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Spiritual Aquarius

Spiritual Aquarius

January 20 thru February 20

Keyword: I Know
Thoughts ruled by this sign belong to the Knowledge Series

Best quality: Altruism
Worst quality: Argumentation

Synonyms:  information, awareness, facts, data, acquaintance, familiarity, intellect, understanding, unselfishness, humanity, philanthropy, quarrelsome, confrontational, challenging, contrary, difficult, obstreperous, obstruction, material, evidence, humanitarian, noble, empathetic, reality, specifics, association.


Humans Come of Ageā€¦

“Do and Think unto Others as You Would Have Them Do and Think unto You.”

To picture the eleventh sign of the zodiac, which in a natural birth chart rules the house of friends, the ancients used the figure of a Man. This man, with his left or receptive hand measures the influence of the heaven by means of a 24 hour gauge; while his right or executive hand is engaged in pouring down upon the earth from an urn the flood of wisdom thus acquired. Because Aquarius expresses the highest type of intelligence developed on the earth, the Key phrase of this section of the zodiac where the Sun may be found each year from January 20 to February 20 is, I Know.

Aquarius is a scientific sign. Since the beginning of the Aquarian Age in 1881 science has made greater advances than during the previous 2,000 Piscean years. Its ruler, Uranus, governs invention, psychology, electricity and the study of the stars. The world has adopted electricity as an important source of power. Inventions have revolutionized industry. Technology has transformed how we conduct business and communicate. Astronomy has extended its boundaries from our solar system to the measurement of stars and other universes. Psychology has come to be recognized as a subject that should be taught in our schools.

The true function of Religion is to influence the pattern of human conduct. Powerful material changes and orthodoxy blind us to the fact that the significance of religion is even greater than that of technological and scientific advancement. Science, which is classified information, gives power to accomplish. Whether that power will be used for the benefit of humankind or will enable the few to subjugate and exploit the many, is a religious consideration. One's attitude toward life determines whether selfishness will rule, or whether the humanitarian spirit which characterizes the finer side of Aquarius will prevail.

The objective and unbiased facts of material science need to fit into religion of the Aquarian Age. In successful living there is no place for religious orthodoxy or scientific orthodoxy. To be truly adaptive, religion must seek truth above all and those things which have been proved a part of physical reality must be included in its code of conduct.

All obtainable information must be organized into a single consistent structure and made practical in application. There is a best way to act. Functional religion needs to be comprehensive and explicit so that those who adopt it have no difficulty in determining what is the best course of action under the conditions that confront them at any particular time.

Knowledge of astrology is essential as a guide to such best course of action. Astrological relations, through their correspondence with things on the earth and within the mind, are the avenues to the more comprehensive Knowledge required by an Aquarian religion. The religion thus formulated might be called The Religion of the Stars. As this religion is based on that wisdom which expresses the Aquarian spirit of altruism, the text associated with the constellation is: Do and Think Unto Others as You Would Have Them Do and Think Unto You.

Paraphrased from Spiritual Astrology by C. C. Zain


The companion Spiritual Aquarius exercise by Christopher Gibson can be accessed by clicking on the image below or here.

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