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Global events forecast:  March 20 – April 18, 2015


DW Sutton

The second Pisces new-Moon occurs March 20, 2015 at 9.36.10am UT and a country’s lunation chart provides a forecast model of events for the period March 20 to April 18, 2015. The Sun-Moon lunation is sesquisquare (agitation) Jupiter – planet of finances, banks, trade and religion – and trine (luck) Saturn – planet of security, hardship, unemployment, disease, loss, fear and despair.

Washington lunation chart – March 20, 2015 at 4.36.10am EST

2nd Pisces lunation 2015

In the Washington chart the lunation in house 1 – domestic issues, the people and their welfare – turns the focus of attention to internal home-grown issues.  House 1 dominates chart.  Neptune there marks for schemes, oil, drugs, entrapment, confusion and deception and Mercury marks for non-stop talk and controversy. Jupiter in house 6 marks for job creation and benefits for the workers; and Saturn in house 9 marks for conservative legal decisions and internet security fears.  Mars and Uranus in house 2 mark for financial strife, changes to financial policy and money spent on fighting militant extremists.

Aquarian Age chart 

Progressed Moon sesquisquare (agitation) birthchart Mars (strife, war, conflict, accidents and fires) ends on April 15, 2015.

Cycle chart update

There are no aspects formed in the Pluto cycle.

In the Neptune cycle Neptune conjunction Mercury ends on April 12, 2015. 

In the Uranus cycle Uranus moved to form an intensity (parallel) aspect with Moon on March 4 – peak date is April 20, 2015.  On March 5 Uranus moved to form an intensity (parallel) aspect with Mars – peak date is April 20, 2015. And on March 6 Uranus moved to form an intensity (parallel) aspect with Venus – peak date is April 21, 2015

In the Saturn cycle Saturn parallel Uranus ends May 22; Saturn parallel Mercury ends May 28; and Saturn parallel Jupiter ends June 4. On April 10 Saturn moves to form an intensity (parallel) aspect with Moon – peak date is July 2, 2015
In the Jupiter cycle Jupiter sesquisquare Uranus ends on May 11, 2015.

There are 11 aspects formed in the Mars cycle.  Events will occur 36 hours before or after the aspect’s peak date.  Events mapped by Sun aspects in the Sun cycle will occur on the date indicated. 

Global events forecast March 20 – April 18, 2015

Progressed Moon is sesquisquare Mars in Aquarian age chart – war and conflict; strife, shootings, aggression, violence, speed related deaths, accidents, fires > end date is April 15, 2015

Neptune is conjunction Mercury in Neptune cycle – controversial schemes; idealistic announcements; drug related issues; planes and aviation; drugs and poisons; lies and deception; chaos and confusion; frauds and swindles > end date is April 12, 2015

Uranus is semisquare Neptune in Uranus cycle – social unrest; strikes, protests and demonstrations; radical moves by the oil producers; aviation reforms – end date is March 25

Uranus is parallel Moon in Uranus cycle – radicalization; strikes, protests and demonstrations > peak date is April 20 

Uranus is parallel Mars in Uranus cycle – extremist violence; suicide bombings; radicalized warriors; shootings; accidents; fires > peak date is April 20 

Uranus is parallel Venus in Uranus cycle – radicalized girls; extremist women; surprising social change; weird love > peak date is April 21

Saturn is parallel Pluto in Saturn cycle – kidnappings; coercion; drastic security measures; globalization of fear and grief; propaganda; insidious coercion; drastic weather events > end date is April 6

Saturn is parallel Uranus in Saturn cycle – hard-line extremism; fear and radicalization; radical security moves; extreme weather events > end date is May 22

Saturn is parallel Mercury in Saturn cycle – fear driven words and announcements; security talk; loss for the print media and journalists > end date is May 28

Saturn is parallel Jupiter in Saturn cycle – fear driven financial moves; debt and banks; cautious optimism; hard-line religious teachings > end date is June 4 

Jupiter is inconjunct Moon in Jupiter cycle – financial help for the common people; rising food prices > end date is March 31

Jupiter is sesquisquare Uranus in the Jupiter cycle – religious extremism; financial shocks and exposés; radical financial moves; trade reforms > end date is May 11 

March 20: The 2015 Sun cycle starts

March 21: Mars is semisquare Neptune in Mars cycle – war and oil; covert policing; drug busts; gas explosions; oil fires; plane crashes; accidents

Mars parallel Neptune in Mars cycle starts – see March 21 > peak date is March 25

March 23: Mars is parallel Neptune in the sky

March 24: Mars parallel Sun in Mars cycle starts – war and politics; angry politicians; political strife; political rows > peak date is March 28

March 25: Mars is parallel Neptune in the Mars cycle – see March 21

Sun is trine Saturn in Sun cycle – austerity; security issues; loss and fear

Uranus semisquare Neptune in Uranus cycle ends

March 28: Mars is parallel Sun in Mars cycle – see March 24 for event forecast

Sun is conjunction Moon in Sun cycle – food, water and other basics

March 29: Sun is parallel Moon in Sun cycle – the politics of the everyday people

March 31: Jupiter inconjunct Moon in Jupiter cycle ends

April 2: Mars is semisextile Venus in Mars cycle – girl warriors; gun totting girls; shootings; social strife; courting danger; an angry woman

Mars is semisextile Mars in Mars cycle – strife, violence, shootings, fires, accidents

April 3: Sun is trine Jupiter in Sun cycle – a glimmer of hope and optimism

April 4: Mars is sextile Sun is Mars cycle – war and politics; warring politicians; a world leader is on the warpath; shootings; fires and accidents

Sun is parallel Uranus in Sun cycle – political extremism; social unrest; protests

April 5: Sun is conjunction Uranus and square Pluto in Sun cycle – militant groups; extreme coercion; kidnappings; shock and horror; terror attacks

April 6: Mars inconjunct Saturn in Mars cycle – anger and fear; destruction and loss; war zone suffering; mining accidents; destructive weather events; angry farmers; accidents; fires 

Saturn parallel Pluto in Saturn cycle ends     

April 8: Sun parallel Mars in Sun cycle starts – the politics of war; acts of violence; anger and belligerence; shootings, accidents and fires > peak date is April 11

April 9: Mars is square Mercury in Mars cycle – war talk; a war of words; strife for a journalist; shoot the messenger; accidents; fires 

April 10:  Saturn parallel Moon in Saturn cycle starts – loss for the common people, hardship for the suffering civilians, poverty and unemployment, public health problems, scarcity, falling food prices > peak date is July 2

Mars is sextile Neptune in the Mars cycle – manufactured fantasy; the war on drugs; fighting for oil and gas; aviation accidents; alcohol and drugs; violence; shootings

Sun is sesquisquare Saturn in Sun cycle – fear, loss, despair and sadness

April 11: Sun is parallel Mars in Sun cycle – see April 8 for event forecast

April 12: Neptune conjunction Mercury in Neptune cycle ends

Sun is conjunction Mars in Sun cycle – see April 8 for event forecast

April 13: Sun is parallel Mercury, parallel Neptune and semisquare Neptune in Sun cycle – lies and deception; broken promises; the art of saying what you don’t mean

April 16: Mars is semisextile Moon in Mars cycle – fighting domestic violence; attacks on civilians; neighbourhood disputes; strife, accidents

Copyright DW Sutton, 2015. All rights reserved.

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