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The Formula

The Formula

The Formula

by Alicemarie O'Neill

In the course of a lifetime nearly everyone will have either experienced depression, or will have known someone with depression. The proliferation of pharmaceutical commercials underscore the fact that depression is the 4th leading cause of disability worldwide. In Western culture, mental illness has carried a stigma that is not attached to physical illness.

Historically, depression has been regarded as a sign of weakness or a character flaw and is a topic that is just not openly-discussed. Persistent depression and manic depression are mental health issues that are only now beginning to receive greater public attention and understanding.

Hermetician Alicemarie O’Neill has developed a procedure for healing the pain of depression that she has outlined in her book, “The Formula”. Ms. O’Neill’s formula evolved out of her own episodes of manic-depression combined with her life experiences as a mental health care professional and spiritual counselor. She offers an approach that is holistic; attending to body, mind, and spirit. Her step by step process promotes healing by embracing the value that can be found in both traditional and nontraditional methodologies.

The Formula is based in part on the Hermetic Art of Mental Alchemy. It offers useful tools for anyone battling depression, as well as insights for spiritual counselors who may be assisting clients struggling with mental illness. The Formula is written in a personal, intimate style and offers real hope for healing and transformation for anyone traveling on a journey towards wellness.

165 pages

5 3/4 x 8 3/4" Trade Paper Back


ITEM: Formula

Course 09 Mental Alchemy
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