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Spiritual Pisces

Spiritual Pisces

February 20 thru March  21

Keyword: I Believe
Thoughts ruled by this sign belong to the Belief Series

Best quality: Sympathy
Worst quality: Worry

Synonyms:  trust, have faith, consider, accept as true, rely on, be certain of, hold as an opinion, think, suppose, presume, assume, conjecture, surmise, conclude, guess, imagine, compassion, caring, concern, solicitude, empathy, rapport, affinity, support, encouragement, compatibility, overthink, fret, disquiet, unsettle, unease, tension, stress, nervousness.

The Eternal Tie that Binds…

“Love is the Tree of Life and Its Fruit is Universal Brotherhood.”

When the Sun reaches the sign Pisces, its journey through the zodiacal circle is near completion. Pisces enjoys the co-rulership of Jupiter, the planet ruling the Religious Urges and Neptune, the visionary planet ruling the Utopian Urges.

One of the more inspiring aspects of the sign Pisces is the cosmology of the soul it teaches. It helps us to recognize that here and now we are building our future.

Understanding its symbolism, gives insight into the story of soulmatehood. This story represents the highest possibility of both Jupiter and Neptune. It helps us to consider a higher power and inspires us with the possibility of a future of high endeavor. It helps us to visualize how and why two independent souls can unite into a single system of achievement and angelhood.

The two fishes of Pisces are not rigidly united. Theirs is a long ribbon, permitting unrestricted movement. Each is permitted to exercise its own initiative while belonging to a single system from which it cannot separate. The knot, where the ribbons unite, represents the Ego. It is common to both souls, and, symbolizes the eternal spark of Deity by which they are energized. Thus, the two souls and their Ego form a distinct system. When so organized, it becomes a true spiritual cell in the cosmic body. Such a soul mate system or spiritual cell has a distinctive form on the inner planes; and, when made permanent, is commonly referred to as an angel. It no longer belongs to four-dimensional existence. By virtue of its new capabilities, it is typical of the truly spiritual, or five-dimensional plane.

The two souls comprising the angel do not lose their identity; no more than Venus and Mars lose their identity because they both belong to the solar system. Liberty of action, on the part of each soul, is still retained, but, before they are united in a single form, they must come into realization of their Cosmic Work.

As an angel, they perform the function in the cosmic scheme for which they have been specially educated by their experiences. In this work they have complementary abilities. That is, each supplies certain talents, those of both together, enabling them to do their Cosmic Work.

Those capable of uniting through the endless belt of finer energies, ultimately provide the form of such an angel. They will not have diverse or conflicting interests. Centering the mind strongly on different things tends to disrupt or dissipate the endless belt of energy flowing between two people. The finer energies tend to flow in the direction of interests and goals. When the interests of both are centered on the same things, the energy stream and the forces of both, flow along a single channel. This strengthens the bond between them.

The conditions, most favorable for strengthening the endless belt of finer energies, are to be deeply in love, to have the desire to be as helpful and beneficial to all creatures as possible, to have a common work by which this is chiefly accomplished, and to cultivate tenderness and sympathy one for the other. Neptune, the upper-octave planet ruling Pisces, is idealistic in his expression. Therefore, those, who cultivate this highest expression of love on earth, find it advantageous to idealize all they do. Whatever they do of worth, they keep the image of their loved one before them, and feel that they are doing that thing, not because of duty, but for the sake of the other one. All that is accomplished is done for love. The love motive becomes so powerful, under such cultivation, that hardships are not recognized as such. Life is filled with joy and great accomplishment results.

Herein lies a force which makes Faith, even of the size of a mustard seed, able to move mountains. The Sun is in the decanate pictured by the Fishes from February 20 to March 21. Its Key phrase is, I Believe, and the text is: Love is the Tree of Life, and its Fruit is Universal Brotherhood.

Paraphrased from Spiritual Astrology by C. C. Zain


The companion Spiritual Pisces exercise by Christopher Gibson can be accessed by clicking on the image below or here.

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