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Course 01 Laws of Occultism - Kindle Edition

Course 01 Laws of Occultism - Kindle Edition

Laws of Occultism

Inner Plane Theory and the Fundamentals of Psychic Phenomena

by C.C. Zain

Kindle Edition eBook


Also available in the following formats:

Student Format Print  |  PDF eBook   |  iOS or Android

This is book 1 in the 21 Brotherhood of Light Course series (referred to as the Brotherhood of Light Lessons) by C. C. Zain on the Hermetic Sciences, Astrology, Alchemy, Tarot, Kabbalah and the Occult.

In this book the reader is introduced to the concept of the occult, which means hidden or unseen, and occultism, which is the science of hidden forces and the art of subjecting those forces to human control. The nature and theory of the Inner (or Astral) Plane and how it interacts with the outer or physical plane is introduced along with the theory of astral vibrations and the nature of astral substance.

The chapter on the Doctrine of Nativities covers the nature and origin of the soul, its birth into human form and the importance of the astrological birth chart as a map of the soul and its character. Mediumship, psychic phenomena and the paranormal are covered in detail because of their common association with the occult and swirl of misunderstanding and confusion that surrounds these subjects.

Course 1 of 21 in the Brotherhood of Light Study Program.

Serial Lesson No. Chapter/Serial Lesson Title
39 Occult Data
40 Astral Substance
41 Astral Vibrations
42 Doctrine of Nativities
43 Doctrine of Mediumship
44 Spiritism
45 Phenomenal Spiritism

ISBN 978-0-87887-006-6

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ITEM: CS01Kindle

21 Brotherhood of Light Complete Set of Courses Kindle Edition
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