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Mars Conjunction Neptune in the sky: January 20, 2015


by DW Sutton

Mars in the sky moves to form a conjunction aspect with Neptune on January 20, 2015 at 12.08am UT. And it’s a very dangerous high-discord astrological event. Each country has its own chart and with enough local political, economic and social data you can predict the events most likely to occur.

Mars stands for strife, war, conflict, provocation, aggressive force, military offensives, violence, brutality, massacres, bombs, guns, shootings, knives, beheadings, hate, anger, sexual violence, rape, alcohol fueled violence, infectious diseases, accidents and fires. He rules the army, police, firefighters, militants and hot-heads and gets his justice by taking revenge. Neptune is the planet of utopian schemes, oil, gas, chemicals, biological weapons, poisons, legal and illegal drugs, drug trafficking, the pharmaceutical industry, stock companies, get rich quick schemes, planes, aviation, movies, pornography, socialism, inflation, slavery, refugees, complex social issues, confusion, chaos, deception, lies, fraud, fantasy, hoaxes, celebrity, breathtaking exaggeration, razzle-dazzle, hocus pocus, myths and Hollywood thinking.

There are currently two global conflicts – the war on terror and the war on drugs – and the Mars-Neptune conjunction aspect in the sky on January 20 marks for terror attacks and an escalation in the war on drugs. Terror groups like Al Qaeda, Taliban, Hezbollah, Hamas and Boko Haram will be actively spreading terror. Mexico and Colombia are the main battle grounds in the war on drugs. Mexico has the Mars-Neptune conjunction in house 8 (death). Neptune is the planet of oil and gas and the civil conflict in the Ukraine involves pro-Russian separatists and Europe needs Russia’s oil and gas.

Neptune stands for oil and OPEC – The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries. In 2014 OPEC comprised twelve members: Algeria, Angola, Ecuador, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Libya, Nigeria, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Venezuela. Oil is a transportation fuel and the world guzzles oil. OPEC oil production affects global oil prices and a war in the Middle East will affect the price of oil. In the second half of 2014 the price of oil halved. Mars is the planet of strife and conflict.

In the conflict zones – and they include Egypt, Libya, Nigeria, Somalia, Sudan, Kenya, Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, Philippines, Israel, Palestine, Iraq, Kurdistan, Yemen and Syria – the fighting will escalate and planes will dropping bombs. Mars-Neptune signs for strife, movies and Hollywood (The Interview), a spy scandal, strife for the aviation industry, plane crashes and aviation accidents, very confusing developments, deception and lies, poisoning, fires, accidents, shootings, and alcohol and drug fueled violence.

Whether the Mars-Neptune conjunction can produce any beneficial events remains to be seen. The police and drug authorities should have victories in the war on the drug traffickers. And there should be progress in finding drug therapies to combat Ebola. But if Neptune’s idealism sources visionary schemes for social betterment the expectation will not be realized. Whatever Neptune promises can be discounted by 90%.

The Mars-Neptune conjunction is square Saturn – planet of loss, hardship, debt, austerity, unemployment and suffering. Its influence will start on January 1 when Mars moves to within 15º of Neptune – the orb allowed a conjunction aspect – and will gradually escalate reaching its peak power and discord on January 20. It will then gradually diminish in power and will cease to have an influence on February 9 when Mars moves beyond 15º of Neptune.

Major events and developments will be timed by aspects in the Mars cycle and aspects involving Mars and Neptune in the Sun cycle and lunation charts – they act as triggers.

January 3: Mars is semisquare Uranus in Mars cycle<  
January 4: Mars is semisextile Sun in Mars cycle  
January 6: Mars is sextile Moon in Mars cycle  
January 7: Mars is semisquare Pluto in Mars cycle  
January 11: Mars is parallel Saturn in Mars cycle
Sun is semisquare Neptune in Sun cycle
January 14: Mars is parallel Moon in Mars cycle  
January 15: Mars is square Saturn in the sky
Mars is semisextile Mars in Mars cycle
Sun is square Mars in Sun cycle
January 17: Mars is conjunction Neptune in Mars cycle  
January 18: Mars is parallel Neptune in Mars cycle  
January 20: Mars is conjunction (and parallel) Neptune in the sky
Mars is conjunction Mercury in Mars cycle
January 22: Mars is semisextile Uranus in Mars cycle  
January 24: Mars is square Jupiter in Mars cycle  
January 26: Mars is trine Saturn in Mars cycle  
January 27: Mars is sextile Pluto in Mars cycle  
January 29: Mars is parallel Mercury in Mars cycle  
February 7: Mars is conjunction Venus in Mars cycle  

Mars Conjunction Neptune Around the Globe

The chart for a specified country, by mapping the house position of the Mars-Neptune conjunction, identifies the area of mundane life directly impacted by the energy-event in the sky. And because Mars – the planet of war and conflict – is involved certain houses in a global astrology chart attain a higher level of interest and importance.

House 7 is the house of open enemies, war and conflict and a country only goes to war when this house is strongly stimulated. The stimulation can mark for violent provocation by a known enemy, an attack by an open enemy and involvement or an escalation in involvement in a foreign conflict. America, Canada, Argentina and Chile have the Mars-Neptune conjunction in house 7. America is actively involved in the war on terror and has many enemies. The US – North Korea hacking dispute is set to escalate. Neptune marks for Sony pictures and The Interview. (The cyber attack on Sony Pictures occurred November 24, 2015 with Uranus square MC in the US Uranus cycle chart and Uranus square Pluto in the sky. The situation escalated as the Uranus-Pluto square aspect reached its peak power and discord on December 15.)

Mars-Neptune Conjunction Chart: Washington

Washington DC


House 4 is the house of land, territories and natural resources and these are things that governments and groups fight over. And a country with the Mars-Neptune conjunction in house 4 is having this area of its mundane agenda stimulated. The stimulation can mark for a territorial dispute, an escalation in the fighting that seeks land and natural resources and the destruction of homes and buildings. Germany, Greece, Italy, Algeria, Libya. Egypt, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Ukraine, Israel, Palestine, Lebanon and Turkey have the Mars-Neptune conjunction in house 4.

Mars-Neptune Conjunction Chart: Jerusalem


Mars-Neptune Conjunction Chart: Damascus


Mars-Neptune Conjunction Chart: Kiev


House 1 is the house of domestic issues, the people and their welfare and people have to fight for what they think is right for them. And a country with the Mars-Neptune conjunction in house 1 is having this area of its mundane agenda stimulated. This stimulation can mark for civil violence, aggressive action by certain sections of the community, violent confrontation with Mars highlighting the role of the police and armed forces in what eventuates and a surge in violent behavior, accidents and fires. China, Indonesia, Philippines, North Korea, South Korea, Thailand and Vietnam have the Mars-Neptune conjunction in house 1.

Mars-Neptune Conjunction Chart: Beijing


House 2 is the house of finances, budget-money matters, the currency and banks. The Mars-Neptune conjunction here marks for financial disputes, currency strife and fraudulent financial deals. Afghanistan, Burma, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka have the Mars-Neptune conjunction in house 2.

House 3 is the house of communications, transportation and neighboring countries. The Mars-Neptune conjunction here marks for strife-chaos with communications and transportation and arguments and disputes with a neighboring country. Russia, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Yemen and Somalia have the Mars-Neptune conjunction in house 3.

House 5 is the house of speculation, the stock market, entertainment, sport, children and teenagers. The Mars-Neptune conjunction here marks for strife-chaos with the share market, widespread illegal gambling, drugs in sport, violent teenagers and acts of violence involving children. Great Britain, France, Spain and Liberia have the Mars-Neptune conjunction in house 5.

House 6 is the house of labor, trade unions and sickness. The Mars-Neptune conjunction here marks for angry workers, aggressive action by unionists, labor disputes, work-place accidents and fires, and infectious disease. Brazil has the Mars-Neptune conjunction in house 6.

House 12 is the house of secrets, secret enemies, back-room deals, spies, prisons, displaced persons and refugees. The Mars-Neptune conjunction here marks for a spy scandal, an attack by a secret enemy, prison violence and fires and the harsh treatment of refugees. Japan and Australia have the Mars-Neptune conjunction in house 12.

Copyright DW Sutton, 2015. All rights reserved.

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