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The private forum offers a safe space for the members of our Hermetic esoteric community to connect, discuss, share ideas, thoughts, philosophy, questions, and practices.

The forum will be moderated to ensure that only official members of the community can see and contribute to the discussions and ensure that interactions are conducted with the utmost respect. Click here to check us out!


The Sign Gemini

Gemini: The 3rd Sign of the Zodiac
May 21st thru June 22nd


The Mind is Dual in Nature...

“Thoughts are a Person’s Most Potent Builders.“

One of the constants of Nature is the expression of DUALTY: positive/negative, up/down, inner/outer, above/below, light/dark, movement/stillness, masculine/feminine, happy/sad. From the interaction between these poles or opposites arise the various forms of the reality we know.

The Mind is dual in nature and operates in the space between its two poles: conscious/unconscious. The conscious, objective mind is designed to manage the operations of living in an objective, material world. It is not designed to act alone. It has an equal partner, the inner self. For most part the inner self is unconscious, occupying a “thought-built” dimension. It is filled with purpose and meaning and accesses information from the subjective, subliminal world but requires direction from the Conscious Mind to become useful. Tending to the material world, Consciousness loses the awareness that it is being influenced from this inner world in the form of emotions, intuitions, and spiritual inklings or connections. By consciously choosing to listen to these inner messages it is possible to access Mental Force and Vigor for insight, problem-solving and creative activity. Opportunity is created for a sense of wholeness and completion that is very satisfying for the Soul.

In astrology, Mercury, the ruler of Gemini is considered “neutral.” The key to tapping into Gemini’s power and touching the Divine, is to give and receive information with an unbiased attitude. With this neutral attitude of mind, the objective, rational mind engages with the subjective, intuitive mind permitting the opportunity to touch the polestar, known as Truth. The door to connection to Divine purpose and fulfillment opens in ways that are liberating and empowering...

Click here for more of this meditation and a companion exercise.

Click here for Course 7, Spiritual Astrology..

Mental Alchemy...
Prayer for Harmonizing the Mercury Energy Associated with the Astrological Sign Gemini

Alchemizing Mercury:
For use at times when thought is disturbed and difficult; when we are restless and apt to be extreme in our viewpoint or action; or, when there are drastic changes in our lives.

Constructive Intellectual Urges require individual Self Expression in the environment thru concentration, use of the mind and analysis of situations.

O Thou Eternal Spirit, in Whom I live, move, breathe and have my Being! I rely upon Thy Power to bring to a successful conclusion those matters thru which I cannot clearly see the way and in which I have done my best. Bring to me the realization that happiness and benevolence, confidence and trust in Thee will cause all things to work out for my ultimate good. Inspire me to see only good in others.

So Shall It Be!

Click here for more Prayer of Purpose by H. S. D Starnaman.

The Star

Astro-Tarot Series:
Arcanum 17: The Star

In this classic series, Elbert Benjamine explains the astrological significance of the sign Gemini and its relationship to Arcanum XVII, The Star tarot card...

In Divination, Arcanum XVII may be read as Truth, Hope or Faith. Astrologically, the zodiacal sign Gemini. Color, the lighter shades of violet. Tone, high B. Occult science, cosmic alchemy. Human function, the sense of sight. Natural remedy, such herbs as madder, tansy, vervain, woodbine, yarrow, meadow-sweet, privet and dog-grass. Mineral, the talismanic gem beryl, and such stones as are striped

To access the Astro-Tarot Series | click here

From the Lessons ...

The Zodiac

“...Applying our magical quaternary formula, Jod-He-Vau-He, the fiery triplicity represents the positive, masculine Jod, even as the heat rays of the sun fall upon the world. The watery triplicity is the negative, feminine first He, such as the moisture that quenches the thirst of the parched desert. The earthy triplicity is the point of union of masculine and feminine forces, the Vau, as water and heat meet in the earth to germinate whatever seeds lie in the ground. The airy triplicity is the product springing from the union, the final He, the harvest brought forth in due season...

...The Airy Triplicity embraces the signs Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. People born under this triplicity tend to the nervous temperament. They are mentally alert, volatile, changeable, and socially inclined, desiring to live largely upon the mental plane. They are interested in education, literature, and art, are fond of conversation, and find pleasure in the exchange of ideas. In the sense of desiring refinement and intellectual culture, their characteristic quality is ASPIRATION...”


Excerpt from: Course 2, Astrological Signatures, Chapter 2, click here to purchase this course book.

A free version of this chapter is available on our website: click here.

Horoscope 2020

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The Online School for The Church of Light.

The Brotherhood of Light Lessons for students who enjoy an online, interactive environment.

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Why We're Here is an internet resource for those searching for true esoteric insight that can only come from combining the best of the past with the promise of the future. Here we try to avoid the dogma of material science, “new age” thought, or fundamentalist religious concepts, while adhering to the old axiom “don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.”

The Brotherhood of Light Lessons and the Aquarian Age

Why Astrology and the Tarot are so important to understanding Traditional Knowledge

To see what we offer:

Browse through the 210 Brotherhood of Light Lessons by C. C. Zain on the Hermetic sciences including Hermetic Astrology, Mental and Spiritual Alchemy, the Tarot and other occult subjects designed to help you improve your life. You can read them all for FREE here!

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Develop personally and spiritually through our integrated system of Hermetic Astrology, Mental and Spiritual Alchemy and the esoteric teachings of the Egyptian Sacred Tarot.

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USA Chart

Astrology of World Affairs
by Hermetician Dennis Sutton

ancient wisdom — modern science

Sharing knowledge of Hermetic astrology, the birth chart, astrodynes and global astrology

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click here for a FREE copy of Dennis' book, A précis of The Brotherhood of Light's 21 reference texts on the occult sciences.

As above, so below

Modern Physics Validates Brotherhood of Light Hermetic Teachings

What does the Holographic Theory of the Universe and Quantum Theory have to do with our Hermetic teachings?

In this article we will attempt to present aspects that pertain to the Hermetic Teachings of the Church of Light. We also encourage you to investigate these theories for yourself...

Modern Physics Validates Hermetic Teachings

The Brotherhood of Light lessons encourage us to study the Book of Nature...

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Nature manifests through Diversity.
Diversity is the key to survival..mastering its many facets is the means by which we thrive.
Fear of the unknown and that which is different from self manifests throughout nature.
Through Cooperation we express the Will of Deity,
gain the freedom that results from transformation,
and achieve a sense of personal fulfillment, harmony, balance ... spirituality.

 K. Paul JohnsonHistory Of The Adepts

An interesting history of The Brotherhood of Light and related sister organizations by K. Paul Johnson.

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