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Mars Conjunction Neptune In The Sky – February 4, 2013


By DW Sutton

Mars and Neptune in the sky form a conjunction aspect approximately every 2 years. The last one occurred on February 21, 2011. Two months earlier, on December 14, 2010, Mars had formed a conjunction aspect with Pluto and on December 17 events in Tunisia heralded the start of The Arab Spring. By mid February anti-government, pro-democracy, demonstrators had taken to the streets in Bahrain, Algeria, Yemen, Libya, Iran and Jordan. On February 11, 2011 Hosni Mubarak resigned as dictator (Pluto) of Egypt and handed over power to the military (Mars). By then civil war had broken out in Libya and on February 21 the Libyan Air Force (Neptune) launched air strikes on crowds of protestors. Then, over the next two weeks, uncertainty over Libyan oil output (Neptune) caused oil prices to rise 20% resulting in the 2011 energy crisis.

Mars is the planet of strife, conflict, war, hate, torture, anger, belligerence, resentment and antagonism. He marks for violence – vicious attacks, alcohol fueled violence and shootings. He rules the army, military and police – guns, bombs and knives – and is the accident and fire planet. And in 2013 the television news services are obliged to provide you with a vivid report on today’s Mars mayhem – the latest attacks, shootings, bombings, stabbings, drunken brawls, accidents and fires.

Neptune is the planet of oil, gas, chemicals, legal and illegal drugs, socialism, inflation, slavery, schemes, complex matters, complicated social issues, confusion, chaos, deception, lies, fraud, hoaxes, hocus pocus, myths, magic, mystery and Hollywood thinking. He rules the pharmaceutical, aviation, movie, pornography and fantasy industries and is theatrical, dramatic, vague and prone to exaggerate.

But in the October 1934 edition of The Occult Digest Elbert Benjamine commenting on the Mars-Neptune conjunction that formed in the sky on November 11, 1934 provided a perspective on the aspect based on what was happening back then. He wrote:

‘A war of unparalleled proportions only a short time past took from their bodies amid horrors too dreadful to contemplate, millions of men. Hate filled their hearts. They were taken out suddenly, blown to bits, gassed, shot, bayoneted. Many were able to make a satisfactory adjustment to the life on the plane where they now found them selves. Those who had some knowledge of the after-life conditions could more easily be reached and helped by the nurses and healers of the inner plane.

But out of so many who were forced abruptly from physical life, there are great numbers in whom hatred, revenge, lust for blood and all the brutal desires engendered by the war yet linger. These, by their thoughts and desires, are still bound to earth and seek some way by which they can satisfy their craving to inflict injury on the enemy.

Thus, close to the earth in the frequency of their vibratory rates, are a vast throng of combatants who still have war in their hearts – especially in Europe, the scene of their distress. They crave some redress for the agony they have endured; for separation from homes and families.

This invisible legion who still hope for opportunity to punish their foes find little opportunity to express themselves on the physical plane or to influence its affairs in the hum-drum of the ordinary pursuits of life. But when people think about their injustices, when they talk of hate, and especially when some instrument of the invisible war-lords lashes them with his oratory into intense feelings of desire for reprisal and revenge, their nervous systems then tune their etheric currents in on the same thoughts and desires held by the invisible legion.

In considering Europe, therefore, on the physical plane we have economic and political conditions which, because of their severity and lack of justice, stir the hearts of people to resentment and desperation. This, however, is only half the story; because hovering over the populace, still seeking an avenue by which to carry on the war in which they were slain, is a multitude of earthbound souls who hope to eventually right what they consider to be an ancient wrong.

Except those who are unusually negative and mediumistic, most people – so long as their feelings are not aroused – are not greatly influenced by these discarnate soldiers who have not yet made proper adjustment to their new plane of life. Peacetime thoughts are of a vibration too dissimilar to permit a ready exchange of energies with those still dominated by war.

When, however, people are lashed to frenzy by the oratory of some jingo leader, or when their burdens and injustices cause them to cry out their hate, this feeling tunes their nervous systems to the same vibratory frequency as that of the war-mad discarnate soldiers. Then the etheric currents flowing over their nerves pick up, in full volume, the thoughts and commands of the invisible legion.

Under such conditions, those whose reason counsels avoidance of further strife, whose correct appraisal of values makes them realize the futility of war, become so dominated by the invisible intelligences they have thus tuned in on, that, for the time being, they are as irresponsible as the members of a mob who have raided a jail for a lynching. Through such a process, although unconscious of its source, a whole nation sometimes is plunged into a craze to destroy. In this, quite as much as in the factors which statesmen stress, lies the present danger to Europe.

The other invisible factor, the astrological influence, operates in a not dissimilar manner. Planetary influences are energies of the astral, or fourth-dimensional, plane, comparable to weather conditions on the earth. The radiations may be harmonious, or discordant, as the case may be. These energies at all times bombard the earth. The aspects in a birth chart are stellar aerials which are tuned to pick up certain of these planetary vibrations, and to not pick up others.

However, in addition to the planetary energies which normally are picked up, and which consequently influence their lives; people also tune in, by their thoughts and feelings as already described, on corresponding planetary vibratory rates. Man has the ability, through the use of his thoughts and feelings, to tune his nervous system in on the planetary vibrations he desires to receive. They’re the means by which, in great measure, he can control his destiny.

A man, by his thoughts and acts, builds into himself the aerials indicated by the aspects in his astrological chart, and nations build into the lives of their populace, the stellar aerials which pick up certain planetary vibrations freely and other planetary vibrations scarcely at all. The heavy planetary aspects shed their vibrations upon the whole world; but certain peoples pick them up, radio fashion, more strongly, and are influenced by them, while other peoples, whose thinking is different, feel the influence very little.

On Armistice Day of this year, Mars, the planet of strife, comes conjunction Neptune, the planet of socialism. The concentration of these two converging streams of astral energy cannot fail to bring another crisis close to November 11. And because Neptune influences to reception of unseen vibrations, and because Mars is the military planet, the invisible legion of war and strife will have unusual opportunity to make itself felt. This will be particularly true in Germany. The astral weather indicated by the chart is such as to strongly tune the nervous systems of the populace in on the thoughts and desires of the discarnate war-mad soldiers. It is up to the populace whether they will permit the invisible legion thus closely contacted to dominate their actions, or whether they will retain self-control and be guided by reason.’

And now, seventy years later, the militants and zealots are just as fanatical as ever – they’re fighting for a cause – and those who die fighting continue to maintain their rage and fanatical convictions. And with society dominated by a mood of anger, confrontation and belligerence it will be hard to ‘retain self-control and be guided by reason’ as Mars and Neptune come together to form a conjunction aspect in the sky on February 4, 2013 at 8.56pm UT. The aspect marks for an escalation in the fighting, violent confrontation, the use of chemical weapons, oil fires, oil rig disasters, gas explosions and gun and drug related violence. Many of the combatants in the warzones are in a drug induced state of mind. It’s the only way they can deal with the horrors of modern warfare.

Mars Conjunction Neptune – 3.56pm EST, February 4, 2013 Washington

The chart for Washington has the Mars-Neptune conjunction in house 8 (death, debt and taxes). It forms an exact high-discord obstacle (square) aspect with the Moon in house 5 (schools, children and movies); a prominence (conjunction) aspect with Mercury – planet of talk, rhetoric and controversy – in house 8; and an obstacle (square) aspect with Jupiter – planet of good-will and legal matters – in house 11 (Congress). Mars – planet of guns and violence – is cusp ruler of house 10 (the President) and house 5 (schools, children, games and movies); and Neptune – planet of confusion and involved affairs – is cusp ruler of house 9 (constitutional rights and laws). House 8 dominates the chart and is high in discord (45.14 discordynes). You can’t help thinking that it’s a particularly dangerous looking chart.

Mars is the planet of strife, aggression and hostile behavior and Neptune is the planet of oil, drugs and inflation so the influence of these things on death, debt and taxes can’t be discounted. But it’s highly likely that the aspect will focus on the gun debate (Mars rules the NRA) that got re-ignited following the Sandy Hook massacre. It occurred under Mars conjunction Pluto and with Neptune adding fuel to the debate during the second half of January and early February 2013 you can expect a lot of Hollywood thinking as violence (Mars) in movies (Neptune) and violent video games (house 5) take center stage. The experts tell us that it’s a complicated issue, so it must be, but with Neptune – the planet of deceit, lies, duplicity and hyperbole – involved it could be an illusion fueled debate. Neptune’s intention – via his agents here on Earth – will be to make the matter so confusing that you won’t know what’s going on or who to believe. The first casualty of war is truth.

Mars Conjunction Neptune – 10.56pm EET, February 4, 2013 Damascus, Syria

The Mars-Neptune conjunction for Syria is presented because much concern has been expressed over the possibility of the Syrian regime using chemical weapons in its war against the freedom fighters and insurgents.

In this chart the Mars-Neptune conjunction is in house 4 (the opposition forces, homes and land). The Moon is in house 2 (finances), Mercury is in house 4 and Jupiter is in house 8 (death). Mars – the planet of strife, guns and bombs – is cusp ruler of house 6 (the army), house 7 (the international community) and house 2; and Neptune – the planet of chemical weapons – is cusp ruler of house 5 (children and risk). House 4 dominates the chart with 30% of the chart’s total power. It maps important events and developments involving Bashar al-Assad’s opponents.

Mars Conjunction Neptune – 2.56pm CST, February 4, 2013 Mexico City, Mexico

The Mars-Neptune conjunction chart for Mexico is presented because the aspect often coincides with significant developments in the war on drugs.

In this chart the Mars-Neptune conjunction is in house 9 (trade, legal matters, laws and the courts). The Moon is in house 6 (the police); Mercury is in house 9 and Jupiter is in house 12 (criminals and illegal activities). Mars – the planet of violence – is cusp ruler of house 11 (parliament) and house 6 (the police and army); and Neptune – the planet of drugs – is cusp ruler of house 10 (the administration and President). House 9 dominates with 21.1% of the chart’s power.

A Mars-Neptune Conjunction Aspect Time-line

January 22 – Mars moves into orb of a conjunction with Neptune

January 23 – Mars is parallel Moon in Mars cycle
  Mars is semisquare Pluto in Mars cycle
January 31 – Mars is sesquisquare Saturn in Mars cycle
  Mars is parallel Saturn in the sky
February 1 – Mars is semisquare Sun in Mars cycle
  Mars is conjunction Neptune in Mars cycle
February 3 – Mars is parallel Neptune in Mars cycle
February 4 – Mars is parallel Mercury in Mars cycle
  Mars is conjunction Neptune in the sky
  The aspect is at its peak power from February 2 to February 6
February 6 – Mars is parallel Neptune in the sky
February 10 – Mars is square Jupiter in the sky
February 11– Mars is sextile Pluto in Mars cycle
February 15 – Mars is conjunction Venus in Mars cycle
February 19 – Mars is semisquare Moon in Mars cycle
March 3 – Mars moves out of orb of a conjunction with Neptune

Published 1-17-2013

Copyright DW Sutton, 2013. All rights reserved.

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