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Economic adversity

When the signs in the sky herald economic adversity

by DW Sutton

Events on the Earth have their astrological markers and when the planets in the sky form unfavorable alignments they herald unfortunate events and adversity. And in September, October and November 2015 there are 3 unfavorable alignments.

Jupiter is opposition Neptune September 17; Mars is conjunction Jupiter October 17 — see featured article; and Saturn is square Neptune November 26. And these aspects come hot on the heels of Jupiter square Saturn which was at its peak power and discord on August 3. It brought The Greek-debt crisis; Russia’s financial crisis and the Chinese stock market crash. On July 27 the Chinese stock market crashed 8.5% - the biggest one-day fall since 2007 — and on August 11 The People’s Bank of China devalued the Chinese yuan in an attempt to boost the economy. So these upcoming Jupiter/Neptune, Mars/Jupiter and Saturn/Neptune aspects are operating in a global environment that has big economic and financial problems. Every country has its own Jupiter opposition Neptune chart and Saturn square Neptune chart — four of the more important charts are featured.

Jupiter is the financial planet. He oversees the world’s finances, currencies and banking systems and exerts his influence through the bankers, finance ministers, financiers and treasurers. He rules capitalism and wants growth, expansion and higher profits. On the share market Jupiter rules bank/financial stocks and bull markets. Jupiter manages the world’s money, but are the Central Banks losing control of the situation?

Saturn is the mining and farming planet. He’s economical, hates waste and buys at the cheapest price. His desire for safety and security easily expresses as selfishness and greed. Saturn is the planet of poverty, hardship, unemployment and debt; and the world’s mountain of debt is beyond comprehension. On the share market Saturn rules mining stocks and bear markets.

Neptune is the utopian planet. He imagines idealistic conditions and dreams of utopian wealth and a lifestyle free from hardship and discord. He’s easily confused, causes uncertainty and unless rigidly disciplined descends into chaos. On the share market Neptune rules oil stocks, the investors and booms and busts. So with Neptune — the planet that’s happy to believe anything — the share market swings wildly up and down. But with Saturn — the planet who’s easily spooked and frightened — the direction is always down.

Jupiter opposition Neptune will reach peak power and discord September 17, 2015 and will end November 16.

Jupiter opposition Neptune — Washington

Jupiter opposition Neptune - Washington DC

At Washington Jupiter is in house 2 — banks, the Federal Reserve and financial policy — and Neptune is in house 8 — debts, taxes and interest rates. On September 17 the Fed meets to discuss interest rates and the conditions under which the meeting is being held do not favor a right decision.

Jupiter opposition Neptune — Beijing

Jupiter opposition Neptune - Beijing

At Beijing Jupiter is in house 8 — taxes, debt and interest rates — and Neptune is in house 2 — banks, The Chinese Central Bank and financial policy. The financial chaos influences the Chinese Central Bank and interest rates. It’s a very confused and disordered financial situation.

Jupiter opposition Neptune — Athens

Jupiter opposition Neptune - Athens

At Athens Jupiter is in house 11 — parliament — and Neptune is in house 5 — the share market, speculation, risks and hazards. The financial chaos involves the share market. On September 20 Greeks go to the polls in a legislative election.

Jupiter opposition Neptune — Canberra

Jupiter opposition Neptune - Canberra

At Canberra Jupiter is in house 6 — labor, workers and public servants — and Neptune is in house 12 — refugees, asylum seekers and detention centers. The financial chaos involves jobs, labor and the high cost of detaining asylum seekers.

Jupiter trine Pluto: While Jupiter opposition Neptune is generating great financial uncertainty this fortunate Jupiter aspect marks for drastic financial moves and cooperative effort that’s aimed at countering the confusion by taking steps to manage the damage. It reaches its peak power and harmony on October 11.

Saturn square Neptune is a long-time slow-moving aspect. Its influence has been felt throughout 2015 and will reach peak power and discord November 26, 2015, June 18, 2016 and September 10, 2016. The aspect marks for falling commodities prices (iron ore, coal and oil) — a migrant/refugee/asylum crisis — and a worldwide drug problem

Saturn square Neptune — Washington

Saturn square Neptune - Washington DC

At Washington Saturn is conjunction the ascendant — domestic issues, the people and their welfare — and Neptune is in house 3 — communications, transportation, newspapers and neighboring countries. It’s a high discord chart with severe hardship (fuel shortages) affecting many people and big problems for the farming, mining and oil sectors.

Saturn square Neptune — Beijing

Saturn square Neptune - Beijing

At Beijing Saturn is in house 5 — share market, risks and hazards — and Neptune is in house 8 — taxes, debt and interest rates. It’s a high discord chart with Saturn sending the share market down and Neptune sending China’s mountain of debt even higher.

Saturn square Neptune — Athens

Saturn square Neptune - Athens

At Athens Saturn is in house 8 — debt, taxes, death and welfare spending — and Neptune is in house 12 — hospitals, restrictions and secret deals. The austerity gets worse — a Greek debt-default? — and the suffering takes its toll with many deaths.

Saturn square Neptune — Canberra

Saturn square Neptune - Canberra

At Canberra Saturn is in house 5 — the share market and speculation — and Neptune is in house 8 — taxes, debt and interest. Massive falls on the share market due to off-shore developments (China) and a ballooning foreign debt situation.

The world in 2016

Jupiter and Saturn are in the business of buying and selling the goods that Mars manufactures and business trends can be forecast by their movements in their cycle charts and the sky.

On January 9, 2016 Jupiter turns retrograde and moves to form a square aspect with Saturn on March 23. And this Jupiter-Saturn square aspect will be a prominent feature in the 2016 Sun cycle that commences March 20. The third and final Jupiter-Saturn square — a high-discord energy merger that marks for recessed business activity and lower profits — is formed May 26, 2016.

On March 26, 2016 Saturn turns retrograde and moves to form a square aspect with Neptune on June 18, 2016. The third and final Saturn-Neptune square aspect reaches its peak power and discord September 10, 2016.

Jupiter is square Pluto November 24, 2016 and opposition Uranus December 26.

Throughout 2016 Uranus and Pluto remain within orb of a square aspect. Uranus rules technology stocks and the computer technology that the traders use when placing their lightning fast sell and buy orders. Pluto rules computers, crime, computer hackers and cyber crime.

There are 3 Mars conjunctions in 2016. Mars is conjunction Saturn August 24, 2016; Mars is conjunction Pluto October 19; and Mars is conjunction Neptune January 1, 2017.

Saturn square Neptune, Uranus square Pluto and these 3 Mars conjunctions are the outstanding influences on global affairs during 2016, but whatever eventuates will be triggered by events occurring in September, October and November 2015.

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Copyright DW Sutton, 2015. All rights reserved.

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