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The 2013 Sun Cycle


By DW Sutton

The astrological year commences when the Sun enters the zodiac sign Aries. It’s an important astrological event that occurs March 20, 2013 at 11.02am UT according to Raphael’s Ephemeris. But The American Ephemeris for the 21st Century and The Complete Ephemerides – 2000-2050 give 11.03am UT, so the chart, which has a 12 month time-frame, has a AA-1 accuracy rating and at least a 30 second margin of error.

The Sun cycle chart is one of eight cycle charts. It’s a general event chart – not a specific event chart like the Mars cycle chart or the Pluto cycle chart – so the events and conditions it maps are general rather than specific. And it’s difficult to identify a major Sun cycle chart event because events mapped in the major cycle charts tend to headline the news. The Mars cycle chart influences the most important strife, violence and accident events; the Jupiter cycle  influences the most important financial and religious events; the Saturn cycle chart influences the most important work, hardship and security events; the Uranus cycle influences the most important protests, demonstrations and radical-change events: the Neptune cycle chart influences the most important fraud, scandal, oil, chemical, drug and aviation events: and the Pluto cycle influences the most important group, gang, cooperation, coercion, division, crime, terrorist, kidnapping and humanitarian events. It’s very important to understand the scope of the information provided by each of the major cycle charts.

Each country has an administrative capital that locates its Sun cycle chart and this means the same astrological image pictured in the chart – because the planets occupy different houses – influences each country differently. The planets by their house positions in the chart have a definite influence on a specified area of mundane life. This influence displays itself as fortunate and unfortunate events and a country's mundane life is the logical outcome of astrological energies operating on the here and now. The Sun has a political influence, Mars has a strife influence, Jupiter has a growth influence, Saturn has a contraction and loss influence, Uranus has a radical influence, Neptune has an illusion influence and Pluto has a coercive influence.

So the Sun cycle chart maps an inner-world astrological environment that will influence an existing political and economic climate for 12 months. Events occur through people – not the planets and houses – so it’s important to know the types of people ruled by each planet and house. In Course 13 – Mundane Astrology – CC Zain explains the influence of each planet in Mundane Astrology and the mundane-matters ruled by each house in a mundane chart. And the electronic and print media keeps you up to date with what is happening right now.

Harmony and discord

The astrodynes measure the astrology code pictured in the chart but their employment in predicting future mundane events and conditions awaits research and investigation.

Harmony displays itself as fortunate events and conditions. Jupiter is the most fortunate planet and his house position in a mundane chart indicates an agenda that will experience growth, progress and development. And the world today is desperate for some economic growth. If Jupiter is in house 5 a country’s share market will rise. But the chart won’t tell you by how many points. The people ruled by a high-harmony planet have a fortunate influence. But the bankers can have an unfortunate influence if Jupiter is discordant. The mundane affairs ruled by a harmonious house experience good fortune, gains and benefits, not through the harmonious planet, but through the effective actions of the peopled ruled by the planet that’s in the house.

Discord displays itself as unfortunate events and conditions. It spells hardship and struggle. Saturn is the most unfortunate planet and his house position in a mundane chart indicates an agenda that will experience misfortune, adversity, difficulties and loss. He causes delays, setbacks, falls and failures. And the world today is desperate for a little less misfortune. If Saturn is in house 5 the share market will fall. But the chart won’t tell you by how many points. The people ruled by a high-discord planet have an unfortunate influence. The mundane affairs ruled by a discordant house experience misfortune, struggle and adversity, not because of the discordant planet, but because of the misguided and ineffective actions of the people ruled by the planet that’s in the house.

The Sun’s aspect structure

In the 2013 Sun cycle chart the Sun’s aspect structure provides a general picture of global trends and the Sun is square (obstacle) Moon (the home and family, common people and groceries), conjunction Venus (peace moves, social activity, art and beauty), conjunction Mars (strife, violence, the military and manufacturing), sesquisquare (agitation) Saturn (security issues, land, farming and mining), conjunction Uranus (discontent, unrest, sudden change, radical events and invention), semisextile (growth) Neptune (idealism, fraud, drugs and stock companies) and square (obstacle) Pluto (groups, gangs, crime, cooperation, coercion and compulsory measures).

The strongest aspect is Sun conjunction Venus. Then Sun conjunction Mars and Sun conjunction Uranus. Sun square Moon is the worst aspect (although Moon square Uranus is the worst aspect in the chart.) The Sun’s aspects to Saturn, Neptune and Pluto are weak so their influence through the chart will be difficult to determine and identify. But one thing is for certain; with Mars (strife and violence) and Uranus (radical action and unexpected events) conjunction the Sun (and the Sun and Uranus conjunction Mars in the Mars cycle chart) these three planets will dominate the global agenda from March 20, 2013 to March 20, 2014. And with Venus (peace moves) conjunction the Sun her influence will be prominent too. But with the Sun, Mars and Uranus all square Moon things don’t bode well for the common people. The prominence of Venus in the chart does support the resolving of conflicts, but this requires teamwork and cooperation, something that an afflicted Pluto – it’s square Mars and Uranus – is not good at, and Mars does have a fondness for guns and killing.

The Sun’s house position

The Sun’s house position is very important. He’s the ruler of the chart and he marks for political power and political developments. And with Venus, Mars and Uranus conjunction Sun and, in many charts, in the same house the prominence stimulation to the affairs of this house is tremendous. At Kabul, Venus, Sun, Mars and Uranus are in house 8 (death and taxes). At London, Madrid, Paris, Rome, Berlin and Tripoli they’re in house 10 (the administration and prominent people). At Moscow, Athens, Jerusalem, Damascus and Cairo they’re in house 9 (laws, trade and trials). At Beijing they’re in house 6 (work, labor and sickness). At Canberra they’re in house 5 (children, sport, entertainment and speculation). And at Washington they’re in house 1 (domestic issues and the people).

(The March 14, 2013 Mars cycle is timed for 10.50am UT and the March 20, 2013 Sun cycle is timed for 11.02am UT and due to the close birth time the respective charts for most countries are very similar with Mars (Sun and Uranus) in the Mars cycle chart and the Sun (Mars and Uranus) in the Sun cycle chart in the same house. The affairs of this house will be under tremendous stimulation from March 20, 2013 to March 20, 2014.)

Tracking the Sun’s transit progressions

There’s no need to keep a tab on every aspect formed by the transit Sun to the planets in the Sun cycle chart. Note the days when the Sun forms a conjunction, square and opposition aspect with the planets in the chart – especially Venus, Mars and Uranus. These are the days when events mapped in the chart will occur, but there are so many news stories competing for attention that identifying a news story with the Sun cycle chart can be difficult. And getting a clear idea of general world trends from the sensation addicted media is nigh on impossible.

A brief look at some past Sun cycle charts

The past very often provides valuable astrological information and previous Sun cycle charts are well worth investigating. In the 5 Sun cycle charts influencing the Great War from 1914 and 1918 the Sun was square Pluto. Pluto was transiting the late degrees of Gemini and the early degrees of Cancer. (Pluto’s influence on world affairs was being felt long before his discovery in 1930). Then in the 7 Sun cycle charts influencing World War 2 between 1939 and 1945 the Sun was trine Pluto. Pluto was transiting the late degrees of Cancer and the early degrees of Leo.  

The Sun cycle charts from 1969 to 1976 had Sun opposition Pluto – with Pluto transiting the late degrees of Virgo and the early degrees of Libra. A quick glance at the history books reveals that this was a turbulent time and some might claim it was when Lower-Pluto moved into the White House. Among other things humanity had to deal with the Vietnam War, Watergate and an international oil crisis. And in each cycle chart from 2004 to 2012 the Sun was square Pluto – with Pluto transiting the late degrees of Sagittarius and the early degrees of Capricorn. So the big obstacle hindering human progress at this time was Lower-Pluto. And by all accounts the highly destructive Lower-Pluto thought-force had no problem recruiting misguided human souls to do his dirty work.

Sun cycle chart Washington – March 20, 2013 at 6.02am EST (77W01; 38N53)

Sun cycle chart Berlin – March 20, 2013 at 12.02pm CET (13E25; 52N30)

Sun cycle chart Beijing – March 20, 2013 at 7.02pm AWST (116E25; 39N55)

Published 3-14-2013

Copyright DW Sutton, 2013. All rights reserved.

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