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Global events forecast: February 18, 2015 – March 20, 2015

by DW Sutton

The Pisces new-Moon occurs February 18, 2015 at 11.47.15pm UT and a country’s lunation chart provides a forecast model of events for the period February 18 to March 20, 2015. The Sun-Moon lunation is square (obstacle) Saturn – planet of security, hardship, unemployment, disease, loss and despair; semisquare (friction) Uranus – planet of social unrest, extremists, demonstrations and radical change; conjunction (prominence) Neptune – planet of schemes, deception, aviation, drugs and poisoning; and semisquare (friction) Pluto – planet of groups, unity, disunity, hostages, coercion and kidnapping.

Washington lunation chart – February 18, 2015 at 6.47.15pm EST

Pisces Lunation


In the Washington chart the Sun-Moon-Neptune conjunction is in house 6 – work, employees, public servants – police, firemen etc – sickness and food. It marks for job creation schemes, sickness, drug problems and food poisoning. Saturn in house 3 – transportation, roads, newspapers, social media, rumors and neighboring countries – marks for transportation problems, fear driven rumors and loss for a newspaper. Uranus in house 8 – death, debt and taxes – marks for tax reforms and social unrest in response to sudden deaths. And Pluto in house 5 – stock market, children, theme parks and schools – marks for coercion and drastic measures involving children and places where children congregate.

Aquarian Age chart

Progressed Moon moves to form a sesquisquare (agitation) aspect with birthchart Mars (strife, war, conflict, accidents and fires) on February 12, 2015. The aspect will be at its peak power and discord on March 15 – coinciding with the Mars-Uranus conjunction in the sky (perfect March 11) and providing powerful stimulation to the strife and conflict agenda. The aspect moves out of orb on April 15, 2015.

Aspects in the sky

Jupiter is trine Uranus on March 3, 2015

Mars is conjunction Uranus on March 11, 2015

Uranus is square Pluto on March 17, 2015

Cycle chart update

In the Neptune cycle Neptune inconjunct Pluto ends on March 11; Neptune conjunction Mercury starts on February 15 – peak date is March 13, 2015. In the Uranus cycle Uranus moves to form a friction (semisquare) aspect with Neptune on February 13 – peak date is March 6, 2015.

In the Saturn cycle Saturn is parallel (intensity) Jupiter, Mercury and Uranus. On February 11 Saturn moves to form a luck (trine) aspect with Saturn – end date is April 14; on February 14 Saturn moves to form an opportunity (sextile) aspect with Mars – end date is April 12; on February 19 Saturn moves to form a prominence (conjunction) aspect with Pluto – end date is April 6; and on February 20 Saturn moves to form a intensity (parallel) aspect with Neptune – end date is March 18, 2015. There are two aspects formed in the Jupiter cycle.

On February 21 a new Mars cycle starts and during the forecast period there are twelve aspects formed in the chart. Mars events will occur 36 hours before or after the aspect’s peak date. Events mapped by Sun aspects in the Sun cycle will occur on the date indicated.

Global events forecast February 18 – March 20, 2015

Progressed Moon is sesquisquare Mars in Aquarian age chart – a stimulus to the war and conflict agenda; strife, shootings, aggressive violence, speed related deaths, accidents, fires > peak date is March 15

Neptune is inconjunct Pluto in Neptune cycle – idealistic cooperation; visionary groups; deception and coercion; kidnappings; hostage taking; coercive action by oil producers; drugs, drug trafficking and organized crime > end date is March 11

Neptune is conjunction Mercury in Neptune cycle – controversial schemes; idealistic announcements; oil talks and conferences; inflation worries; planes and aviation; drugs and poisons; lies and deception; deceitful journalists; a Hollywood controversy; widespread chaos and confusion; frauds and swindles; a great deception. Neptune fights for freedom and democracy peacefully > peak date is March 13.

Uranus is semisquare Neptune in Uranus cycle – the freedom and democracy dream ignites social unrest; strikes, protests and demonstrations; uprisings and freedom fighting; radical moves by the oil producers; the militant extremists are after the oil; dream technology; rebellious socialists; drug exposés; aviation reforms; a Hollywood scandal; extreme deception > peak date is March 6

Saturn is parallel Jupiter, parallel Mercury, parallel Uranus, trine Saturn and sextile Mars in Saturn cycle. Saturn stands for fear, security, hardship, unemployment, natural disasters, droughts, floods, grief, suffering, farming and mining.

February 19: Saturn conjunction Pluto in Saturn cycle starts – drastic security measures; losses for groups; the globalization of fear and grief; insidious coercion; hardship and suffering; kidnappings; drastic weather events > end date is April 6

February 20: Mars in the sky moves into orb of a conjunction aspect with Uranus. The aspect is at its peak power and discord on March 11 and ends April 2 – see feature article

Saturn parallel Neptune in Saturn cycle starts – airline security; aviation losses; fear and deception; losses for the pharmaceutical industry; Hollywood grief; idealism gets a reality check; exaggerated fear > end date is March 18

Jupiter parallel Mars is Jupiter cycle ends

February 21: New Mars cycle starts with Mars conjunction Venus and sesquisquare Jupiter – social violence, financial strife and religious violence

February 22: Sun is conjunction Mercury in Sun cycle – major announcements

February 23: Jupiter sesquisquare Venus and opposition Sun in Jupiter cycle end

Mars is semisextile Sun in Mars cycle – strife for a world leader; angry politicians; political bickering

February 24: Sun is conjunction Neptune in Sun cycle – Neptune conjunction Mercury in Neptune cycle and Uranus semisquare Neptune in Uranus cycle are stimulated

February 25: Jupiter opposition Mars in Jupiter cycle ends

Mars is trine Saturn in Mars cycle – a boost for manufacturing; fast planning; security initiatives; anger and grief; mining accidents; destructive weather events

February 28: Mars is sextile Mercury in Mars cycle – angry words; war talk; strife for a journalist; the sword is mightier than the pen

March 1: Mars is semisextile Neptune in Mars cycle – drug busts; covert policing; strife for an airline; enterprising schemes; fires and accidents

Sun is sesquisquare Mars and trine Jupiter in Sun cycle – strife, violence, accidents, fires; financial matters, hope and optimism

March 2: Jupiter inconjunct Moon is Jupiter cycle starts – financial help for the common people; rising food prices; sell the family silver > peak date is March 12

Sun is parallel Mars in Sun cycle – strife, accidents and fires

March 3: Jupiter is trine Uranus in the sky – good news for financial markets; financial reforms; optimistic bankers; a surprising announcement by a religious leader

March 4: Mars parallel Moon in Mars cycle starts – strife in the home; domestic/family violence; shootings; accidents; fires > peak date is March 7

Sun is sextile Pluto in Sun cycle – calls for unity and cooperation

March 6: Uranus is semisquare Neptune in Uranus cycle – see start of report for event forecast > end date is March 25

Mars is conjunction Moon in Mars cycle – 24 hours of strife and violence; rows, arguments and squabbling; guns and bombs; family/domestic violence; the civilians in the war zones are in harm’s way; shootings; accidents; fires

Mars parallel Uranus in Mars cycle starts – military moves; surprise attacks; the violence turns extreme; car bombings; suicide bombers; terror attacks; social unrest; strikes, protects and demonstrations > peak date is March 9

March 7: Jupiter sesquisquare Uranus in Jupiter cycle starts – financial shock-waves; currency turmoil; radical moves by bankers; extreme religions; startling religious news; law reform; peak date is March 19

Mars is parallel Moon in Mars cycle – see March 4 for event forecast

March 8: Sun is trine Moon in Sun cycle – Mars conjunction Moon is stimulated

March 9: Mars is parallel Uranus in Mars cycle – see March 6 for event forecast

March 10: Mars is conjunction Uranus in Mars cycle – strife and turmoil; rebellions, uprisings; social unrest; freedom fighting; extremists attacks; an escalation in the fighting; shootings, car bombings, terror attacks

Sun is parallel Uranus in Sun cycle – Mars conjunction Uranus in the sky is stimulated

March 11: Mars is conjunction Uranus in the sky – see feature article

Mars is square Pluto in Mars cycle – terror attacks; insidious violence; atrocities by terror groups; beheadings; violent coercion; kidnappings; sieges; hostage taking; mob violence; shootings; mass murders; police brutality

Mars is square Pluto in the sky – see previous

Neptune inconjunct Pluto in Neptune cycle ends

March 12: Jupiter is inconjunct Moon in Jupiter cycle – see March 2 for event forecast > end date is March 31

Mars is trine Jupiter in Mars cycle – calls to end the fighting; money markets in turmoil; a money war; angry attacks on a religion; churches are burning; fires; accidents

March 13: Neptune is conjunction Mercury in Neptune cycle – see start of report for event-forecast > end date is April 12

Sun is trine Saturn in Sun cycle – grief, despair and suffering

March 15: Progressed Moon is sesquisquare Mars in Aquarian age chart – see start of report for event forecast > end date is April 15

Mars is semisquare Sun in Mars cycle – Mars conjunction Uranus in the sky and progressed Moon sesquisquare Mars in Aquarian age chart are stimulated; warring politicians; an attack on a world leader; political strife; accidents; shootings; fires

March 17: Uranus is square Pluto in the sky – see feature article

Mars is sesquisquare Saturn in Mars cycle – anger and grief; heavy losses in the fighting; suffering and despair; disease; destructive weather events; natural disasters; mining accidents; accidents; fires

March 19: Jupiter is sesquisquare Uranus in Jupiter cycle > see March 7 for event forecast > end date is May 11

March 20: New Sun cycle starts

Copyright DW Sutton, 2015. All rights reserved.

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