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Some Fundamentals of Global Astrology

By D.W. Sutton

The astrological environment has a dynamic influence on the global agenda and the 'here and now' - on planet Earth - provides the environmental setting through which it operates. Both environments are in a constant state of change and a working knowledge of what's going on - up there and down here - permits an accurate assessment of future trends and developments. But the astrological event, pictured in an astrological chart, is not a sure thing simply because the dynamic causal agent - human behavior - is not inevitable. It can be changed.

Each planet in astrology - representing a dynamic feature of the astrological environment - directs and influences a specific sector of the mundane agenda. And this influence, which can be fortunate and favorable or unfortunate and unfavorable, is primarily determined by the aspects the planet forms. They give a planet's characteristic influence a constructive or destructive mode of expression. The end result is an astrological event which reproduces itself as the good or bad news that you read or hear about in the print and electronic media: And a careful assessment of these astrological events or aspects permits an accurate evaluation of future trends and developments here on Earth.

The astrological events with the most power have the strongest influence and they duplicate themselves as important events if the environment supports their duplication. This means the importance of a particular mundane event can be judged by the power of its astrological marker in the sky. So the astro-calendar focuses on the astrological events with the most power. They are the conjunction, opposition, parallel, square and trine aspects. The impact they have on the global agenda, as new events and development, is outstanding and this makes them easy to observe. But much of the news is meaningless gossip and you should shy away from the drivel served up by the tabloid press and gossip-mongers.

It's very important to understand what a mundane chart can and can't do. It can predict a definite trend influencing the stock market during a definite time-frame, but it can't predict the precise number of points the market will rise or fall each day. It can predict a destructive weather event - a storm or flood - but it can't predict the precise amount of damage it will cause. So a global astrology chart does not map precise events. The chart permits an assessment of an astrological event, which is best viewed as an energy event in the astral environment and the particular mundane matters it will influence. The actual event that occurs - here on the Earth - will bear the characteristics of its astrological marker and the key to matching one with the other is a clear understanding of the planets, their characteristic influence and the mundane affairs they direct and influence.

These astrological events have a time-frame during which the events they indicate can occur.

The following guidelines can be observed

The time-frame of an astrological event in the sky is determined by the aspect's orb of influence and the planet's rate of motion. And Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto all have different rates of motion - with Mars having the fastest rate and Pluto the slowest. This means that an aspect involving Saturn and Neptune has a longer time-frame than one involving Mars and Uranus - and the time-frame can be several years. The astrological event starts when the planets enter the aspect's orb of influence and reaches its critical peak date when the aspect is perfect.

An aspect in a cycle chart has a 1 orb of influence: And the aspect's time-frame is determined by the speed at which the chart's ruling planet is traveling. The aspect reaches a critical state of peak energy when the aspect is perfect. The event usually occurs near this peak date, but can be moved to any time within the allowed time- frame by external circumstances. The following guidelines can be observed.

For aspects in the Mars cycle allow 36 hours either side of the aspect's peak date, but if Mars is travelling slowly the aspect's time-frame is correspondingly increased. The mundane event will usually occur near the aspect's peak date.

For aspects in the Jupiter cycle allow five (5) days either side of the aspect's peak date, but if Jupiter is traveling slowly the aspect's time-frame is correspondingly increased.

For aspects in the Saturn cycle allow ten (10) days either side of the aspect's peak date, but if Saturn is traveling slowly the aspect's time-frame is correspondingly increased.

For aspects in the Uranus cycle allow 30 days either side of the aspect's peak date, but if Uranus is traveling slowly the aspect's time-frame is correspondingly increased.

The aspects in Neptune and Pluto cycles have the longest time-frame - allow (6) weeks or more. In each instance the event mapped by the aspect will occur within the aspect's time-frame - usually near its peak date.

Each country has its own set of mundane charts and operates in a rapidly changing domestic and international environment. The political, economic and moral compass is spinning erratically. Progress takes place when the problems - most often due to infantile competition for power, glory and wealth and short-sighted self-interest that is unable to see the destructiveness of its own behaviour - are overcome. There's a lot of media noise but satellite television allows you to watch it all as it's happening.

So the astro-calendar lists the significant astrological events influencing the global agenda during the astrological year March 20, 2012 to March 20,2013.

These astrological events take place in the sky, in the world's Aquarian Age chart and in astrological cycle charts.

The conjunction, opposition, parallel, square and trine aspects are considered, but the weaker - semisquare, sesquisquare, sextile etc - aspects map events too.

The start date of each aspect is indicated then its peak date - except for Sun and Mars. The dates indicated for Sun and Mars aspects are their peak dates. In the Sun cycle only the conjunction, opposition and square aspects are considered.

Aspects formed by the planets in the sky have a wide time-frame. The start and peak dates are given - not the end date. Events related to the aspect will usually occur around the peak date as the energy builds. The influence of Uranus square Pluto in the sky can be considered constant throughout the year.

A Quick Mars Profile

In the current Mars cycle chart and the Mars cycle cornrnencino March 14, 2013 Mars is conjunction Uranus. This aspect brings freedom-fighting into prominence. Mars is the constructive or destructive use of energy. He either initiates action, solves the problem and builds a better world or demolishes and destroys. Mars rules violence, conflict, war, strife, brutality, bloodshed, guns, bombs, explosions, fires, accidents, violent crime, death by violence, the military, army, navy, police, firemen, competitive sport, gambling, alcohol, mechanics and manufacturing. When active in the sky or his cycle chart events involving these matters headline the news.

A Quick Jupiter Profile

In the current (2011) Jupiter cycle chart Jupiter is conjunction Uranus. This aspect highlights financial shocks and reforms to the banking sector. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, prosperity, abundance, good-will, mercy and tolerance. On his adverse side he puts profits ahead of ethics and causes prices to rise. He rules banks, capitalism, financial markets, money, wealth creation, commerce, trade, treaties, legal matters, law, the courts - The World Court - publishing, ships, shipping and religion. When active in the sky or his cycle chart events involving these matters lead the news.

A Quick Saturn Profile

Saturn plans to prevent loss, hardship, poverty and unemployment. But his fear and pessimism cause the economy to slow, markets to fall and unemployment to rise. He's the planet of doom and gloom. He rules debt, greed, unemployment, homeless- ness, security measures - The United Nations Security Council - economy, land and buildinqs, crops on the ground, basic commodities, minerals, destruction by storm and flood, farming, mining, conservatism, orthodoxy, fundamentalism, tradition and established custom. When active in the sky or his cycle chart events involving these matters head the news.

A Quick Uranus Profile

In the current (2012) Uranus cycle Uranus is conjunction the Moon and this aspect stimulates the Moon-Uranus conjunction in the Aquarian age chart. So between 2012 and 2053 when the cycle ends there will be a people's revolution, freedom fighting, radical change and sensational discoveries. Uranus will make the liberation of the human soul from coercive control and false information a top of the list priority. But it's square Pluto so the big obstacle is the dictator, crime-boss, racist and atheist intent on coercive control and the dissemination of false information.

Uranus is the planet of radical action. He's a non-conformist and all the other planets feel threatened by his non-conformity. Disliking constraint and restraint Uranus fights for freedom and liberty. He's the revolutionary change-agent who uses technology to solve problems: And he acts with cataclysmic suddenness to stun and shock the viewing audience. Uranus rules protests, demonstrations, strikes, rebellions, sudden disturbances, independence, freedom-fighting, human-rights, rugged individualism, unforeseen events, expose, invention, the new and untried, gay-rights, same-sex marriage, racism, racial tensions, technological change and unions. When active in the sky or his cycle chart events involving these matters headline the news.

A Quick Neptune Profile

Neptune is the planet of fantasy and exaggerated expectations: And because he stimulates the imagination - an altered state of consciousness - he finds it hard to separate the facts from the fancy. This means that Neptune is very hard to predict and very often the promised windfall or pending disaster fails to arrive. Neptune rules visionary schemes, complex matters, credit, get-rich-quick schemes, oil, inflation, the aviation industry, air travel, legal and illegal drugs, poisons, fraud, pornography, slavery, celebrity, Hollywood, mystical thinking, uncertainty, breathtaking exaggeration and razzle-dazzle. When activate in the sky or his cycle chart events involving these matters grab the headlines.

A Quick Pluto Profile

Pluto has two extremes. S/he's the better angel devoted to altruistic endeavor and ceaseless cooperation in the progressive advancement of God's Great Plan: And she's the evil, morally bankrupt beast who has no regard for human welfare. S/he's intent on thwarting everything that is true and progressive. Pluto rules groups, cooperation, coercion, compulsory participation, dictators, crime, criminals, drastic action, disunity, division, splits, secrecy, the suppression of facts, universal welfare, spirituality, the common good, mass production, the corporation that often has more power than the government, computers, satellites, atheistic materialism, brutal
torture, kidnapping and inversion - the deliberate distortion of facts and suppression of information that many governments and world leaders engage in. When active in the sky or his cycle chart events involving these matters lead the news.

The Houses in Mundane Astrology

First house: A country's people - their disposition, personal interests, health and general welfare: domestic issues

Second house: A country's finances, wealth, possessions and banks: the national treasury, financial transactions, non-speculative bonds and securities

Third house: A country's public transport and rail services: roads and transportation - cars, buses and trains: local airplane traffic: communications - the postal service, telephones, mobile phones, computers, skype, facebook and twitter: newspapers and magazines: education and education policy: literary work, and intellectual activity: rumors, suppositions and unverified information: neighboring countries and relations with them

Fourth house: A country's land and territories: the opposition political party: the housing sector: homes, buildings and hotels: farms, farming and farmers: mines, mining and miners: crops on the ground: the weather, weather events and all environmental issues

Fifth house: A country's share market and stock exchange: speculation, gambling and games of chance: risks and hazards: games - the games industry and computer games: sport and sporting interests: sport's venues: fun, amusement, entertainment and movie industry: theaters: sporting celebrities and movie stars: sex and sexual activity: the birth-rate: children and teenagers: schools and colleges: ambassadors sent from foreign countries

Sixth house: A country's work-force - the workers, public servants and servers: their working conditions: trade unions and strikes: government employees - police, army, navy and firemen: the stored harvest: food and eating habits: diets: restaurants, cafeterias and fast food take a-ways: sickness: medical services: doctors: drugs and drug stores/chemists: chemicals: household pets and small animals

Seventh house: A country's foreign relations: foreign policy: international affairs: the other country: overseas developments: war, open enmity: marriage and divorce

Eighth house: A country's taxes, tax policy and revenue: the public's money used for public spending: loans to and from other countries: borrowed money and debt:
capacity to meet financial obligations: the capacity of the other country to pay: tariffs, insurance, pensions and social security: welfare and medicare: the cabinet of the Prime Minister: the chief appointees of mayors and Premiers: the death rate and the kinds of deaths suffered by the people

Ninth house: A country's trade - imports and exports: interstate and international commerce: shipping: the constitution, law and legal matters: the Supreme Court and courts: judges attorneys and lawyers: legal judgements and verdicts: religion: the clergy, ministers and preachers: churches: philosophy, ethics and moral issues: universities and higher education: teachers and lecturers: books: advertising: television, radio and internet

Tenth house: A country's governing administration and its policies: politics and political developments: the leader or Head of State - President, Prime Minister, Governor, Premier, King or Queen: international position and influence: reputation and international standing: business and business activity: city mayor and other eminent people

Eleventh house: A country's friends and supporters: Congress, parliament or legislature: aldermen: ambassadors sent to foreign countries

Twelfth house: A country's secrets: secret deals and secret enemies: secret agents, spies and secret police: secret negotiations: undercover operations: behind the scenes activity: crime and criminal activity: criminals - the secret enemies of the people: prisons and places of detention: detectives: FBI, CIA and ASIO: hospitals, nursing homes, rest homes, halfway houses and work houses: relief and welfare support: charities and op-shops: philanthropy: donations: asylum seekers and asylums: restrictions and limitations: sorrows and disappointments: research work

Global Astrology and the Economy

The economy embraces a number of sectors. Jupiter rules the financial, banking and business sectors and Saturn rules work, the workforce, natural resources and the farming and mining sectors. Each sector interconnects and affects the other: And we are still experiencing the economic fallout (Saturn) of the financial crisis (Jupiter) that hit during 2008.

Jupiter rules the world's financial system. He's the planet of capitalism, business, profits, wealth, prosperity, economic growth and luxury items. He has goods and services to sell and he wants you to buy them. He's the planet of higher prices. Saturn rules the workers. He's the planet of economy and he's very price sensitive. He's the consumer who wants to buy things at the cheapest possible price. When he withdraws demand Jupiter's prices fall. Saturn is the planet of recession, falling profits, poverty, unemployment and scarcity.

Government, the governing authority and special privilege are ruled by the Sun and the tenth house. Households are ruled by the Moon and the fourth house. The business sector is ruled by Jupiter, Saturn and the tenth house. Stock companies and investors are ruled by Neptune: And the multinational corporations are ruled by Pluto.

Service industries are ruled by Saturn and the tenth house. Labour and the work force - the servers and the service they provide - are ruled by the sixth house: And trade unions are ruled by Uranus and the sixth house.

The market, where traders buy and sell money, stocks, commodities and resources, is ruled by the fifth house: And the money supply, assets and personal wealth are ruled by the second. The amount of debt in the system, the level of foreign debt, foreign investment and foreign borrowings are ruled by the eighth house. Inflation is ruled by Neptune. Trade (an economic stimulus involving the importing and exporting of goods) is ruled by the ninth house. Economic expansion is ruled by Jupiter. Economic slumps, hardship, unemployment, hunger, disease and epidemics are ruled by Saturn. Relief given to the unemployed and aid - food aid etc - given to those suffering misfortune is ruled by the twelfth house.

The farming sector - agriculture and the growing of crops for food - is ruled by Saturn and the fourth house. The crops on the ground are ruled by the fourth house: And the stored harvest is ruled by the sixth. The natural environment and weather are ruled by Saturn and the fourth house.

Manufacturing and the manufacturing sector are ruled by Mars. The resources - mining - sector is ruled by Saturn and the fourth house. Tourism is ruled by the ninth house. Local transport is ruled by Mercury and the third house. Local communication, newspapers and the press are ruled by Mercury and the third house. Overseas transport - airlines and shipping - is ruled by the ninth house. Radio, television and internet are ruled by Pluto and the ninth house. The military and armed forces are ruled by Mars and the sixth house. Population growth involves the birthrate ruled by the fifth house and the death rate ruled by the eighth.

Different energies are ruled by different planets. Energy comes from the Sun - and energy sources contain solar energy in fossilized form. Electricity is ruled by Uranus but it has to be produced from some energy source. Oil and gas are ruled by Neptune. Oil is the most widely traded commodity. Iron ore is ruled by Mars. Coal is ruled by Saturn. Nuclear power is ruled by Pluto, hydropower is ruled by the Moon and wind power is ruled by Mercury.

Global Astrology and Astrodyne Power, Harmony and Discord

The astrodyne power or strength of a planet or house in global astrology marks for important events involving the life-matters, social issues and people it rules.

The astrodyne harmony of a planet or house marks for fortunate events and developments influencing the life-matters, social issues and people it rules. The mundane-matters ruled by a high-harmony house experience gains, progress and productive growth. The people ruled by a high-harmony house have a fortunate influence and experience gains and benefits.

The astrodyne discord of a planet or house marks for unfortunate events and developments influencing the the life-matters, social issues and people it rules. The mundane-matters ruled by a high-discord house experience problems, adversity and misfortune. The people ruled by a high-discord house have an adverse, unfortunate influence and experience problems, setbacks, failure and adversity.

That's the theory anyway, but measuring power, harmony and discord and converting the numbers into real life events is nigh on impossible. How do you measure discord? By the number of points the market falls; the number of people who are unemployed; or the number of people killed in the suicide bombing?

Little astrological research has been done into this matter. In the 21st-century the political agenda dominates the proceedings, but that's because we are in the Sun section of the Aquarian age. But the political leader who's elected to do a job has to deal with economic problems (Jupiter and Saturn): employment problems (Saturn): destructive weather events (Saturn): violence (Mars): extremists (Uranus): crime and criminals (Pluto) etc: And what happens is indicated in the cycle charts ruled by these planets. These have astrodyne power, harmony or discord but how it works out in real- life awaits scientific investigation.

Each global astrology chart pictures an astrological scenario and this starts the research process: And now you can watch the chart on your computer screen - and the event it describes on your television screen. But don't get carried away with the discord. Some charts are exceptionally high in discord and while you might expect the worst how it actually works out in real-life is another matter.

The Mars conjunction charts for example often have a discord level that is through the roof. are often through the roof with discord. The up-coming Mars-Saturn conjunction chart for London on August 15, 2012 has the Mars-Saturn conjunction in the first house square the Moon. The total chart discord is 125 discordynes and the first house discord is 70 discordynes. Madrid's chart is worse. Total chart discord is 171 discordynes and the first house discord is 87 discordynes. Only time will tell how the discord in these charts works out for the people of Britain and Spain.

Copyright DW Sutton, 2013. All rights reserved.

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