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Mars conjunction Jupiter in the sky:
October 17, 2015

by DW Sutton

China's economic slowdown

Mars in the sky moves to form a conjunction aspect with Jupiter on October 17, 2015 at 10.40.18pm UT. And it’s a financially explosive moment with the aspect operating in a global environment wracked with financial woes. Each country has its own chart and with enough economic and financial data you can predict the events most likely to occur.

Mars provides a war, strife, violence, accident and fire report. He stands for conflict, provocation, aggressive force, military offensives, violence, brutality, massacres, bombs, guns, shootings, knives, beheadings, hate, anger, sexual violence, rape, alcohol fuelled violence, brawls and infectious diseases. He rules the military, army, police, fire fighters, militants and hot-heads and gets his justice by taking revenge.

Jupiter provides a finance, religion and law report. He stands for money, money, money, higher profits, higher wages and higher prices, expansion, economic growth, capitalism, currencies, banks, wealth creation, luxury goods, extravagance, commerce, trade, treaties, the law, law-making and new laws, courts, court cases, legal decisions, judges, juries, religion, clergy, philosophy, morals, ethics, benevolence, charity, generosity, hope and optimism, good-will, ships, shipping and publishing. He rules the financiers and bankers who feel good when financial markets rise.

In October 2015 the world is a hot-bed of conflict. Countries where wars are being fought include: Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nigeria, Ukraine, South Sudan, Israel/Gaza, Somalia and Yemen. Syria hosts the biggest war and Turkey was recently drawn into the fighting. There are serious conflicts in India, Uganda, Libya, Sudan and Egypt and insurgencies in Russia, Algeria and Myanmar etc. And North and South Korea recently engaged in sabre-rattling. And with Mars conjunction Jupiter in the sky the violence in these conflict hot-spots will escalate and new wars can erupt. But...Jupiter is the planet of arbitration and treaties so under this aspect countries can resolve their conflicts and sign peace treaties.

Money is the most important commodity on Earth so making money is more important than breathing and every country has financial problems. And Mars conjunction Jupiter can sign for financial disaster. Our high-tech New-Age lifestyles have to be financed and this requires taxes and other people’s money and the loans have to be repaid. Greece is in dire straits and Russia suffers due to economic sanctions. The world’s debt problem (Saturn) is beyond comprehension.

In the 21st-century religion has become a very dirty word as ISIL performs barbaric atrocities in the name of God. And with Mars conjunction Jupiter the out-of-control religious fervour that drives these evil souls will explode into vile destruction. And in the age of cyber-crime the very smart law-makers can’t keep up with super-smart cyber criminals. But Mars conjunction Jupiter signs for swift law-making, harsh justice and gun control laws and...

Strife for the financial sector; aggressive financial moves; financial stimulus; a currency war; financial rows; bickering bankers; a war on banks; escalating violence; religious inspired violence; barbaric atrocities by ISIL; burning churches; cruel and harsh religious teachings; religion under fire; a war on God; strife for the church and God’s worker’s; a trade war; a boost to the weapons trade; guns and bombs for sale; the judiciary under fire; strife for the legal fraternity; shipping accidents and fires. Note that astrology does not make precise predictions and that this Mars-Jupiter conjunction is merely an astrological event that makes certain types of events probable.

The Mars-Jupiter conjunction is square (obstacle) Moon — planet of basic food stuffs, water and the common people; conjunction (prominence) Venus — planet of women and peace moves; opposition (separation) Neptune — planet of schemes, oil, planes, investors, share markets, lies, deception and fraud; and trine (luck) Pluto — planet of drastic development, groups, cooperation and unity. Its influence will start on September 12 when Mars moves to within 15° of Jupiter and will gradually escalate reaching its peak power and discord on October 17. It will then gradually diminish in power and will cease to have an influence on November 20 when Mars moves beyond 15° of Jupiter.

Major events and developments will be timed by aspects in the Mars and Jupiter cycles and aspects involving Mars and Jupiter in the Sun cycle, lunation cycle and sky.

September 19: Mars is sesquisquare Moon in Mars cycle

September 23: Mars is sesquisquare Uranus in Mars cycle

September 24: Mars is sesquisquare Pluto in Mars cycle

September 26: Mars is inconjunct Venus in Mars cycle

September 27: Mars is inconjunct Mars in Mars cycle

September 29: Mars is opposition Sun in Mars cycle

October 2:Mars is square Saturn in Mars cycle

October 5: Mars is inconjunct Mercury in Mars cycle

October 6: Mars is opposition Neptune in Mars cycle
Sun is sextile Jupiter in Sun cycle

October 13: Mars is inconjunct Moon in Mars cycle

October 15: Jupiter is opposition Moon in Jupiter cycle
Sun is parallel Mars in Sun cycle

October 18: Mars is trine Pluto in Mars cycle

October 20: Mars is semisextile Jupiter in Mars cycle

October 22: Mars is conjunction Jupiter in the sky

October 28: Mars is parallel Uranus in Mars cycle

October 29: Jupiter is inconjunct Mars in Jupiter cycle
Mars is sesquisquare Mercury in Mars cycle

October 30: Jupiter is inconjunct Jupiter in Jupiter cycle
Mars is parallel Moon in Mars cycle

November 3: Jupiter is semisextile Saturn in Jupiter cycle

November 6: Jupiter is sesquisquare Mercury in Jupiter cycle

November 14: Mars is opposition Venus and semisquare Jupiter in Mars cycle

November 15: Mars is opposition Mars in Mars cycle

November 17: Mars is inconjunct Sun in Mars cycle

Mars conjunction Jupiter around the globe

The chart for a specified country, by mapping the house position of the Mars-Jupiter conjunction, identifies the area of mundane life directly impacted by the energy-event in the sky.

Mars conjunction Jupiter — Moscow

Mars conjuct Jupiter 2015- Russia

At Moscow Mars (strife, conflict, army, police, guns, alcohol, fires and accidents) is conjunction Jupiter (finances, banks, currencies, trade, religion, laws and shipping) in house 1 — domestic issues and the people. Neptune is in house 7 — the international community. The financial-strife impacts the welfare of the Russian people — accidents and fires. Other countries with this set-up include: Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Iran.

Mars conjunction Jupiter — Athens

Mars conjuct Jupiter 2015- Greece

At Athens Mars (strife, conflict, army, police, guns, alcohol, fires and accidents) is conjunction Jupiter (finances, banks, currencies, trade, religion, laws and shipping) in house 8 — taxes, debt and death. Neptune is in house 2 — finances and banks. The financial-strife concerns higher taxes and debt repayment obligations. Other countries with this set-up include: Germany, Italy, Turkey, Ukraine, Syria, Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Libya, Egypt, Zimbabwe and South Africa.

Britain, France, Spain, Algeria and Liberia have the Mars-Jupiter conjunction in house 3 — communications, transportation, newspapers and neighboring countries. Neptune is in house 9 — religion, trade and the internet. The financial-strife involves postal and communication services, a newspaper and/or a neighboring country.

Brazil has the Mars-Jupiter conjunction in house 4 — homes, housing and weather events. Neptune is in house 10 — the administration and business. The financial-strife involves homes and housing, fires and destructive weather events.

Mars conjunction Jupiter — Washington

Mars conjuct Jupiter 2015- USA

At Washington Mars (strife, conflict, army, police, guns, alcohol, fires and accidents) is conjunction Jupiter (finances, banks, currencies, trade, religion, laws and shipping) in house 5 — Wall Street, children, schools, sport and entertainment. Neptune is in house 11 — Congress. The financial-strife influences the stock market — reckless optimism and wild trading — and there’s accidents involving children and violence in schools. Other countries with this set-up include Canada, Chile and Argentina.

Mexico and Cuba have the Mars-Jupiter conjunction in house 6 — labor, work, police and drugs. Neptune is in house 12 — secret enemies and undercover activity. (In Mexico) the financial-strife and aggressive policing involves a major drug.

Mars conjunction Jupiter — Canberra

Mars conjuct Jupiter 2015- Australia

At Canberra Mars (strife, conflict, army, police, guns, alcohol, fires and accidents) is conjunction Jupiter (finances, banks, currencies, trade, religion, laws and shipping) in house 10 — the administration and business. Neptune is in house 4 — homes, housing and the opposition political party. The financial-strife and disputation involves the government, trade agreements, war and army. Japan has this same house 10-house 4 set-up.

Mars conjunction Jupiter — Beijing

Mars conjuct Jupiter 2015- China

At Beijing Mars (strife, conflict, army, police, guns, alcohol, fires and accidents) is conjunction Jupiter (finances, banks, currencies, trade, religion, laws and shipping) in house 11 — the National People’s Congress. Neptune is in house 5 — the share market. The financial-strife causes the People’s Congress to take aggressive action — devaluing the currency, easing interest rates etc. Other countries with this set-up include: North Korea, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Philippines.

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Copyright DW Sutton, 2015. All rights reserved

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