards; 22 Major Arcana, 40 Minor Arcana, and 16 Court Cards. Also included are instructions for reading the Tarot cards using two popular spreads.
The booklet outlines the history of the Egyptian tarot deck, descriptions of the cards and instructions for use including various spreads.

A more detailed exposition and instructions for use in divination and spiritual science can be found in the corresponding book (CS06) The Sacred Tarot by C. C. Zain.

"This is the most metaphysically integrated tarot deck I've ever used. If you're an astrologer, this is a must-have deck." 
--- Allyn McCray, Church of Light Hermetician and Certified Teacher.

78 Full Color Cards - 2½ x 4½ inches - Coated - 48 Page Instruction Booklet

ISBN 978-0-87887-004-2


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Course 06 The Sacred Tarot - Hard Bound
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