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Global Events Report - Mars conjunction Neptune

February 4 – Jordan: King Abdullah II has promised to fight back hard against Islamic State, saying that the death of a Jordanian pilot at the militants' hands will not be in vain. Mars - the planet of fighting - in Jordan’s Mars cycle chart (starting February 21) and its Mars-Uranus conjunction chart (perfect March 11) is in house 7 (war).

Jordan: Jordan executes two convicted prisoners, including a female jihadist, following the killing of pilot Muath Al-Kasesbeh by Islamic State (IS) militants.  Mars is the planet of revenge.

Taipei, Taiwan: A TransAsia plane crashes (Mars-Neptune) into a river near the Taiwanese capital, Taipei killing at least 12 people.

Ukraine crisis: the fighting escalates (Mars) and the death toll mounts as pro-Russian rebels order a mass mobilization.  Putin continues to deny involvement. Neptune is the planet of denial.

February 3 – Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant: Jordanian air force pilot Muath Al-Kasesbeh is burnt (Mars) alive in a cage. His execution is believed to have occurred on January 3.  ISIL’s butchery hits a new barbaric low.

February 1 – Maiduguri, Nigeria: The Nigerian army (Mars) repels and assault by Boko Haram Islamist militants. 
January 31 – Ukraine: fighting rages as Ukraine and Russian backed separatists conduct peace talks.
Islamic States of Iraq and the Levant:  Japanese hostage, Kenji Goto is executed (Mars). Mars was conjunction Neptune in the sky and Mars was parallel Mercury in Mars cycle.
January 30 – Shindh province, Pakistan: Sunni militants kill at least 40 people and injure 50 in a bombing (Mars) at a Shiite mosque. Jupiter (places of worship) was parallel Mars (bombs) in Jupiter cycle. 
January 29 - Afghanistan: Taliban attacks kill 17 people. 
Baghdad, Iraq: Bombings and shootings (Mars) kill at least 16.
Egypt: Attacks on Egyptian army and police targets (Mars) kill at least 25 people. Ansar Beit al-Maqdis claim responsibility. Mars was parallel Mercury in Mars cycle.

January 28 - Israel-Hezbollah:  Two Israeli soldiers (Mars) and a Spanish UN peacekeeper are killed as Hezbollah militants trade fire (Mars) with Israeli forces on the Lebanese border. Israeli forces responded by firing shells into southern Lebanon.  Mars was conjunction Neptune in the sky and Mars was sextile Pluto in Mars cycle.

January 27 – New York, USA: The US National Weather Service (Saturn) admits that its forecast prediction that a ‘potentially historic blizzard’ would strike New York was wrong. Mars was trine (luck) Saturn (destructive weather events) in the Mars cycle.

January 26 – Washington, USA: The FBI has charged three men it says were spying (Neptune) for Russia and trying to recruit sources in New York City.

Albacete, Spain: A Greek F-16 fighter jet crashes (Mars-Neptune) into other planes at the Los Llanos military base killing 10 people.

Kobane, Syria: After a four month battle Kurdish forces (Mars) drive Islamic State forces from the northern Syrian town. 

Egypt: At least 18 people are killed in clashes between police (Mars) and protestors across Egypt.

January 25 – Athens, Greece: Anti-austerity Syriza party (Neptune) wins Greek election sending shock waves through Europe. With Mars square Jupiter (currency values) in the Mars cycle the euro fell to an 11 year low.

Maiduguri, Nigeria: Boko Haram fighters attack (Mars) the strategically important city with dozens reported dead. 

Pakistan: Eighty per cent of the country is plunged into darkness. The blackout (Uranus-Pluto) is blamed on a militant attack (Mars).

January 24 – Syria:  A Japanese hostage, Haruna Yukawa, is beheaded (Mars) by Islamic State militants. 

Anaheim, California: A measles outbreak (Mars) involving at least 85 cases spreads to six other states.

January 23 – Saudi Arabia:  King Abdullah dies – what now for oil production (Neptune) and prices? 
Liberia:  The first batch of an experimental vaccine against Ebola (Mars) has been sent Liberia.
Science: Expert world watchers move the Doomsday Clock forward two minutes. Due to the threat of global nuclear war and climate change it’s now at three minutes to midnight.  Has Neptune got it right?
January 22 - The European Central Bank (Jupiter) announces a money-creation program (Jupiter) aimed at printing more than one trillion (Neptune) new euros.  Jupiter was parallel Sun in Jupiter cycle.  The timing of this Neptune announcement indicates the scheme has exaggerated expectations. 
Sanaa, Yemen: The president and prime minister have resigned in protest at the takeover of Sanaa by Shia Houthi rebels.  This could become a major US foreign policy problem.
Ukraine crisis: Pro-Russian forces regain the airport in Donetsk.  As the Mars-Neptune conjunction reached its peak discord the fighting escalated. Truce talks are being rejected as are calls to end the fighting. 

January 21 – Ukraine:  President Petro Poroshenko accuses Russia of sending 9,000 soldiers (Mars) to help separatists in eastern Ukraine.
Russia:  Gazprom, a Russian state-owned gas company (Neptune) announces a plan to shift its European natural gas pipeline (Neptune) from Ukraine to Turkey, through a proposed link under the Black Sea to Turkey.
January 20 – Sanaa, Yemen: following months of unrest Shia Houthi rebels (Uranus) take over the residence of the President amidst calls to adjust the country’s power structure. Houthi militias (Mars) are seeking greater autonomy for their home province.
Oil services company Baker Hughes (Neptune) will lay off 7000 people due to falling (Saturn) crude oil prices – Saturn is square Neptune in the sky.
January 19 – Mali: The country’s health minister reports that the country is now free of the Ebola virus (Mars), after 42 days without a new case of the disease.

January 18 - Golan Heights:  An Israeli air strike (Mars-Neptune) kills five Hezbollah fighters in the Syrian sector of the Golan Heights.

Syria: 35 Syrian soldiers (Mars) are killed in a cargo plane crash (Mars-Neptune) in north-western Idlib province. The crash was due to weather conditions and heavy fog (Neptune).

Indonesia: 6 drug traffickers (Neptune) are executed by firing squad (Mars) sparking diplomatic rows (Mars) with Brazil and the Netherlands. 

January 17 - Donetsk, Ukraine: The fighting (Mars) between government forces and Russian backed militants escalates with Ukrainian forces taking most of the area around the airport (Neptune).

January 16 - Syria:  The Islamic State (IS) militant group is reported to have executed (Mars) 15 people over the past 24 hours.

Mexico: authorities arrest Felipe Rodriguez, an alleged hitman (Mars) for the Guerreros drug cartel (Neptune) in connection to the September 26, 2014 death of 43 college students.

January 15 – Verviers, Belgium: Police (Mars) kill two suspected terrorists during an anti-terrorism raid. Mars was conjunction Neptune in the sky and Mars was semisextile Mars in Mars cycle.

Target announces it will close all of its 133 stores in Canada and put Target Canada into bankruptcy.  Mars was square Saturn – planet of bankruptcy – in the sky.

January 14 – Malawi:  Flash flooding claims at least 170 lives with 100,000 homeless.  Mars was square Saturn – planet of floods – in the sky.

January 11 - Paris, France: more than three million people take part in unity marches across France after 17 people die in three days of deadly terror attacks in Paris.

January 10 – Karachi, Pakistan: 57 people are killed when an oil tanker truck (Neptune) collides (Mars) with a passenger coach.

Mozambique: a mass poisoning (Neptune) involving beer (Mars) that was deliberately contaminated with crocodile bile or foxglove flowers leaves at least 72 dead.

January 7 – Sanaa, Yemen: a car bomb explodes (Mars) outside a police college (Mars) with at least 38 people dead and more than 50 wounded;

Paris, France - gunman attack the office of Charlie Hebdo a French cartoon company, killing 12 people: Mars (gun’s, shooting) was conjunction Neptune (cartoons, cartoonists and cartoon companies) in the sky and Mars was semisquare Pluto (terror attacks) in the Mars cycle. The high discord third house (magazines) dominates the French Mars-Neptune chart with the Mars-Neptune conjunction in house 5 (risks and hazards.) Click here for the French Mars-Neptune chart

January 6 - Ukraine: A military truck (Mars) collides with a bus carrying members of Ukraine’s National Guard killing 12 soldiers and injuring 20 others. Mars (accidents, crashes) was conjunction Neptune in the sky and Mars was sextile Moon in Mars cycle.

January 3 – 2015 Baga massacre: Islamist militia Boko Haram carry out widespread mass killings in the Nigerian town of Baga with over 2,000 people reported killed. The massacre lasted four days from January 3 to January 7. Mars was conjunction Neptune in the sky and Mars (massacres) was semisquare Uranus, sextile Moon and semisquare Pluto (mass killings) in the Mars cycle.

Copyright DW Sutton, 2015. All rights reserved.

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