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Online learning possibilities with Church of Light TV...

Online Learning


Although you can go directly to Church of Light tv and view our entire selection of recorded classes, you may find that reviewing this page will help you focus, organize and better appreciate your viewing choices.

For instructions on how to navigate through please click here.

Hermetic astrology classes...

Hermetic tradition teaches that Astrology is the Golden Key for unlocking the mysteries of life. In particular, it is a very useful tool for understanding who you are, where you come from and why you are here.

To view our collection of online astrology classes with recommended viewing order, click here

Egyptian tarot classes...

The tarot is the Silver Key for unlocking the mysteries. The Brotherhood of Light Egyptian tarot offers a complete system of metaphysical knowledge. Each major arcana represents the distillation and integration of the metaphysical world of: Numbers, Astrology, Human Function, Alchemy, the Bible, Masonry and Magic. In addition to enhancing your study and understanding of other tarot systems, it will unlock your imagination and open the door to deeper spiritual insight and to a new world of symbolism!

To view our collection of online tarot classes with recommended viewing order, click here

How we are supported...

In the ideal world, education would be free. In the material world bills must be paid.

We have a mandate to uplift humanity through the power of education. Our founder emphasized that no one should be turned away from knowledge for lack of funds. The directors, staff and volunteers at The Church of Light make every effort to fulfill that promise within the boundaries of its resources. Please take time to help us with this mission. Everyone benefits when we all give generously.

We suggest $9 per class. Donating for the entire series of classes, earns a 20% discount. We are on the honor system. After you donate, please feel free to view as often as you wish.

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