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Convention 2024 June 28th - 30th, Albuquerque NM

Harmonizing Your Life and Building Your Future

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The Golden Key

Canis Minor

Astrological Insights from Spiritual Astrology...Meryl Streep

The 1st Decanate of Cancer (Cancer/Cancer) — Canis Minor, The Little Dog

Feelings and Emotions Energize. Behavior Follows.

Keyword: MOODS.

Course X-1, Delineating the Horoscope describes natives of this decanate as possessing remarkable poetic and dramatic expression through their emotional nature and sensitivity to life. Often unknowingly, they serve as mediums for entities on the inner planes, making them perfect conduits for spiritual connections.

Meryl Streep Birth Chart
Chart generated by Horoscope Program - RRating AA: Meryl Streep, June 22, 1949, Summit, NJ.

The legendary actress Meryl Streep, whose Sun falls in this decanate, exemplifies these traits. Renowned for her almost supernatural ability to master accents and fully embody characters, she brings an original and charismatic element to her performances. Her Uranus makes a perfect conjunction with her Power Urges, adding a layer of intellectual ESP to her talent. Streep herself has said, "the people I have played in movies and in the theater have all felt like me to me," indicating her natural ability to tap into the essence of another character.

A graduate of Yale School of Drama, Streep's three acting instructors had widely divergent approaches to acting. Integrating these varying perspectives, she concluded, "I decided to make it up as I went along," showcasing her strong Individualistic Urges and originality.

For greater insight into the decanates of spiritual astrology, click here for more about Cancer and the MOODS decanate in Course VII or here for “The First Eighteen Decanates Analyzed” in Course X-1.

To purchase, Click here for Course VII, Spiritual Astrology or here for Course X-1, Delineating the Horoscope.

Cancer: The 4th Sign of the Zodiac
June 22nd through July 23rd

I Feel

Parenthood Tends to Displace Selfishness With Tender Affections that Most Quickly Strengthen the Soul and Build the Spiritual Body.”

Angels that go Up and Down

Angels That Go Up and Down

When discussing the spiritual significance of the sign Cancer, Zain focuses on “The Ladder to Heaven” described by Jacob’s dream in the twenty-eighth chapter of Genesis. C. C. Zain suggests this dream imagery represents the Cycle of Necessity whereby the Soul travels back and forth to progress along its evolutionary path.

A study of The Cycle of Necessity presupposes an unconscious spiritual existence prior to human birth. It teaches that a Spiritual Ego or Spark of Deity exists in the Celestial Realm as a single unit and is composed of twin Souls. This Ego exists as potential — a cherub or baby Angel. To become useful, conscious participants in the Divine Scheme of Life, it is the job of Angels to give birth to or separate the twin Souls into their positive and negative or male and female parts to prepare for a downward journey into coarse, physical realms of existence where they can gain experience, and evolve Self Awareness or Consciousness to fulfill their potential.

A ladder is set upon the earth. The top of it reaches heaven. Angels of God ascend and descend...the soul makes progress by gaining experiences in one physical form; passing at its dissolution into the astral world, as Jacob saw the non-material beings do in his dream, and after a period of experience and assimilation in the astral world, descending, as Jacob saw them do, to occupy another, but more complex, from mineral to human, physical body on the earth. Every such form occupied constitutes one rung in the soul’s evolutionary ladder. The Soul progresses along its path through the offices of parents who provide an opportunity to have a new physical body.

Click here for more of this meditation and a companion exercise.

Read more in Course 7, Spiritual Astrology by C. C. Zain

Mental Alchemy...
Prayer for Harmonizing the Moon Energy Associated with the Astrological Sign Cancer

Alchemizing the Moon:
For use at times when we are in domestic turmoil, unduly changeable, or in group turmoil, under coercion and unduly negative.

Constructive Domestic Urges express as Adaptability in relation to public or domestic life. They are characterized by being persistent in endeavors to the point of ability.

O Thou Eternal Spirit, in Whom I live, move, breathe, and have my Being! Grant that I may have only constructive, positive activity in my life. Let me be a protecting influence to all who may need me. Let my purpose and interest in life be for their welfare. I earnestly desire that my energies go constructively and actively beyond my daily round of duty to all who are in need and for whom I have the ability to assist.”

—So Shall It Be!

For more Prayers of Purpose click here

The Silver KeyThe Moon

Astro-Tarot Series:

Arcanum XVIII: The Moon

In Elbert Benjamine's classic series, he explains the astrological significance of the sign Cancer and its relationship to Arcanum XVIII, The Moon tarot card.


In the spiritual world, the abyss of the infinite. In the intellectual world, the shadows which envelop the spirit when it has submitted itself to the rule of the instincts. In the physical world, deception, and hidden enemies.”


Remember, then, son of earth, that whosoever braves the unknown, does so at his peril. Hostile minds, figured by the black dog, will surround him with ambushes; friendly, servile minds will offer him flatteries; and treacherous minds, like unto the scorpion, will plan to attain their ends through his ruin. If Arcanum XVIII should appear in the prophetic signs of thy horoscope, observe, and listen, but know how to be silent.

The Moon - Deception, False Friends, or Secret Foes

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The Online School for The Church of Light.

The Brotherhood of Light Lessons for students who enjoy an online, interactive environment.

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Why We're Here is an internet resource for those searching for true esoteric insight that can only come from combining the best of the past with the promise of the future. Here we try to avoid the dogma of material science, “new age” thought, or fundamentalist religious concepts, while adhering to the old axiom “don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.”

The Brotherhood of Light Lessons and the Aquarian Age

A new spiritual dispensation is at hand, where the love and compassion of the Piscean Age are enhanced by the wisdom that comes from a deeper understanding of the Nature of Reality brought by the new Aquarian Age and thus Religion is wed to Science. Our Brotherhood of Light lessons are the bridge that caries us into this New Age by combining the best of the Ancient Teachings with the wonders of our new discoveries. Nothing stays the same we must all adapt to the flood of new information.

Why Astrology and the Tarot are so important to understanding Traditional Knowledge

The word Kabala signifies traditional knowledge. It thus refers to the Oral Law, as handed down from antiquity; and embraces the occult traditions of all lands and all peoples. Often it is used merely as referring to the esoteric doctrines of the Jews; but in its broader sense it includes also the secret doctrine of other races. This secret doctrine, common to many lands, was jealously guarded from the profane, and was never permitted to pass into writing except in such ambiguous terms as to baffle the uninitiated as to its true purport. In this sense the sacred books of the world, including the Avesta, the Vedas and the Bible are largely kabalistical; for they set forth traditions that are capable of an inner, or esoteric, interpretation. In fact, there are usually several interpretations possible, each more inner version revealing a deeper truth to those who have advanced along the path far enough to comprehend it.

And this seems the proper place to point out that the unwritten kabala, like the written kabala, is set forth in symbolical language, with purposeful blinds and subterfuges to confuse the uninitiated; so that of the few who undoubtedly exist at the present day who have received it, most remain in as much ignorance of its true interpretation as the majority of students do after studying the more accessible written kabala. This unwritten kabala has been transmitted only through certain secret schools. Those receiving it well merit what is given to them. They are left to their own devices in the matter of interpretation. And because the real keys to its interpretation—astrology and the tarot—have been largely ignored, or distorted, they have floundered sadly in arriving at its meaning. Whether written or unwritten, the kabala is a philosophy correlated to esoteric astrology as exemplified by the tarot; and it can only be comprehended fully by those who perceive the true relation between astrological energies and their pictured tarot exemplification.

Excerpts from The Sacred Tarot by C. C. Zain

To see what we offer:

Browse through the 210 Brotherhood of Light Lessons by C. C. Zain on the Hermetic sciences including Hermetic Astrology, Mental and Spiritual Alchemy, the Tarot and other occult subjects designed to help you improve your life. You can read them all for FREE here!

What you can do:

Develop personally and spiritually through our integrated system of Hermetic Astrology, Mental and Spiritual Alchemy and the esoteric teachings of the Egyptian Sacred Tarot.

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USA Chart

Astrology of World Affairs
by Hermetician Dennis Sutton

ancient wisdom — modern science

Sharing knowledge of Hermetic astrology, the birth chart, astrodynes and global astrology

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click here for a FREE copy of Dennis' book, A précis of The Brotherhood of Light's 21 reference texts on the occult sciences.

As above, so below

Modern Physics Validates Brotherhood of Light Hermetic Teachings

What does the Holographic Theory of the Universe and Quantum Theory have to do with our Hermetic teachings?

In this article we will attempt to present aspects that pertain to the Hermetic Teachings of the Church of Light. We also encourage you to investigate these theories for yourself...

Modern Physics Validates Hermetic Teachings

The Brotherhood of Light lessons encourage us to study the Book of Nature...

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Nature manifests through Diversity.
Diversity is the key to survival..mastering its many facets is the means by which we thrive.
Fear of the unknown and that which is different from self manifests throughout nature.
Through Cooperation we express the Will of Deity,
gain the freedom that results from transformation,
and achieve a sense of personal fulfillment, harmony, balance ... spirituality.

 K. Paul JohnsonHistory Of The Adepts

An interesting history of The Brotherhood of Light and related sister organizations by K. Paul Johnson.

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